UWE Over the Top XVIII


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Eighteen? We’re legal!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
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With Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment LIVE for its eighteenth consecutive show, never having missed a beat, the hype surrounding the company is bigger than ever. This much is apparent, with many new Superstars having been signed by the General Manager. Four of them will make their Over the Top debuts tonight, as Marcus LeVine takes on El Hijo De Los Muertos; Lx-Tim faces a mystery opponent; Michael Kelly faces off with fan favorite Wülf Erikson in a number one contendership match for the Canadian Championship, and Tiami Erickson doesbattle with Ultimate Wrestling Champion James Calhoun in the main event. And to top it all off, we’ll have two of UWE’s most hated and respected, Lucilla and Brandon Sorrow, go to war!

With new debuts already announced for OTT XIX, the future of UWE is looking brighter than ever. With starts like Eavan Maloney in attendance, it’s clear that Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment has only just begun to show the world what it’s worth.
This. Is. Over. The. Top. Are you ready???


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Marcus LeVine vs. El Hijo de Los Muertos

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

With so many debuts on hand tonight, there is no better way than to deliver one right out of the gate! And speaking of right of the gate, as soon as the bell rings, Marcus LeVine takes the fight straight to El Hijo de los Muertos! He drives a shoulder into the masked star’s midsection, shoving him back into the corner. Marcus then starts to pound Hijo’s h’ad with right hooks, not wanting to waste anytime showing the UWE fans what he is about.

Unfortunately for him, too much longer and he’ll be disqualified. Referee Claudia Morello calls for him to get off of Hijo in the corner. Marcus complies, but not until Claudia tries to force herself between him and El Hijo. Marcus breaks off of Hijo and seemingly snaps in frustration.

He turns back around and rushes towards the luchador, but the son of the dead has something else in mind. Hijo gets a boot up and sends LeVine stumbling backwards! Hijo ascends to the second rope, waiting for Marcus to get in position.

LeVine turns and is lined up perfectly. El Hijo de los Muertos dives off with a huge crossbody block! He hooks the leg and Claudia slides in.



Powerful kick out from Marcus LeVine!

He’s furious with how the match is going, but El Hijo is not letting up. Hijo gets right back on the attack as LeVine gets to his feet. He comes at Marcus with a flurry of strikes that backs him against the ropes. El Hijo then sends Marcus across the ring with an Irish Whip. As Marcus rebounds, Hijo drops to the mat.

LeVine continues running over Hijo and rebounds again. Marcus is moving much faster than El Hijo anticipated! The luchador was not able to get into position in time. Instead, as soon as he gets back up to meet LeVine, he’s blasted with a running leg lariat!

Marcus quickly gets to his feet and lays a bundle of stomps across the upper body of El Hijo de los Muertos. Grabbing Hijo by the mask, Marcus prevents him from escaping. LeVine rolls Hijo over and slams his face hard into the mat.

He then puts up a finger to his mouth as he sets his boot on the back of Hijo’s head, calling for the crowd to go silent. A handful of them do, but there is a loud chorus of boos. Marcus says screw it anyways and sends more vicious stomps to Hijo, this time to the back of his noggin.

Claudia once again has to physically interfere for Marcus to listen. She advises him that one more time and she will disqualify him without hesitation. Marcus shouts back at her that he doesn’t care because this match is over. He lifts El Hijo de los Muertos to his feet and hooks his arms in the double underhook position.

Marcus sings out, “Oh, Canada, my home and native land!” He then lifts El Hijo and spins…

He drops El Hijo to the mat with a mighty force.

O Canada connects!

Marcus takes his sweet time in rolling El Hijo over and going for the cover, not even hooking a leg or pinning the shoulders down. He simply sits against the downed luchador. Claudia Morello comes in the count.




That’s it! Marcus LeVine gets up and demands Claudia raises his arm in victory as his first match in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment is a successful one!

Winner, by pinfall at 04:22
–Marcus LeVine–


Match Two – Single’s Match
Mystery Opponent vs. Lx-Tim

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

As LX-Tim waits in the ring, a new competitor appears from the entrance ramp. The mystery opponent is revealed to be the Soviet Soldier. With one known as Bane at his side, the soldier enters the ring…but Bane calls for the music to be cut. Bane appears to have tricked the world, introducing the competitor as being from Volcan, Costa Rica.

Bestia, the Costa Rican Beast it is! A third beast here in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment! Covered in fur and shrouded in possibilities, this beast is ready to battle a veteran of the UWE landscape. LX-Tim seems unintimidated, the showoff that he is. He walks right up to the beast and stares right into his eyes.

Referee Corey Miner calls for the bell and the staredown remains intact. LX-Tim is the first to strike, sending a slew of punches into the new Beast’s head. It backs him into the ropes. Tim sends him across the ring, but the Beast reverses, causing the Portrait of Greatness to rebound off of the opposite ropes.

LX-Tim manages to use his agility to springboard off the ropes and throw a back elbow to the Costa Rican Beast. Tim hops to his feet and yells at the crowd, getting his adrenaline flowing. He’s pumped up, especially after getting the upper hand on the newcomer.

Tim goes to lift the Beast to his feet…


The Costa Rican Beast just chomped down onto Tim’s wrist as he was lifting him to his feet. With Referee Miner behind Tim, he is unaware of this happening. Tim is able to fight his way free from the gnawing of this new beast.

He clutches onto his wrist, turn away from his opponent, screaming in pain. Referee Miner tries to ask what’s going happening, but LX-Tim refuses to acknowledge him. Tim kicks the bottom turnbuckle paid in frustration and to release some of his anger. He turns back towards the Costa Rican Beast, absolutely furious that he’s been bitten.

The Beast leaps up and connects a headscissors, pulling LX-Tim down onto his head! He rolls through with it and hooks the legs for a pin.

He calls that Mauling!

Corey Miner hurries in to count.




Winner, by pinfall at 02:24
–The Costa Rican Beast–

And just like that, the Costa Rican Beast has won his debut match. LX-Tim has come up short again, as the Costa Rican Beast and Bane exit up the ramp, ignoring the jeers from the crowd. Tim pounds the mat, letting his showboating get the best of him yet again.

Match Three – Single’s match – Number One Contendership
Michael Kelly vs. Wülf Erikson

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

As always, Wulf Erikson is accompanied to the ring by his recent fiancée, Sierra Williams. Wulf assumes the position and lets Chuck Aitken pat him down for any foreign objects or substances. Without further ado, yet another debut takes place. Michael Kelly emerges from behind the curtain, absolutely ready to get things rolling!

He hits the ring after high-fives and fanfare, declining the same type of search from the official. He sits across the ring from his good friend, both knowing they need to put that friendship aside for one night in order to move on to the Canadian Championship. The two let each other know they’re ready and Referee Aitken rings the bell!

Almost at the drop of a hat, Michael and Wulf lunge at each other for a lock-up and the Vancouver fans erupt! Michael gets the advantage and starts ringing Wulf’s arm. The look of pain is all too real as he desperately tries to find the in-road to reverse. MK locks it in tighter and manages to wring Wulf’s arm around once more, flipping him onto his back.

Kelly follows this with a sharp knee drop onto the Silver Bullet’s shoulder. Next is a smooth transition into a Fujiwara armbar. The crowd certainly approves of this speedy pace to start the bout. Wulf grimaces and pumps a fist as he reaches for the ropes, you can almost see the lightbulb moment in his head as he deftly adjusts. Wulf sends Kelly over with an armdrag.

Both men are to their feet now! Kelly returns the favor with an armdrag of his own! With a handful of the dreadlocks, MK drags Wulf to his feet. He sends three hard forearms to the solar plexus. A hiptoss attempt is then blocked. Kelly launches himself behind Wulf and attempt a German suplex.

No! Wulf flips out of it and lands on his feet! The crowd roars as Wulf keeps his hands locked around MK’s waist, getting him in position for another. He only receives a back elbow for his trouble, though, forcing him to break the hold and stagger back. MK roars and throws a hard lariat!

Erikson manages to duck! He keeps going towards the ropes. Sprinboard…corkscrew crossbody! He covers Michael Kelly.


Shoulder up just before two!

The crowd loves it, and as does Sierra who applauds them for the transaction before both Wulf and MK get to their feet, pivoting and putting up their dukes to a rousing ovation and a chant. The crowd shouts that this match is already awesome in the early goings.

Michael and Wulf continue to circle each other once again and Wulf immediately shoots for a lock up. Michael steps back and throws a thrust kick at his stablemate. Wulf manages to catch the leg! Wulf Erikson tries to sweep Michael’s other leg, but to no avail. Michael hops over the sweep attempt and kicks off of him.

Kelly hurries after Wulf with vicious European Uppercut. Wulf is sent reeling back against the ropes. With the momentum of the European uppercut and his natural speed, Wulf gets sent off of the ropes and comes flying at MK with a huge shotgun missile dropkick to the chest.

Kelly is sent back into a corner and Wulf continues the onslaught with a second dropkick. This one slumps MK down into a seated position. Wulf runs to the opposite corner, pandering to the crowd and signaling for his cannonball senton to the downed MK in the corner. With a full head of steam, Wulf takes off and shoots for the cannonball.

Nobody’s home! Michael Kelly has slipped out of the ring! The way Wulf connects with turnbuckle, his legs are hooked to the top, leaving him in a tree of woe position. Michael climbs the turnbuckle that Wulf is hanging from, and starts viciously stomping on the free right knee of his friend. Two handfuls of stomps later and Michael grabs the hand of Wulf, pulling him up.

He lets go and leaps off…double foot stomp! Holy moly, the impact of that one! Michael hooks the leg and Chuck Aitken moves in.



One and half is all MK gets!

Kelly immediately goes for another cover.


Even sooner, Wulf gets out of the pin attempt!

Kelly shows some frustration towards his friend not staying down. He sends a forearm and slams Erikson’s head into the mat several times. There is a mixed reaction as Michael covers Wulf again.



Wulf gets a shoulder up yet again!

Kelly begins to drag Wulf to his feet now. MK sends Wulf across the ring with an Irish Whip. As the Neon Knight comes back, Kelly throws a superkick…

Wulf rolls out of the way to avoid the kick! The audience volume picks up as MK staggers off-balance and Wulf bounces back up to his feet and hits the ropes once more. Kelly ducks down, hoping for a back body drop. Erikson simply leaps over him! Wulf changes directions against the ropes now! MK is running, too!

They’re simply running back and forth across opposite sides of the ring, passing each other by. The audience volume picks up as both men try to land clotheslines, hit the ropes in opposite directions, and then both collide feet with a dropkick attempt.

Both men jump to their feet, but Kelly manages to catch Wulf with a kick to the back. MK throws Wulf into a corner and follows after him. Wulf handstands on the top of the corner, causing MK to eat nothing but turnbuckle after his splash attempt!

Wulf gets down and hooks for a neckbreaker. Kelly manages to shove him off! Kelly locks him in for an inverted suplex. Erikson manages to wiggle free and land on his feet! Poison-rana! Erikson hooks the leg!




Kelly kicks out!

Wulf and Sierra look to each other in disbelief as he sits up. The roaring crowd lets Wulf know how close he was. He slaps the mat in frustration. Wulf gets to his feet, igniting the crowd, jumping up and down in place. He hits the ropes and comes back flipping. The leg drop misses! Michael Kelly moved out of the way!

Michael is quick to his feet, landing a stiff kick to the seated Wulf’s spine. He runs off of the ropes. He goes for the Penalty Kick, but no! Wulf leans back to the mat just in time to avoid the kick. Wulf kips up! Michael Kelly lands a stiff knee to the gut of Wulf, dropping him down to one knee. Michael lifts him back up to his feet.

Michael begins to lay into Wulf with a series of forearms. The crowd counts along and on the last forearm attempt…Wulf ducks! Wulf locks the waist, looking for a German Suplex. Michael blocks the attempt and spins behind Erikson after a few elbows. Michael pulls Wulf backwards, rolling through, ending it with a disgusting Dragon Suplex. The bridge!



Wulf kicks out!

As the crowd goes nuts for the near fall, a frustrated Michael Kelly gets up quickly and begins to pull Wulf to his feet. Big chop! Followed by a left hook to the jaw! Michael slides Wulf into a schoolboy, letting go rather than attempting a pin. He pops up to his feet and sends a superkick!

No! Much like the avoidance of the Penalty Kick, Wulf leans backwards, dodging the attack. Michael stumbles from the miss, getting scooped up by Erikson. His own schoolboy!



Kelly reverses the pin into his own!




Erikson manages to free himself, causing both men to rest on their knees. Huge forearm by Wulf! Michael roars and Wulf’s head snaps back to another huge reaction as he delivers a sharp European uppercut! Wulf lunges onto all fours. He launches into another handstand and pivots before swinging and nailing MK in the temple with a capoeira-inspired. MK’s eyes roll back and he slumps forward, playing possum leading to a quick roll up!




Wulf escapes the pin, leaping to his feet, and straight into a corkscrew senton. Michael Kelly gets his knees up, however. Michael grins as though the end is nigh, scooping Wulf off him by grabbing a handful of dreadlocks and guiding him to his feet. A stiff forearm connects. A hard Irish Whip sends Wulf spilling out to the apron.

Kelly attempts yet another superkick, but Wulf yanks down the ropes. Kelly is crotched on the top rope and Wulf goes for his favorite spot. He shakes the ropes, bouncing Kelly up and down on his nether region. Kelly manages to get off of the ropes, though, avoiding further injury to his little Michael.

Wulf doesn’t hesitate to continue his attack. Rope swing leg lariat! Kelly is outside the ring. Wulf leaps back over the ropes and calls for the DTF! Wulf bounces once…twice…he flips for the 450 splash onto MK…

Oh my god!

Michael Kelly connects with a superkick, finally! His foot catches Wulf as he came out of the flip. Jesus.

Michael laughing as he shakes his head and looks down at a dazed Wulf. Wulf’s nose is bleeding profusely. Kelly calls Wulf an idiot among a few other choice words before giving him a quick thrust kick to the head. MK grins again as Wulf curses out loud and rolls onto his stomach.

Michael throws a few softer kicks to the back of Wulf’s head as he tries to get to his feet. Kelly gets Wulf hooked for a suplex to the ringside mat. Erikson manages to squirm free. Wulf kicks Kelly in the back of his knee and leaps up for another Poison-rana!

No! Kelly manages to hold onto Wulf’s legs. Kelly sends a kick back into Wulf’s head. Michael lets go and Wulf simply crumbles to his knees. He lifts Wulf into a suplex position again. Instead of suplexing him onto the mat, MK tosses Wulf onto the barricade!

Picking Wulf up from the ground, Michael positions him over the barricade with his head leaning out towards ringside and his body near the crowd. Taking a few steps back, Michael aims himself and then throws up his signature gun taunt. Right before Michael takes off, Sierra grabs him by the arm. Catching him by surprise, Michael turns around.

The two begin a shouting match on the outside. Michael has heard enough and swipes his arm away, free from the grasp of Sierra Williams. Michael throws his gun taunt up once more and runs with a head full of steam at the seemingly defenseless Erikson. Wulf barely manages to avoid the running knee strike!

Leaning over the laps of the fans, Wulf snaps back into his senses. A male fan has the displeasure of having Wulf standing atop his legs waiting for Michael to get back to his feet. As Michael staggers to his feet, Wulf jumps off of the fan’s legs and over the barricade. Wulf connects with a hurricanrana!

Michael hurries back to his feet and rushes at Erikson. Lariat! No! Wulf ducks and Michael turns around…

Pele Kick!

Wulf gets Kelly back into the ring and quickly lands a running senton. He covers MK.



Shoulder up!

Wulf runs his hand under his bloody and achy nose before lifting Kelly to his feet. Big kick to the solar plexus followed by an Irish Whip. MK comes back looking for a bicycle kick…but Wulf cartwheels!

Kelly looks back, Erikson handsprings, and…

Best Enziguiri Ever! Cover!



No! Kelly gets a shoulder up!

Wulf is visibly frustrated now as Sierra attempts to shout calming words from ringside. Wulf goes to lift Kelly again, but is met with a huge knee to the ribs. MK whips Erikson and hits a back body drop…Wulf flips and lands on his feet!

Erikson springboards for a crossbody…Kelly catches him! Kelly slings Wulf over his shoulder and dumps him onto the top rope. He makes his gun gesture!

Erikson avoids whatever Kelly had planned and springboards again! Sunset flip for a cover!



Powerful kick out by the debuting Michael Kelly!

Wulf is again frustrated, pointing to the outside, calling for his SBS. Wulf heads out of the ring and locates a chair. He throws it into the ring and slides back in to follow.

Wulf rolls MK onto his back and ignores the pleas of referee Chuck Aitken. Wulf grabs the chair and hits the ropes. Wulf goes for the SBS!

Kelly moves!

Michael looks over at his friend who is now on all fours in the center of the ring. Wulf inches up onto his knees, taking the hair out of his face and revealing more blood now gushing out of his nostrils. Michael walks towards Wulf and picks up the chair fresh with his blood on it next to him. With Michael lifting the chair over his head, Wulf squares his hands up and looks up at his friend who’s about to strike him with said chair.

Michael shakes his head, as he steps back and throws the chair outside of the ring. Chuck Aitken is one glad referee after that. He steps up to Wulf and slowly picks him up to his feet. MK rebounds…bicycle kick! But Wulf stays standing!

Another kick attempt by Kelly, but Erikson side steps it and sends a big jumping forearm his way! Michael shakes it off and stands right in front of Wulf, staring at him, eye to eye, forehead to forehead. He asks for another! Wulf certainly obliges, sending another stiff forearm. Kelly keeps asking for more!

A frustrated Wulf continues throwing a tide of stiff forearms, each one harder than the next, with every single one landing its target. Wulf throws a last forearm, but Michael swats it down and throws a forearm of his own. As Wulf starts to fall back first onto the mat, Michael keeps him up, holding him by grabbing his wrists. He cocks his head back and pulls Wulf towards him, delivering a forceful and powerful stiff headbutt.

The sound of forehead to forehead echoes throughout the arena. Wulf slowly falls down to the canvas face first. The camera pans to a close-up of a completely knocked out Wulf Erikson, moving slowly up the camera now focusing on Michael Kelly standing still over his stablemate’s body with streams of blood trickling down his face.

Sierra pounds the mat on the outside, trying to encourage Wulf to stay in this one. It may be of no use. Kelly backs into the closest corner he can find, wiping the blood from his eyes. He points the gun right after Wulf, waiting…waiting…

Wulf begins to finally stir, turning his attention to his beloved Sierra. She mouths some words of pride to Wulf, who finally pulls himself to his feet. He turns and finds Michael Kelly throw the crimson upon his face. Kelly rushes in…

Kelly throws a knee at Wulf…



Wulf collapses to the mat and Michael Kelly, giving way to his fatigue, follows suit. He lands on top of Wulf, with zero energy to hook a leg. Chuck Aitken moves into position as the limp Kelly lays upon the even limper Wulf Erikson.




Winner, by pinfall at 24:12 and NEW number one contender to the Canadian Championship
–Michael Kelly–

The bell rings and Michael Kelly is announced the new number one contender for the UWE Canadian Championship! Sierra hurries into the ring, clutch Wulf’s head onto his lap as she kneels next to him. Michael rolls off and raises his hand in victory from the mat. He looks over at Wulf who is coming to now that his future wife is holding him.

The camera catches both men smiling at each other through the pain before it fades away to a commercial.

Match Four – Single’s match
Lucilla vs. Brandon Sorrow

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

It’s here! A match between two of UWE’s behemoths. Many debuts tonight, but these two have been in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment for years, and it shows. While the crowd has always been supportive of Brandon Moore, it’s obvious he’s locked away in the confines of Brandon’s mind, evident by the black eyes of Sorrow peering at Lucilla. The youngest of the Pegorino sisters, Lucilla is all out by herself tonight. No Ruby as backup. As Miner rings for the bell, she gives Sorrow a curt nod. A sign of respect perhaps? In any case, it doesn’t seem to be mutual, as Sorrow simply sneers.

They start the match off with some chain wrestling. Sorrow slides in and locks his arms around Lucilla, taking her down to the match with a belly to back takedown. As soon as she this the floor, Sorrow locks in a hammerlock to obstruct Lucilla’s moves. However, the flexible reverses, twisting herself and turning it into a hammerlock of her own. With her now on top of Sorrow’s back, she initiates a headlock, making sure to properly apply the pressure needed to choke him out.

Sorrow manages to find just about enough leverage to plant his knees on the canvas, and uses the added strength to lift the Divaweight up, and turns it into a belly to back suplex, sending both of them crashing to the mat. Both Sorrow and Lucilla roll to the side and get to their feet in the blink of an eye, with the crowd being given no choice but to admire their technical prowess. However, it looks like Sorrow got the upper hand in that little exchange.

Lucilla grins, mockingly applauding him, but Sorrow stands motionless across her. It’s not until Lucilla moves that he does too, making sure not to get caught off guard. Lucilla slides in this time, wrapping her arms around Sorrow’s knee, taking him down with a dragonscrew legwhip. She holds on to the knee and viciously starts kicking the back of it, hoping to take away some of Sorrow’s speed and aerial ability. After a good ten seconds of kicks so fast her leg became a blur, Lucilla then drops an elbow on it, obviously targeting the weakened spot. Sorrow tries to wriggle free but to no avail. Lucilla keeps hold of his ankle as she keeps dropping elbows on his knee, continuously draining its strength. When she feels like she has done enough damage, she released the ankle, and Sorrow grabs his knee in pain, shaking his lower leg to try and restore the blood flow.

Lucilla doesn’t give him much of a breather through, as she runs in to kick him in the head with a savage punt kick! Luckily, Sorrow has two minds looking out for his physical wellbeing, and he’s quick enough to duck before Lucilla takes his head off. He rolls through, and gets to his feet. A slight limp in his step, his movement is impeded though. With Lucilla having no such issues, she is twice as fast and hits him with an enzuiguiri, levelling him. Grinning viciously, she hopes over the top ropes to the outside and wows the crowd with a rolling thunder. As she lands, it seems like she has the upper hand now.

With Sorrow down, she hopes on to the top turnbuckle. She calls for the Lucid Dream and leaps! But Sorrow ducks and Lucilla hits the canvas hard! Sorrow gets up as fast as he can and locks Lucilla’s head in his arm, lifting her up for a trademark Sorrow brainbuster! However, Lucilla manages to shift her weight, disabling Sorrow to get her in the proper position. Lucilla lands back on her feet, her head still locked in. Sorrow tries to lift her back up, but Lucilla blocks it… by reaching out with her hand and locking in a testicular claw! Sorrow releases her immediately and tries to get free, but it is an agonizing move that Lucilla has perfected over the years, and she does not let go!

Miner is just about to start a count to 4 to force a release, as Sorrow’s black eyes get even darker, and he sinks his teeth into Lucilla’s neck! The crowd gasps at this horrific turn of events, but all Lucilla does is cackle in pleasure as Sorrow is biting down on her and she’s holding his balls in return. Miner is confused at what is happening, and just starts counting to 4 for both. As he reaches the number, Sorrow bites down hard one last time and Lucilla gets another extra hard squeeze in, before they are finally separated. Lucilla smiles and the crowd roars as they see that blood is trickling out of the bite mark in her neck. She runs her hand down her neck, lapping it up with her palm, before licking it off.

With several front row members gagging, Lucilla licks her hand clean, before sticking her index finger in her neck. She doesn’t stop before it’s blood red, and she points it at Sorrow. Her lips can clearly be seen forming the words ‘Suck It’, as she extends it to her opponent. Sorrow, however, stands stoically across from her, not accepting the offer. This seems to piss off Lucilla, who isn’t used to people refusing blood sacrifices. She stomps her feet and inches closer, once again repeating her words. As the crowd starts to get into it, a spontaneous ‘SUCK IT!’ chants emerges, which resounds throughout the arena from the front row all the way up to the cheap seats.

Vancouver fans, you sick bastards!

Under thunderous noise, Lucilla is now so close that she almost pokes her blood-stained finger in between Sorrow’s lips. But right before she’s about to make contact, he traps her arm underneath his armpit, does the same to ther other, and starts headbutting her. Trapping Headbutts! The crowd goes insane at this turn of events, and as Sorrow pummels Lucilla with his head, a sadistic smile creeps across his face. He forces Lucilla into the corner, and when he finally releases her, grabs her by the waist. Almost dead weight, but luckily Lucilla isn’t very heavy. He positions her on the top turnbuckle before grabbing a fistful of hair and following her. The crowd knows what’s coming. They can sense it. Sorrow is setting up the Darkness Falls. When both he and Lucilla are standing on the top turnbuckle, the crowd either holds their breath or screams out loud. Sorrow raises Lucilla up, and… She blocks it! She knows exactly what is coming, having scouted Sorrow well. She then raps her arm around Sorrow’s neck too, grabs him by the trunks and in an amazing display of surprising strength, manages to lift him overhead! Superplex to the outside!!!

The Vancouver crowd goes insane, and they all rise to their feet to see the carnage on the outside. Lucilla and Brandon Sorrow land hard, a broken heap of mangled bodies in front of the announce table as CJ Kim averts her eyes and Ricky Darlington is hopping up and down with excitement. Both struggle to get to their feet, as Corey Miner starts his count.

At the count of three, amazingly, Lucilla is already stirring. With blood still trickling out her neck, her entire chest has turned a crimson red. She grabs Sorrow by the hair and pulls him to his feet. At the count of five, she Irish Whips him into the nearest ringside barricade, not too far from where CJ Kim is seated. Brandon connects spine-frist but as Lucilla charged in for a cannonball, he ducks! Lucilla now lies ina battered heap on the floor instead. Sorrow sees an opportunity at the count of seven. Completely ignoring the referee, he picks Lucilla up, and hoists her up into a vertical suplex position. She stays up in the air for a while. Then, Brandon leaps, landing on the ringside barricade, all the while maintaining Lucilla in position. He then uses the barricade as a springboard, and hits the Darkness Falls on Lucilla, right on the announce table as it collapses as if it was made out of cardboard! The crowd starts a spontaneous ‘Holy Shit’ chant, but as Corey Miner is already at the count of nine, neither Sorrow or Lucilla stand a chance of making it back to the ring in time.

As he reaches the ten, he calls for the bell, much to the dislike of the crowd, who boo the referee. They wanted a clear winner, but the match was simply too close to call.

Draw at 14:34 by double count-out

However, even after the bell, neither Sorrow nor Lucilla want to stop fighting. After a minute or so, both are back on their feet; wobbly, but standing. And they start slugging it out! Either not realizing that the match is over, or simply not accepting it, they want to keep fighting forever; and so do the fans! But as the show must go on, a security team emerges from the backstage area to separate them and take them away. But when they see them coming, both Lucilla and Sorro focus their attention on them instead! They start dropping like flies and Lucilla and Sorrow lay them out one by one before turning their attention back to each other. But more security guards emerge! At least a dozen come out. When Lucilla and Sorrow lay out half of them too, Matt Moore emerges from the backstage area!

Along with about six guards, he restrains his brother (or what his brother is supposed to be), and guides him towards the back. Lucilla is trying to fend off her own security, until…

BOOT HILL OUT OF NOWHERE! James Calhoun suddenly jumps the barricade, emerging out of the crowd, before nailing Lucilla with his big boot. He is followed closely by Amy Gobraless, holding a kendo stick, who laughs at the sight of Lucilla down and out. Calhoun extends his hand, almost as if he’s offering Lucilla up as a gift! Amy stands over Luci, who is defenseless. Amy raises the stick, and thwacks Lucilla in the head! She lifts the stick up again, and repeats the process over and over. Until the crowd ERUPTS!

Ruby comes sprinting out of the backstage area. Wasting no time, she slides into the ring, runs up the turnbuckles, and somersaults off of them, hitting both Amy and Calhoun, bringing them both down to the ground. Ruby quickly helps Lucilla to her feet, whose entire body now seems covered in blood. Her face pale, it looks like she has lost a lost. She guides her to the back as Amy and Calhoun scramble to their feet, with the cowboy up next in the main event. Amy shakes her head in disgust at Lucilla’s escape, before jumping the barricade again and disappearing through the crowd.


Main Event – Single’s Match – Non-title
Tiami Erickson vs. James Calhoun

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In a highly anticipated main event, Calhoun and Tiami Erickson face off for the first time ever. After what can be described as months of build-up, these two finally go head to head. As Chuck Aitken rings the bell, Calhoun looks to catch TIami by surprise. He lunges at her to nail her with a clothesline, but she reacts just in time by falling backwards Matrix-style, bridging, and gets back to a vertical base. Calhoun grins as he sizes Tiami up, holding up his thumb and index finger pinched together. ‘This close’, he indicates, and Tiami grins back, shaking her head. It’s obvious the Ultimate Wrestling Champion will have to try harder than that.

They start circling each other, with Tiami looking extremely focused as she observes Calhoun’s every move closely. They start inching towards each other, looking for an opening but finding none. When Calhoun tries to goad her into a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, she puts up her hand with slight hesitation, only to hit Calhoun with a lashing kick to the mid-section as soon as their fingers touch. The champion doubles over, and TIami wastes no time to hit Calhoun with a DDT! She rolls Calhoun over and goes for the cover.


Calhoun kicks out almost immediately. Tiami allows the cowboy some time to regain his footing, but only to find the right angle for a spinning heel kick. Calhoun’s head snaps back and he reels, shuffling backwards until his back touches the ropes. Off the slight bounce, Tiami uses what little momentum it gives her to latch on to Calhoun’s upper frame and sends him flying with a belly to belly suplex.

The fans rise to their feet in appreciation, as the Vancouver crowd loves watching Calhoun get his ass handed to him… by the sister of one of his greatest rivals no less! As Calhoun lands on the mat, a painful grimace appears on his face, but it’s obvious he’s enjoying this as well. He gets to his knees, and the crowd roar in anticipation as they see Tiami rushing in to go for the ‘Ice Cold Truth!’ But Calhoun sees it coming just in time and rolls out of the way. He gets back to his feet in the blink of an eye and as soon as Tiami comes to a grinding halt, she gets nailed with a flying lariat of Calhoun. He follows it up with a fistdrop, and start clobbering away at Tiami’s face, giving her a patented Calhoun whuppin’, but the Erickson clan member isn’t just going to take it lying down. She fights back, blocking shots left and right, before getting a headbutt or two in that give Calhoun some pause. She eventually grabs him by the hair and pulls it sharply towards her, using the momentum for extra force on a particularly nasty headbutt that resounds throughout the UWE Studio’s. Calhoun seems a bit taken aback by TIami’s aggression, and after a follow-up elbow from the self-proclaimed ‘Ice Cold Bitch’, she manages to throw the much heavier Calhoun off of her. The cowboy rolls through, and both get up to their feet before coming to a stand-off.

The crowd shows its appreciation with a round of applause. Tiami chants resound throughout the Studio’s, and as Calhoun and TIami, both panting and heaving, size each other up again, it is the cowboy who takes the initiative. He charges, slides in on one knee to throw TIami off, and then locks his arms around her waist from behind. He deadlfits her up, and then throws her to the mat, making her land on gut. Face-down, she is hit with a knee drop by Calhoun, right to the base of the neck. Calhoun then proceeds to grab her by the hair and pulls her to her feet, before Irish Whipping her into the corner. As soon as Tiami lands sternum-first against the buckles Calhoun runs in to hit her with a European Uppercut. Tiami’s head snaps back and Calhoun takes full advantage by unleashing a series of violent backhand chops, each making the UWE crowd cringe as they can only imagine the pain they cause.

Calhoun doesn’t stop until Tiami’s chest is a welted mess and eventually Chuck Aitken comes in to break him up. He pushes Calhoun to the middle, enforcing a clean break. But when Calhoun rushes back in, he runs straight into a boot by Tiami, levelling the cowboy. Much to the delight of the fans.
Tiami uses the ropes to jump up to the second turnbuckle. She stalks Calhoun, waiting for the right moment to strike. When the Callous One is back to a vertical base, she leaps, and hits him with a flawlessly executed Tornado DDT! The crowd rises to its feet as she pins him…



Calhoun kicks out! TIami slips off of him in a hurry, and waits for him to get back to his knees…. ICE COLD TRUTH!! The Shining Wizard makes Calhoun collapse like a sack of potatoes, and the crowd cheers as they’re sure TIami has it won. With a look of excitement on her face, she covers him, hooking the inside leg.




Calhoun had his foot on the bottom rope. Had TIami hooked the other leg, she might’ve gotten him then and there. She slaps the canvas in frustration. But as she stands over Calhoun’s body, the cowboy looks to strike! He hooks an arm around Tiami’s thigh and rolls her up!



TIami kicks out. She rolls out of the way and gets back to her feet. Calhoun does the same. TIami rushes in, looking for the Dead As Ice! Calhoun sidesteps and reverses it in to a lungblower!!
The crowd boo as Calhoun rises to his feet and gestures for the Callous Clutch. He hooks TIami’s armsbehind his knees, but before he can lock his hands around her chin, she struggles like a woman possessed. She manages to wriggle one arm free, and uses it to unlock her other one. She falls to the mat, but Calhoun responds by kneeing her in the face. He then grabs her hair and pulls her to her feet…

TIami is levelled, and Calhoun smiles. He takes a few steps backwards, and calls out to the crowd for his deadly finisher. As Tiami struggles to get back to her feet, the Callou s One sizes her up and storms in… BOOT HILL!

He immediately covers her…


(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Winner, by pinfall at 10:02
–James Calhoun–

The crowd applaud in appreciation of this awesome contest. As Chuck Aitken calls for the bell and raises Calhoun’s hand, he shakes it off. Instead, he extends it to TIami, who is slowly recovering. She accepts it and Calhoun pulls her to her feet. TIami nods in appreciation, grabs his arm and raises it, acknowledging him as the fair winner of a great match. Sportsmanship at its finest, and a remarkable show of respect from two people who seemed to hate each other not so long ago!

And that’s a wrap folks! Another week of great drama, as we saw feuds develop, people debut, careers blossom, and a new number one contender being crowned. Be sure to tune in to UWE’s Over the Top next week to catch all of the action!


Quick results
°Marcus LeVine def. El Hijo de Los Muertos
°The Costa Rican Beast def. Lx-Tim
°Michael Kelly def. Wülf Erikson to become new number one contender to the Canadian Championship
°Brandon Sorrow vs. Lucilla results in a draw
°James Calhoun def. Tiami Erickson

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