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UWE Studios, Vancouver
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Exodus is here! With UWE’s second PPV since their relaunch, the stakes are huge indeed. Both the Canadian Championship and the Ultimate Wrestling Championship will be defended, and with both The Armenian Beast and Ronnie Cage looking to hold on to their titles, it’s obvious that this could be a turning point for UWE. The company has been making waves recently, and has drawn a lot of interest from some big names in the industry. With stars like Drew Stevenson, Michael Kelly, Tiami Erickson, Ashley Williams, Sierra Williams, Angelica Vaughn, Tasu Ikeda and more in attendance, it’s time for the UWE Superstars to show the world that this is the greatest place in the world for professional wrestling.
Because next to title matches, we will also see Mike Rosati unleash his pent up frustration on Miss Vladiwebski; Korey Keegan make his long-awaited debut; see the return of Lx-Tim as he faces off against Matt Moore; the culmination of the war between JTX and Brandon inside a steel cage; Corproal Punishment looking to humiliate the man who retired his uncle… and Lucilla square off against Amy in a match nearly six years in the making!



Show Opener – Single’s Match
Nadia Vladiwebski vs. Mike Rosati

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

The opening bout of the night pits Mike Rosati against Nidia Vladiwebski. In what was certainly a disappointing turn of events, Rosati’s match with Asylum was postponed until the next pay-per-view and he has been delegated to curtain jerking duty. It’s a sure thing that Mike isn’t taking kindly to that.

This match wastes no time in going as referee Claudia Morello calls for the bell. Mike Rosait comes out of the corner like a mad dog! Pun intended! Rosati is doing exactly what he said he would. He’s out to destroy Nidia and send a message to the Masked Madman.

Mike is relentlessly pounding on Nidia in the corner she was standing in. He lets up only because Morello has gotten to a count of four. He’d be disqualified if he continued to the onslaught. Mike reluctantly backs off of Nidia and allows her to stand.

She stumbles out of the corner and Rosati is right back at her. He drops her with a big running axe handle. Nidia hits the mat, but hurries to her feet. Mike rushes at her again, this time with a clothesline. One more time, Nidia gets up rather quickly. Instead of running at her with an attack, Rosati is waiting as she stands.

Rosati hooks Nidia across the chest as he moves under her arm. He lifts her up and…slam! Uranage! Nidia hits the mat hard. Rosati now stands in the corner as Referee Morello questions his intentions. He is simply leaning against the turnbuckle, waiting for Nidia to show signs of life.

She finally does after a good while, slowly getting to her feet. While she’s pushing herself up, Rosati is ascending the ropes. He waits for Nidia to turn and notice him and when she does, Rosati leaps off of the top!

Lights Out! The flying knee strike to the head connects and Nidia crumples back down to the mat. Rosati turns Nidia onto her back and hooks the leg. Morello comes in for the count.



The pin is broken up?

What is Rosati doing? He had the match won, but he instead removed himself from atop Nidia and lifted one of her shoulders off of the match. Claudia Morello instructs him to just get it over with. Rosati is doing things his way tonight.

After breaking up the pin, he rolls Nidia onto her stomach and hooks her arms. He flips over and wrenches on them.

The Cattle Mutilation is locked in!

Nidia actually springs to life at this point. It is life filled with excruciating pain, but it is life nonetheless. The submission maneuver causes her to immediately scream an affirmative to Referee Morello’s question of if she gives up.

Winner, by submission at 04:02
–Mike Rosati–

Morello calls for the bell, but Rosati keeps the Cattle Mutilation going. Claudia begs, pleads, and yanks at Rosati to remove him from the submission. He finally releases the hold, a good handful of seconds after the match was signaled to end. Rosait rolls out of the ring as Morello checks on Nidia. He admires his work as he exits up the ramp, promising to do the same to Asylum once he can finally get his hands on him.


Match Two – Single’s Match
Korey Keegan w/Amber Valentine vs. Justin Lust

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

The Leader of the Lost makes his debut with the Queen of the Rebels, Amber Valentine, in his corner. Taking on Justin Lust, Korey Keegan looks to impress in his first match in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. JJ Hemphill calls for the bell and this match is on. Korey waits for Lust to meet him in the center of the ring, but Lust is too busy in the corner checking himself out in the mirror.

He makes kissy faces, runs his fingers through his hair, and seems generally unimpressed with the bout ahead of him. Korey and Amber share some words, unsure what to think about this Justin Lust character. JJ Hemphill approaches Lust and tells him that the match has started. He mentions dropping the mirror and turning his attention towards his opponent.

Lust seems offended that Hemphill is even speaking to him. Hemphill finally wrestles the mirror away from Lust, sending it to the ringside area. Lust argues and finally turns towards his opponent. Keegan was waiting! He rushes in and hits a big running knee, sending Justin Lust’s pretty face to the mat!

Lust tries to get to his feet as fast as he can to match Keegan, but Korey is on him like white on rice. Lust goes after Keegan, but Keegan sends a kick to his gut. He positions Justin for a powerbomb, but runs forward and sends him into the turnbuckle! Buckle Bomb!

Lust bounces out of the corner, right back to the Leader of the Lost. Keegan grabs onto Lust, hooking the arm around his neck. He lifts him up…

And drops him down onto a knee! The House of 1000 Deaths connects!

Keegan quickly covers and JJ Hemphill slides in.




Korey Keegan has won his debut match up!

Winner, by pinfall at 02:57
–Korey Keegan–

Amber Valentine slides into the ring and stands next to Korey Keegan. They stare down at Justin Lust’s defeated body for a moment, before sending the same look up to the camera and the crowd. They are letting everyone know that they have arrived.

Match Three – Single’s match
Matt Moore vs. Lx-Tim

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Matt Moore has been on a tear lately, having defeated James Calhoun at the last Over the Top. LX-Tim is always a threat in the ring, having first been in the UWE even longer ago than Matt was. Corey Miner calls for the bell after both men situate themselves in the ring.

The two competitors begin to circle, both looking for any opening they can find. It doesn’t appear to be happening, though. Instead, a collar and elbow tie up is applied. They push on each other, trying their hardest to get an advantage. Neither men will budge, but Matt Moore gets the upper hand by transitioning into a headlock.

Matt wrenches it in, but LX-Tim is able to pull him against the ropes. He sends Matt across the ring, breaking the headlock. Moore comes back, but LX-Tim drops to the mat. Matt trots over him and hits the ropes on the other side. The fans are roaring, excited to see an awesome wrestling sequence!

But they’re left empty-handed. LX-Tim steps to the side and leaves a foot out. He trips Matt and sends him to the canvas. The fans boo and get Tim’s attention. He turns to the crowd and mouths off to them. As he turns around, the boos turn to cheers. He is met with a huge dropkick from Matt Moore!

LX-Tim hurries to his feet and gets hit with another dropkick. The same thing almost happens again. Tim gets up and Matt gets ready for another dropkick. LX-Tim drops down though and slides out of the ring, garnering boos yet again. Matt lets out a roar to the crowd and to his opponent.

Abiding by the referee’s commands, Matt stands in the center of the ring, waiting for LX-Tim to get back in. The wily Puerto Rican’s face of annoyance should be chiseled in stone as Moore awaits with Latino with great anticipation. The smarmy Spanish superstar slowly ascends onto the apron and takes his time getting through the rope and back into the squared circle.

Matt readies himself to charge at Tim, however the Brooklynite immediately cowers underneath the safety net of the top and middle ropes! The crowd emphatically boos at his cowardice, whilst Referee Miner admonishes Matt to leave him well enough alone. Moore is clearly incensed, but patience is a virtue that is strong with him.

The Portrait of Greatness peeks out and makes his way to the middle of the four cornered coliseum, where both men are at long last going to engage in battle. Both raise arms looking to lock horns once again, but Tim bewilders Matt with a disgraceful thumb to his left eye! The fans once again vocalize their displeasure, meanwhile Miner admonishes Tim, although the New Yorker couldn’t care less.

Tim connects a Toe Kick to Moore’s midsection, doubling him over before positioning him into a Front Facelock. Implementing all his strength, LX vertically lifts Matt into the air, vociferously slamming him onto the sweat infested canvas with a thunderous Suplex! Twirling his feet to escalate to a vertical base, he once again connects a second Vertical Suplex that is just as emphatic! One more time, rising upward, the Latino tries to finish off the trinity of the attack, however once lifted in the air Moore displays his perseverance and wriggles out of Tim’s clutches to drop right behind him.

The Portrait of Greatness rotates and receives a wickedly swift European Uppercut that completely shakes him! Matt continues to barrage LX with a slew of the blindingly fast Uppercuts until up against the ropes. Moore opts to whip Tim across the ring, causing Tim to rebound and return to Moore, getting captured in his clutches and is served with a thunderous Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! The crowd erupts in celebratory cheers as the fan favorite is back with the upper hand.

All the fans in attendance are vehemently enthralled witnessing Moore gaining the better of the Latin starlet whilst they continuously cheer for the fan favorite of the pair athletes. The Portrait of Greatness hasn’t been living up to the moniker thus far in his eyes, thus he seeks to rectify this problem whilst he clambers to a vertical base.

Matt unfurls a Roundhouse Kick to the temple of his adversary and Tim reacts instinctively, ducking underneath and responding with a fantastic Leaping Spike Reverse STO at breakneck speed to plow his in ring nemesis into the perspiration filled canvas! Instead of deciding to release his grip from the attack, Lx-Tim keeps his grubby mitts on Moore and hooks his far leg across the neck of his foe.

Seamlessly weaving his hands behind Moore’s head, the Brooklynite has one arm pass over their own leg and the other under. The Portrait of Greatness paints an illustration of wrestling perfection this moment by pulling backwards with his arms and pushes forward with his leg, causing gargantuan pressure to have Moore writhing in excruciating agony! The fans immediately hiss and boo, all the while LX chuckles at their displeasure and continues to apply pressure.

Moore struggles from the optimum pressure being exerted from the Puerto Rican athlete and continues to twist and turn in attempt to reach salvation by means of a rope break. Matt extends his legs near the bottom rope, curling his foot and eventually finds his escape as the toe tucks over the top of the rope! Despite this, the dastardly Latino continues to keep to Koji Clutch cinched in, cuing Referee Miner to commence the count.





Fi…the hold is released just before Miner counts the five!

As LX-Tim releases the hold, Matt uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He turns to try and get his offense going again, but is met with a snapmare. As he sits up from the roll, LX-Tim plants a massive kick into Moore’s back. He clinches his shoulder blades back and rolls away from the Portrait of Greatness. Tim does not relent, however.

He grabs Matt by his short hair and pulls him to his feet, garnering boos from the crow and orders from Referee Miner to let go. He does so, but only after Matt is standing in front of him. LX-Tim sends a back elbow into Matt’s head. This causes Moore to rebound off of the ropes.

As Matt comes back, Tim bends down and launces him with a back body drop. Tim lets out a roar, pumping himself up as Matt reaches a seated position. Tim appears to be ready to show off his in-ring abilities as he runs to the ropes in front of Matt. He passes over Moore and hits the ropes behind him…

Tim comes back and…

He drops to a knee and applies a headlock!

The crowd boos heavily as his display of trickery infuriates them. Tim wrenches the hold in deep as Matt struggles to regain control of this match up. The fans are really trying to get behind Matt Moore. They’re stomping, clapping, and cheering until their lungs pop, hoping to give him the energy to break free of the headlock. It might be working! Matt begins to pound a fist to the mat along with the clapping of the crowd.

He is able to turn a bit and use that same hand to push himself up to a knee. Using all the force he can muster, Matt gets to his feet. The headlock is still hooked, but not for long. Moore throws a handful of elbows into the gut of LX-Tim. Tim lets up, allowing Matt to hit the ropes. He rebounds and runs straight into a shoulder check by the Portrait of Greatness.

LX-Tim shouts some insults down at Matt, getting right in his face. Matt surprises him! He hooks on and rolls Tim up in a small package! Corey Miner speeds in!



LX-Tim forces himself out of the pin!

Tim hurries away after kicking out, shocked at how close that was. Matt jumps to his feet, shaking off the earlier assault from LX-Tim. He rushes towards Tim who has backed himself into a corner. The Portrait of Greatness is able to duck away and leave Matt backed into the corner now.

He sends a variety of strikes towards the Gaijin Kaiju before backing up, preparing for a running attack. LX-Tim darts forward and launches himself towards Matt. Matt rolls out of the way! Tim’s upper body bounces off of the turnbuckle and sends him stumbling backwards. Matt grabs onto LX-Tim’s head and pulls him backwards with a hard traditional neckbreaker.

Matt rolls over after the neckbreaker and puts LX-Tim into a side headlock. That doesn’t last long as Tim is able to use his flexibility to lock his legs around Matt’s head. He forces Matt to let go of the headlock and keeps Matt’s head tightened between his legs.

LX-Tim accompanies this with a few slaps to Moore’s stomach for good measure. A few moments pass within the headlock before Matt devises a plan. He twists himself onto his stomach and pushes himself forward onto Tim. Matt goes into a headstand position and pushes himself up.

He lands on his feet and sends a kick towards Tim. Tim dodges, grabs onto Matt, and rolls him up for a schoolboy! He lets him go, though, instead of attempting a pin. Matt rolls through and Tim throws a sitting enziguiri at Moore.

Matt blocks the kick and stomps down at Tim. Tim rolls away from the stomp and gets to his feet! Matt throws a knee, but Tim is able to put his hands in the way and block it! LX-Tim retaliates with a dropkick that Matt is able to sidestep!

As Tim gets up, Matt throws his own dropkick, but Tim dodges much like Matt just did! They both quickly turn and throw up a fist, but realize the momentary stalemate. The crowd goes nuts at the actual wrestling display put on between the two.

It doesn’t last long though as LX-Tim throws a sharp kick to Matt’s stomach as he was admiring their in-ring craftsmanship. Tim hooks Matt and sends him over with a fisherman suplex! He keeps hold and bridges for a pin.



Moore forces LX-Tim off of him, breaking up the pin fall.

LX-Tim looks to stay on the attack. He sends a knee into Matt’s head as he is getting to his feet. Moore drops back down to the mat, pushing himself up on all fours shortly after. Meanwhile, LX-Tim has moved backwards, getting a picture perfect view of his opponent.

The Portrait of Greatness has Moore lined up! He speeds in and sends a kick right to Moore’s head! The Footnote!


Moore pushes himself out of the way! Tim is able to stop his momentum as he reaches the ropes. He turns back around and is lifted onto Matt’s shoulders! Matt launches him into the air and LX-Tim comes down, gut first onto Matt’s knees! Gutbuster!

Tim lets out a howl, clutching his stomach on the mat as Moore backs into the far corner. Much like Tim just did as he was looking to hit The Footnote. Matt pounds his chest a number of times as LX-Tim forces himself to his feet. Tim looks for Matt and eventually finds him…

Moore charges out of the corner and spins…

He lifts his foot up…

Discuss Big Boot!

The move connects! LX-Tim slams down on the mat as Moore quickly goes in for the cover.
Corey Miner hurries in for the count!



Matt Moore has yet another victory under his belt! He wastes no time in exiting the ring, celebrating his victory up the ramp as LX-Tim appears furiously disappointed in the center of the squared-circle.

Winner, by pinfall at 13:19
–Matt Moore–


Those in attendance for Exodus are ready for yet another of a handful of grudge matches to take place this evening. They are on the edge of their seats, expecting either David Stone or Corporal Punishment to arrive through the entrance curtain at the top of the ramp. They’re met with a different surprise, however.

Music relatively foreign to UWE fans begins to play throughout the arena leaving the UWE faithful fans confused as to what’s going on. There are some in the crowd, however, that recognize this theme song anywhere as they pop realizing who it belongs to. The crowd all look up at the blank video screen expecting something to appear and yet nothing shows. Around five seconds pass by and in bright bold letters the words “CHOSEN ONE” pop on the screen.

An entrance video appears on the screen and Michael Kelly bursts through the curtains. Dressed in his faction’s official “Bad Moon Rising” T-shirt and blue jeans, Michael Kelly begins jumping around on stage, pandering to the cheering crowd. The reaction from the fans puts a big smile on his face, as the “Chosen One” throws his arm up, pointing his index fingers towards the sky. He walks half way down the ramp and turns towards the tron, waiting on something or someone.

“Calling” by Vamps, a theme only associated with one person, takes over the sound system. The Crimson Devil herself, Tiami Erickson, walks through the curtain in casual wear, a blue T-shirt and black jeans. Tiami walks slowly down the ramp and is greeted halfway by a smiling Michael Kelly as the two begin to make their way down the ramp and towards the ring.

The two walk side by side down the ramp with Michael making a pit stop on his way to the ring. He walks around ringside, slapping the outstretched hands of the crowd, and grabs two microphones from the nearby timekeeper. Michael makes his way back around, climbs up the steps, and holds the second rope up for Tiami to enter. Michael follows suit, entering the ring and handing Tiami a microphone. She signals for Michael to go first, but he mouths “ladies first”. The two take to the center of the ring as Tiami brings her microphone to her face and begins.

Tiami introduces herself the audience. She threatens to kick the teeth out of the mouths of those who stand in her way and points the finger at one UWE superstar in particular, James Calhoun. From there, she introduces the fans to Michael Kelly, playing up to the fact that he will become the present and the future of Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment.

Michael blushes out of embarrassment to Tiami’s words, donning a smile so big his pearly white teeth are out in the open for the whole crowd to see. Stepping back a bit to the nearest turnbuckle, Michael tries to laugh his big, dumb smile off of his face. Staring at Tiami, Michael smiles at her and gives her a wink which the crowd pops for. He walks up to her and gives her a quick hug whilst whispering something in her ear. Stepping back, Michael brings the microphone to his face and begins to speak.

Michael thanks Tiami and has the crowd give it up for her one more time. He states his joy in coming to Vancouver and finally being a part of the UWE. He mentions his friend Wulf Erikson and how he is here to have some competitive fun. UWE is the perfect place for that!

He’ll be able to work with some of his best friends as well as entertaining the crowd. He speaks of how important friendship is in the wrestling business because everyone is fighting to take someone else’s spot. He states that there’s not competition like the competition in UWE and that’s why he’s here. He wants to tear the house down on a nightly basis and will take no prisoners when it comes to the UWE locker room. He wants everyone to give him their one hundred percent effort, because the competition is what he came for.

Michael leaves with the words, “So it is etched in the stone and written in the sands of time. For my next opponent, whoever that may be…you have got a date with Desti-Knee.” Tiami’s music hits and Michael holds the second rope up so that she can exit the ring. Michael exits the ring behind her and the two walk up the ramp and through the curtains to the back.


Match Four – Single’s match
David Stone vs. Corporal Punishment

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

Yet another grudge match is occurring here at Exodus. At Genesis, it was David Stone who forced Major Payne into retirement. Ever since, he and Corporal Punishment have been at each other’s throats. Right now, they get to settle it!

JJ Hemphill calls both men into the center of the ring. He relays the match rules and his instruction before calling for the bell. It rings and this bout is underway. Stone and Punishment send a vicious stare towards one another, beginning to circle. They are both looking for the first opportunity to strike.

The UWE crowd seems divided, sharing chants for both stars. The two competitors are absolutely eating it up, hoping to show their half of the support how they get things done. Without seeing an opportunity while circling, Stone and Punishment decide to go for the collar and elbow.

They lock up and try to impose their will upon one another. Stone uses his size advantage to take the Corporal into a corner. Stone breaks the lock up and sends a flurry of boxing style punches into Punishment’s stomach.

Hemphill requests that he take it out of the corner. Stone agrees, backing off of the Punishment, only to charge forward. Stone goes for a corner clothesline, but CP slides out of the way, turning Stone into the same position he was just in.

Punishment now delivers punches to Stone’s midsection in the same manner that was done to him! Hemphill calls for him to break it up and Punishment acknowledges. Stone looks a bit irked that his actions were mimicked. Punishment backs up to the center of the, gesturing for Stone to come at him out of the corner.

Stone exits the corner and the two begin circling again. A few moments pass before Punishment shoots for the leg. Stone tries to sprawl, but the Corporal whirls around to his backside instead of going through with the leg takedown. Punishment reaches up and clutches his arm around Stone’s head, bringing him in for a headlock.

It doesn’t last long, however, as Stone’s larger stature makes it easy for him to maneuver against the headlock. He lifts Punishment up and drops him with a back suplex. CP reaches for his back as Stone gets up, wanting to keep the pressure on.

David stomps down on Punishment’s back, hard, as Punishment tries to roll away. And another stomp. Stone lifts Punishment to his feet. As the Corporal gets up, he slaps David Stone’s hands away! CP takes a step back and launches a foot at Stone…

Boot Camp!

The superkick connects, out of nowhere! Stone doesn’t fall however! The kick sends him back against the ropes. He bounces off and…

Stone Cutter!

With his left foot, Stone sends his own superkick at Corporal Punishment! Punishment drops to the mat and David Stone follows. He covers and Hemphill comes in for the count. This could be it!



No! Corporal Punishment gets a shoulder up!

Stone questions Hemphill’s counting, shocked that his superkick wasn’t enough to put Punishment away, even in the early goings of this bout.

Punishment is now crawling towards the nearest corner. Stone sees this and heads towards him. As he reaches down to lift him to his feet, Punishment slips between Stone’s legs and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Punishment hurries and grabs Stone by the head in the corner.

He slams his head into the turnbuckle pad once…twice…three times…

The crowd begins to count.

All the way to 21! The 21 Gun Salute!

Stone is dazed as he stumbles out of the corner. Punishment leaps onto the ropes and with a smooth transition, leaps right off! Jump School!

The flying clothesline connects and Stone finally drops to the mat! Punishment is fired up! He takes to Stone’s lower half, grabbing onto his legs.

The Corporal lets out a roar, using all the strength he can find to start swinging David Stone! The entire time, Punishment is screaming at the top of his lungs! He swings Stone around for what appears to be about eight times before letting him drop to the canvas.

Punishment hooks onto the ankle now, connecting with an MMA style ankle lock! The Giant Swing/Ankle Lock sequence that Corporal Punishment calls Taps has been applied!

What a fitting name it is as David Stone finds himself tapping out! JJ Hemphill acknowledges Stone’s pounding of the mat and calls for the bell! That’s it!

Winner, by submission at 06:34
–Corporal Punishment–


Match Five – Single’s Match – Canadian Championship Match
Wülf Erikson vs. The Armenian Beast

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

One of the most anticipated matches of the evening is on the horizon. With Sierra and Lady Maeve in their corners, respectively, Wulf Erikson and The Armenian Beast do battle for the Canadian Championship. The crowd is going wild for this one and Erikson figures he’ll show some respect to the reigning champion.

Wulf steps to the center of the ring and extends his hand to the much larger competitor. Gurgen approaches Wulf with a quizzical expression. The Beast shrugs and grabs onto Wulf’s hand. Erikson smiles and looks to the crowd, ready to put on a show.

Not so fast! The Armenian Beast pulls Wulf in by his hand and lifts him high above his head in the Gorilla Press position! Erikson wiggles free and drops behind Gurgen, backing away. The Champion turns with an innocent look on his face as Erikson questions his intentions. He really thought that Wulf was just giving him a free first shot.

Obviously, that’s not the case. Gurgen reaches for Wulf now, but Erikson uses his speed advantage and circles behind him. He sends a big clubbing blow to the Beast’s back, but he is not impressed. Wulf hurries off of the ropes as the Beast turns. He goes for a leaping crossbody, but the champion catches him.

Beast drops forward with a big slam. He gets off of Wulf and hits the ropes. He comes back and splashes onto Erikson, but Wulf is able to roll out of the way! Gurgen lands hard on his stomach and bounces to his knees as Erikson scurries to his feet.

Wulf sends a bundle of kicks and punches to the kneeling Beast. One kick, however, ends up being caught by the champion. Gurgen holds onto Wulf’s leg and makes his way to his feet. This gives Wulf some time to think and he jumps up, sending an enziguiri into Gurgen’s noggin.

This sends the Armenian Beast stumbling back into a corner. Erikson keeps up the fast pace. He runs at the Beast and then runs up him! Erikson backflips off of Gurgen. Once he lands, he sends another enziguiri his way. This one connects hard, causing the Beast to drop down to a seated position in the corner.

Erikson rushes to the opposite corner, only to immediately speed back towards his opponent. Erikson launches himself from the mat and sends a big dropkick to the seated Armenian Beast. Wulf hops up and howls to the crowd, getting himself pumped up.

He turns and sees that Gurgen has rolled out of the ring. Wulf refuses to let up! He speeds towards the ropes, hitting a cartwheel. From there, he flips out of the ring towards the Armenian Beast.

Nobody’s home!

Gurgen actually showed some intelligence there! He moved out of the way, causing Wulf to crash and burn to the ringside area. Referee Chuck Aitken hollers for them to bring it inside the ring or he’ll have to start his count.

Gurgen either ignores Chuck or doesn’t hear him. He grabs Wulf by the waist of his pants and pulls him up with one arm. The Beast then lifts Erikson up in the Gorilla Press position much like at the start of the bout. From there, he drops him face first onto the apron as Chuck Aitken has started his count, reaching four.

The champion lifts Wulf to his feet again, this time rolling him into the ring. Gurgen follows, breaking the count and continuing the match at his pace. Gurgen doesn’t have to go far to reach Wulf. He stands with Wulf between his legs and drops down hard, sitting on Erikson’s back.

Wulf screams as Gurgen puts all of his weight onto the smaller Erikson’s spine. Fortunately for the Silver Bullet, he is right by the ropes. He stretches his arm out and is able to grab onto the bottom ring rope. Chuck Aitken takes notice of this and demands for the Armenian Beast to get off.

The Beast turns his head and sees Erikson holding the ropes, needing the visual to understand what Referee Aitken was blabbering about. Beast obliges, standing up and letting off of Erikson’s backside. Wulf pulls himself out onto the apron as Gurgen turns around.

The Armenian Beast attempts to grab at the Neon Knight, but Erikson ducks and sends a big shoulder into the Beast’s midsection. Gurgen grunts, but goes right back for him. One more time, Erikson thrusts his shoulder into the Beast’s stomach. This one sends him back.

Wulf propels himself onto the top rope and springboards in at The Armenian Beast. He lands on the Beast in a sit-out position, looking for a hurricanrana. Gurgen stumbles a bit, but as Wulf falls down to pull the Beast with him for the rana, it is halted.

The Armenian Beast keeps a lock on Erikson’s legs, causing the hurricanrana attempt to be futile. Gurgen instead grabs the upside down Silver Bullet around the waist, hoisting him up and squeezing him. A modified bear hug is in place as the blood rushes to Wulf’s head!

Gurgen shakes him and shakes him. He simply drops Wulf on his head now, with no intention of ending the match with the modified submission maneuver. Gurgen approves of his work so far, playing up to the crowd.

Once his attention his focused back on Wulf Erikson, he deadlifts him off of the ground for what could possibly be a German Suplex. He flings Erikson over his head, but the challenger completes a flip, landing on his feet. Gurgen is up, but with his back to Wulf.

Wulf sends a big shoulder check into the knee of the Armenian Beast. This sends him down to a kneeling state. Wulf winds up and delivers a huge roundhouse kick to the back of the champion’s head. He’s finally got Gurgen down on the mat!

Erikson hurries in for a cover. Chuck Aitken follows suit!



The Armenian Beast hurls Wulf Erikson off of him with a mighty force! Two count!

Wulf knows he can’t let up, so he immediately rushes in with a barrage of stomps before the Beast can bring himself back into the fight. Wulf has an insane of amount of energy, ready to go as long as he needs to in order to topple UWE’s original Beast!

Wulf pulls Gurgen up to a knee. He rebounds off of the ropes and comes back with a dropkick to the face. Gurgen is sent right back down to the mat. Erikson doesn’t stop, though, immediately getting back to his feet and hitting the ropes again.

Wulf jumps onto the middle rope and launches himself backwards. He spins and flips, connecting right on the Armenian Beast’s midsection! The springboard Phoenix Splash hits! He stays on for the pin!

Chuck Aitken slides in.



The Armenian Beast gets a shoulder up! The damage is being done, though. Instead of a forceful kick out like before, the Beast kicks out like any other normal human being. Sierra takes note of this, yelling at Wulf to stay on him, pounding the apron.

Wulf acknowledges her and sends more stomps into the Beast. Erikson then makes his way to the top rope. His back is turned to Gurgen, which can mean only one thing. Wulf leaps backwards and extends his body out.


No! Gurgen has moved out of the way! Reminiscent of the missed moonsault to the outside earlier in the match up! That’s why it’s called a high risk maneuver! The big man shows some surprising speed as he hurries to get Wulf to his feet.

The Armenian Beast sends a bushel of hair towards the Neon Knight’s face

Beard to the Face!

Wulf is kicking and screaming, but the screaming is muffled by the beard. He is scratching and clawing at Gurgen to let up on the maneuver. The Beast may not have it locked in fully! Wulf is able to wiggle away and push himself through the ropes!

This forces Chuck Aitken to plead with Gurgen to back away. Soon enough, it works, but Gurgen looks at Chuck as if he had been betrayed. Chuck eventually is able to explain to Gurgen what is happening, thankful that he still has his life.

The Beast turns his attention back towards Wulf Erikson, who, yet again, takes to the skies! Another springboard!

Gurgen meets his chest with a thunderous headbutt! Wulf hits the canvas with a sickening thud. The Armenian Beast drops down and covers the Silver Bullet. Chuck Aitken gets in position.



Wulf Erikson lifts a shoulder off of the mat! Gurgen looks surprised. He scratches his head as he gets off of Wulf following the kick out. That very well could have been the end of it, but Wulf Erikson is a fiery competitor.


What in the hell?

What is The Armenian Beast doing?

He’s climbing the ropes! The big bearded Canadian Champion is slowly climbing the ropes of the nearest corner. He saw Wulf doing and must have decided to give a try himself!

Gurgen crouches on the top rope, trying to maintain his balance, as the ropes give it their all not to snap right off! The Beast isn’t sure what he wants do, but he’s up there and better figure it out!

Meanwhile, Wulf Erikson has gotten to his feet. The crowd is cheering Gurgen’s attempted aerial tactics, but the dream never comes a reality. Doing what he does best, Erikson, who would’ve thought, springboards again!

He reaches out for the Beast’s neck, but appears to just get a handful of hair. He drags the champion down to the mat with him for a top rope springboard neckbreaker! Both men crash hard to the mat. Chuck Aitken has no choice but to begin a count as the two competitors are on their backs.






Wulf begins to stir.



The Armenian Beast shows signs of life.


Wulf Erikson has lifted himself with some help from the ropes. Chuck recognizes that Wulf is to his feet and stops the count. Gurgen is soon to follow, standing slowly but surely.

Wulf hurries in, blasting Gurgen with a series of punches, kicks, chops and uppercuts. Gurgen is groggy. Wulf is really bringing the fight to him! The Beast is backed up against the ropes at this point.

Erikson rushes to the other side of the ring, hitting those ropes. He comes back and hits a cartwheel. That’s an obvious sign for his Best Enziguiri Ever! He comes out of the cartwheel and…


The Armenian Beast shot from his position on the ropes and completely decimated Wulf Erikson with his double axe handle finishing maneuver.

Erikson is sent flipping from the attack, twisting once in the air, and landing on his back. Gurgen desperately climbs atop the downed Neon Knight, giving reason for Chuck Aitken to start a count.




Winner, by pinfall at 16:25 and STILL Canadian Champion

With the size advantage, there were many who did not believe that Wulf Erikson would bring it to the Armenian Beast. He silenced those nonbelievers, but the Beast ends up retaining the Canadian Championship.

Lady Maeve enters the ring with the championship belt and presents it to Gurgen. He raises it over his head, proud of his victory, and happy to have the Lady as the one presenting the belt to him after a successful defense. They exit the ring and stroll up the ramp to the back, showing off the retained gold.

Meanwhile, Sierra is there to help Wulf, giving him a post-match pep talk as Wulf comes to in the center of the ring. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Wulf Erikson is still in the Canadian Championship picture. He took The Armenian Beast to the limit and that is in and of itself a victory.

There is something of a hush over the UWE Studios crowd as The Champion of all Canadia’s music has faded out. Wulf grins sheepishly at his friends in the front row, and then Sierra, all of them looking wistfully back at him..

Ricky Darlington: I knew he couldn’t get it done!

Wulf leaned over the top rope and he hung his head for a couple of seconds, taking some deep breaths as he contemplated everything. All that he had worked for, it had eventuated to nothing. He had failed this time.

This time…

Blake Wells: Don’t be cruel, Ricky. Gurgen is literally an Armenian Beast.

There is a rousing ovation for Wulf as he slapped the top rope, brushed his forearm across his face and raised his arms in the air. Sierra smiled up at him and joined in with the applause as Wulf stepped out of the ring. When he jumped down to ringside, she wrapped her arms around him and clearly made an attempt to cheer him up. It seemed as though Wulf wasn’t having any of it, though. Sierra looked a little bit dejected as he made a beeline for the little group in the ringside seats..

CJ Kim: Aw…he wanted his mama.

Kara leans over the barricade and gives him a quick hug as MK, Ashley, and Angelica pat his back. Kara looks into his eyes and she thrusts something into his hand. She gives him a look of encouragement before he nods, putting the item in his back pocket and turning around to face Sierra. She makes a puppy dog face to which he chuckles and takes her hand, gesturing toward the ring with his head. He calls out for a pair of microphones from the announce table. Blake and CJ were only too happy to lend theirs and toss them to Wulf. He catches them and hands one to Sierra.

[Ricky Darlington]: Oh no, they’re not getting their greasy mitts on mine!

Sierra takes one and shrugs as Wulf leaps up onto the apron. Sierra makes her way up the ring steps. Wulf sits down on the second rope. Several camera flashes go off as Sierra steps in between the top and second rope. Wulf then launches himself over the top rope to an ovation for the couple.

[Sierra Williams]: What’s going on, Wulf? You said no pranks!

There is a roll of laughter which Wulf joins in and gestures as if to say there’s nothing of the sort going on.

[Blake Wells]: I wonder what Wulf Erikson has in mind here guys?

[CJ Kim]: It could be anything. But no pranks, apparently.

The crowd is roaring their approval as Wulf once again wipes a forearm across his face and takes several deep breaths as he looks up to a confused looking Sierra.

[Ricky Darlington]: My guess would be that he’s about to beg Sierra not to leave him because he’s such a loser!

Wulf is about to speak, but he stops. He and Sierra both grin as there is a chorus of loud ‘SIERRA’ and ‘WULFIE’ chants from the Vancouver crowd.

[Blake Wells]: ENOUGH, Ricky!

[Wulf Erikson]: That’s amazing…thanks, Vancouver..

The ‘SIERRA’ and ‘WULFIE’ chants roll on as Wulf grins and makes the ‘shhh’ gesture..

[Wulf Erikson]: For real, though. Can I just have a minute of your time? And more importantly..

Wulf turns to Sierra and there is an ‘Awwww!’ as he gives the still confused looking Sierra a quick, reassuring hug.

[Wulf Erikson]: Can I just have a minute of this lady’s time?

The crowd slowly dies down.Wulf takes Sierra’s hand and looks into her eyes as Sierra raises the mic with her spare hand.

[Sierra Williams]: Talk to me Wulf!

[Wulf Erikson]: I know that I couldn’t get the job done tonight..

The crowd give off a mixed reaction, and Sierra is about to reassure Wulf, but he stops her.

[Wulf Erikson]: Though I know that it’s okay. I know that a guy like me has plenty of opportunities to make things right in this game. Though I’m gutted right now, there is something else more pressing to me that keeps me going. Though this isn’t so much a game, this is what they would say is playing for keeps. As far as having the opportunity to make things right in this department, this one is more of a one shot deal.

There is another ‘AWWWW’ as Wulf reaches into his back pocket, and he gets down onto one knee. Sierra’s eyes start to water immediately as the camera zooms in, catching Wulf open the box and produce a very expensive looking diamond encrusted engagement ring. The camera pans up at Sierra as she starts to cry tears of joy.

[Wulf Erikson]: Sierra, in the time we have spent together, you have already proven to me that you will stand by me through anything, and now it’s on me to prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am committed to doing the same. Forever. Don’t cry. Those days are over now! I’ll make sure of it. Sierra Williams, will you marry me?

The ‘AWWWW’ has been steadily rolling throughout the crowd..Sierra’s face appears on the big screen as she is unable to speak through the tears of joy she has been crying while Wulf has been speaking. She finally manages to nod her head and a tremendous cheer rose up through the Vancouver crowd as Wulf also broke into those joyful tears, taking the engagement ring out of the small box and gently easing it onto Sierra’s finger before standing.

The crowd lets them have it as Sierra and Wulf engage in a long embrace in the center of the ring.

[CJ Kim]: She said yes, guys! Can you believe that Wulfie’s getting married?

[Ricky Darlington]: He screws damn near everything else up, so I don’t doubt that he will also screw this up somehow.

[Blake Wells]: Ah, Darlington. Ever the optimist!

[Ricky Darlington]: Wait, Wells! You didn’t let me finish. I was also going to say, Sierra seems really happy so it actually looks like he is doing something right in that life of his. Ahh, good luck to ya, kid!

The crowd is deafening as Sierra and Wulf share a passionate kiss in the middle of the ring.

[CJ Kim]: Well ain’t that nice, Blake?

[Blake Wells]: Yeah, so sweet. Look folks, Wulf couldn’t get it done tonight, but as you can see it all worked out in the end! I’ve got something in my eye…we’ll be back soon with the long awaited contest between Amy Gobraless and Lucilla!

The two newly engaged individuals bow to the crowd and reunite with their group of acquaintances in the front row, celebrating. Exodus then fades to a video package hyping the next edition of Over the Top, making sure fans tune in to see the fallout from this evening.


Match Six – Single’s Match
Amy Gobraless vs. Lucilla w/Ruby

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

A match six years in the making! After Lucilla’s scathing promo on Amy it’s obvious that these two ladies haven’t exactly kissed and made up since UWE’s last go-around.
With Ruby accompanying Lucilla to ringside, it’s obvious that Venus’ Favorite Vixen has a bit more backup than Miss Flawless Gobraless, whose partner James Calhoun is in the back preparing for his UWC Title match. And with a very excited fan in the front row holding a ‘LOOK AT ME LUCILLA’ trying to get a Lucilla chant going, and failing miserably, she already has more crowd support than she usually does.

Lucilla doesn’t look at her though, no matter how much her number one fan is shouting at her. She eyeballs Amy across the ring from her, and the sly smile on Amy’s face reveals that the busty beauty is not in the least intimidated by her arch nemesis. It’s almost as if little lightning bolts are shooting forth from their eyes and as soon as Morello calls for the bell, the two ladies charge at each other like women possessed. Amy’s slightly smaller stature and her top-heavier frame allow her to find the perfect angle to tackle Lucilla to the ground. She starts clobbering away at Lucilla’s face, punching, scratching, clawing, screaming and hurling insults. Lucilla defends herself to the best of her ability, and uses a double palm strike on Amy’s ears to stop her assault. Amy clutches her ears before Lucilla grabs her by the throat and reverses the mount. Now on top of Amy, Lucilla gets some punches of her own in before leaning in and starting to headbutt her rival. She does it so fast and hard that her head almost becomes a blur, butting the life out of Amy’s skull, all the while still strangling her with her hands. Morello eventually intervenes, and starts to count to 4. Lucilla keeps headbutting and choking Amy until the very last split second before disqualification, and as Morello berates her for bending the rules, the Sicilian-born Diva keeps her eyes on Amy, who is crawling back to her knees, coughing to clear her throat. Amy uses the ropes to pull herself up, and as soon as Morello gives the go-ahead, Lucilla clobbers Amy’s back sending her through the ropes and to the outside. Amy stumbles to the outside, and Lucilla runs up the turnbuckles, before launching herself off the top turnbuckle towards Amy with a picture perfect moonsault. However, Amy sees it coming just in time and rolls out of the way. Lucilla crashes and burns, hitting the floor with a sickening smack.
Lucilla’s number one fan, who the UWE faithful recognize as Angelica Vaughn, the young blonde girl who entered the Battle Royal at Genesis, shrieks in terror. Next to her are some of UWE’s newest signees, Michael Kelly, Tiami Erickson and more! They cover their ears as Angelica screams, and Lucilla clutches her chest in agony while Amy recovers, grinning.

She grabs Lucilla’s hair and guides her to the nearest ringpost, in which Amy slams Lucilla’s face. She does it over and over again, until red droplets start to form on Lucilla’s forehead, seeping through a slight cut. The crowd cheers as they see Lucilla is busted open, and almost all but one in the audience is chanting ‘KILL! KILL! KILL!’ on the rhythm on Amy’s bashes. Amy doesn’t stop until Morello reaches a count of nine, and rolls Lucilla back into the ring, her face now a veritable crimson mask. She follows suit and goes for the cover.



Thr..Lucilla gets her foot on the rope! Amy slaps the canvas in frustration. She stands over Lucilla’s body and looks to be going for The Fatal Flaw! But as she grabs Lucilla’s arm the younger Pegorino sister rolls her through into an inside cradle!



Amy kicks out! Lucilla gets to her knees and smiles as she runs her hand down her face, spreading the blood out evenly, before slapping Amy I nthe face, leaving a red sanguine streak across the face. As both women get to their feet, Lucilla runs her palm down her face again, before hitting Amy with a palm chop to the chest, leaving a bloody handprint. Amy looks disgusted as Lucilla laughs, and her disgust makes her doubt for a second, leaving her open to a spinning heel kick strike that nails her in the face. Amy is flattened, and Lucilla wastes no time going to the top rope. The crowd rises up in anticipation as she looks to hit Amy with the Lucid Dream. She leaps! Amy rolls out of the way and all the way to the outside! But this time Lucilla spots it, and lands on her feet after doing a corkscrew shooting star. She immediately follows Amy, who is now using the ringside barricade to hold herself up. She’s merely a foot away from Lucilla’s superfan Angelica, who keeps hurling insults at her as her Bad Moon Rising stablemate Michael Kelly looks on shaking his head. Amy seems to be getting annoyed, and as she looks at her, Angelica swipes at Amy. Amy frowns, but even as she misses, the distraction is enough for Lucilla to come charging in with a running dropsault. As Lucilla lands back on her feet right in front of Angelica and Amy is sent flying backwards, her superfan is excited beyond belief. She’s hopping up and down, and suddenly hugs Lucilla over the barricade, locking her arms together. Lucilla tries to wriggle free, but before she can do so, Amy is back on her feet and grabs Lucilla by the hair, and nails her with the Ravishing Neckbreaker!

Angelica gasps in horror as she realizes what she did, and Amy ‘tips her hat’ to her, mockingly thanking her for the assist. Amy quickly rolls back into the ring to break up the counts and exits. She grabs Lucilla by the hair again, but before she can lock something in, Lucilla surprises Amy and hoists her up onto her shoulders, before nailing her with The Ripgut! The crowd boos Lucilla, and as she turns her attention to Angelica who apologetically and with tears in her eyes begs for forgiveness, Lucilla grabs Angelica by the blonde locks, before hitting her with the Red Light, blowing the Asian Mist in her face!

Michael Kelly pulls Angelica away from Lucilla but it’s too late, and as UWE’s newest Superstar asks Lucilla if she’s crazy, she nods, and gets all up in his face, crimson mask and all. She then tells him to shoo, before she squashes his balls and as she turns her back to him, she is speared into the barricade by Amy! It does not collapse, but Lucilla is obviously rattled. Amy wants to go in for the kill. She walks up to punt Lucilla in the face, but at that point Ruby (who’s been remarkably quiet at ringside) steps in between the both of them. Amy screams at her to go out of the way, but Ruby refuses. Amy notices Morello is nearly at the count of ten, and rolls back into the ring. Ruby picks Lucilla up and sends her back into the ring as well, to prevent a count-out loss. Lucilla crawls to her feet, but Amy is still sizing her up. Ruby notices, and rolls into the ring, once again blocking Amy’s path, who throws a fit. Rather than wait, Amy simply dropkicks Ruby, who lands straight on top of Lucilla, and Amy flies into the little heap throwing fists and elbows at both ladies. A threeway brawl ensues, and eventually Ruby has no choice but to strike back, but amidst the confusion it is nearly impossible to see who’s attacking who. Morello has had enough, and after several of her cries to break it up are ignored, she calls for the bell!

No contest at 11:58

The three ladies keep brawling, and Morello calls out to the backstage area to get security involved. Ten men come storming out and slide into the ring to pull them apart, but they have no intention of breaking up soon. Four men have to restrain Lucilla while Amy and Ruby have three on them.


Match Seven – Single’s Steel Cage Match
JTX vs. Brandon Moore/Sorrow

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Two men ready to destroy each other, that is the narrative of this bout, one for pleasure, the other for vengeance.

They both make grand entrances to the ring. JTX trots out with Kyle Stone Memorial Cup replica, claiming it to be the real deal, and claiming to be Mr. UWE. Once he reaches ringside, he grabs a microphone and announces that the bout will be for his Kyle Stone Memorial Cup.

The cage has lowered around the ring, has been fastened to the posts, and Corey Miner signals for the bell. This battle is on and it gets off to a strange start. JTX drops to his knees and throws his arms to the side, yelling for Brandon Sorrow to do his worst. He wants him to come and get him.

Sorrow looks on with a soulless expression as JTX pleads with him to get what he wants. He wants Sorrow to snap into full control and wreak the havoc he is known for. That will go right into JTX’s plan with removing Moore from the picture for good.

Without a word, Sorrow drops to a knee as well, a few feet in front of JTX. Meanwhile, Corey Miner is hooting and hollering at them to get the match started. Sorrow throws his arms to the side now much like he did in his entrance.

This causes the lights in the arena to begin to flicker as he closes his eyes. JTX realizes he’ll have to bring the fight to Sorrow in order to get what he wants. With Sorrow’s eyes closed and his mind focused on the manipulating of the lights, JTX jumps to his feet and sends a big side kick into Sorrow’s chest.

The lights reset to their normal status as Sorrow jolts backwards to the mat. JTX stays on him with a flurry of stomps. JTX then lifts Brandon to his feet and pushes him against the cage. He shouts some NSFW things at Sorrow and knees him in the gut against the cage and the ropes.

JTX now rushes to the other side of the ring, rebounding back towards Brandon. JTX leaps and goes for a splash…Sorrow ducks out of the way! JTX hits the cage and bounces off. His back is towards Sorrow now. The Supernatural Superstar moves in and grabs onto JTX.

He drags him forward and throws him into the cage on the other side of the ring. JTX bounces off again and this time hits the mat. Sorrow drops down and locks onto the arms of Hot Pink Fury. He goes to hook in his Sing Your Sorrows submission maneuver early!

JTX isn’t allowing that to happen. He worms his way out of Brandon’s grasp and puts some distance between the two of them. JTX hurries to stand, putting his guard up with an odd smile on his face. The two superstars now stand across the ring from each other, plotting their next moves.

They begin to circle as the unforgiving steel surrounds them and referee Corey Miner. The match transforms into a traditional bout for just a moment. They lock up in the center of the squared-circle and struggle to gain the advantage over one another.

The thought of a wrestling match instead of a caged fight quickly dissolves as JTX stomps onto Sorrow’s foot. That causes the lock up to break and he follows with a swift uppercut to Brandon’s chin. Sorrow stumbles backwards, but quickly regains control of himself and throws a right hand into JTX’s head.

JTX responds with a fist of his own and they’re off. Punch after punch is shared between the two rivals. As they begin to wear down, they brawl all over the ring instead of in a stationary position. They exchange their punches in the corners, by the cage, in the center, by the referee, everywhere in the ring you can imagine.

Sorrow gets JTX into a corner and goes for one last massive punch. JTX moves! He switches position with Sorrow, sending him into the corner now. JTX throws a barrage of punches into Sorrow before pulling him forward. JTX hooks Brandon’s head and plants him with a DDT.

With zero hesitation, JTX gets up and uses his feet to push Sorrow towards the nearest side of the cage. JTX reaches down and grabs Brandon by the hair. He pushes Sorrow’s face into the cage as Sorrow lets out an aggressive roar. He may not feel emotions, but it appears he can feel pain.

JTX grinds Sorrow’s face against the steel, again shouting some statements that are best left redacted. Corey Miner watches on, knowing there is nothing he can do about these actions in this type of environment. JTX now pushes onto the back of Sorrow’s head and neck area with his feet, using the ropes as leverage.

Sorrow’s face and head are now sandwiched between JTX’s foot and the steel cage. This lasts for quite some time until JTX releases his foot. He finishes up by using the ropes to launch himself, bring his foot back down like a swinging single-legged dropkick. It connects with Sorrow’s back, forcing him against the cage one last time.

JTX turns and mocks the crowd as they jeer. Hot Pink Fury is beginning to look a lot more menacing as this contest progresses. He turns back towards Sorrow, who is now crawling along the area between the ropes and the cage. It’s noticeable that blood is streaming down his face, past his blackened eyes, and into his beard from his forehead.

JTX is pleased with this turn of events. JTX approaches Sorrow as he is pulling himself up between the ropes and the cage. The pink-haired deviant takes a thumb and wipes some blood off of Brandon’s forehead. He takes the blood on his thumb and spreads it upon the part of his chest showing over the neck of his shirt.

JTX has a pleasure filled expression put on. He licks his lips and reaches for Sorrow. Sorrow comes to life, though! He traps JTX’s arms with some help from the ropes and sends his Trapping Headbutts at him. The crowd counts along and Sorrow lands fifteen of the headbutts before letting go of JTX. JTX falls straight back to the mat and Sorrow slumps down against the cage wall.

JTX’s face is now covered in the blood of Sorrow after their heads connected so many times. Referee Miner does his best to check on both competitors, but has no authority to do anything but count a pin or call a submission in this one. He can’t even start a count for a double knockout, because this is no standard rules match up!

A long couple of minutes go by before Sorrow begins to stir. He grabs the bottom rope and uses it to slug his way back into the ring fully, towards his downed opponent. He makes it to JTX and throws a hand over his body. Corey Miner slides in and hits the mat.


JTX gets a shoulder up!

Only a one count! Sorrow left JTX down for too long before attempting the pin. Brandon rolls off of JTX after the kick out and the two lay on their backs next to each other. Nowhere nearly as long as the last wait, the two start crawling in separate directions, blood still removing itself from Sorrow’s forehead.

JTX makes his way to a corner and begins to ascend to the top ropes. Sorrow turns and sees this from across the ring. With a burst of energy, Sorrow rushes and jumps up onto the turnbuckle with JTX. Sorrow pounds JTX in the side a couple of times before hooking his arm and head. He goes to lift JTX, but the hot pink superstar stands his ground.

Sorrow is unable to lift him! Instead, he gets met with some punches of his own. JTX breaks Brandon’s hold and bends him down in front of him. He hooks around the waist and he’s calling for…

A top rope Hot Pink Destroyer!

JTX flips forward and…

He goes nowhere! Brandon Sorrow is clutching the links of the cage wall! JTX is upside down on Brandon’s back, having expected to continue flipping forward. Sorrow uses all the strength he can find to keep himself and JTX from crashing to the mat. Sorrow balances himself and releases his grasp on the cage one hand at a time, grabbing a hold of JTX’s legs.

Now Brandon has JTX up in an Alabama Slam type of position. JTX tries to wiggle free, but Sorrow violently flings him sideways into the cage wall. That stops any attempt at trying to break away. Brandon then ends his hold on JTX’s legs and sends him dropping to the mat below. JTX lands on his back and is in perfect position from the landing.

Sorrow looks back at JTX and starts to scale the cage. Doesn’t he know that escaping the cage will result in a loss?

Oh, my…

It looks like he’s well aware.

Sorrow stops at the top of the cage and looks behind him down at JTX one more time. The crowd absolutely erupts! Sorrow leaps backwards and flips!

A picture perfect moonsault from the top of the steel cage!

That hits nothing but the hard canvas of the squared-circle! JTX moved out of the way causing Sorrow to crash and burn! Sorrow bounces high from the mat after landing, clutching his stomach, only to hit down once again. JTX pulls himself up with the ropes and quickly rushes to lift Brandon to his feet.

JTX hooks Brandon’s arms and spins…


It connects, planting Sorrow’s crimson face into the mat. JTX rolls him over and covers! Corey Miner is in position for the count!



Referee Miner’s hand is as close as it can be to the mat without hitting it at the time Brandon Sorrow gets a shoulder up! Corey Miner calls off the pin and signals to the timekeeper than the pin fall was broken up at two!

JTX looks stunned for only a short moment before realizing he needs to keep up the offense to put Sorrow away. JTX heaves Sorrow to his feet, but Sorrow gets another unexplained burst of adrenaline!

Brandon smacks JTX’s hands away and kicks him in the gut! He hooks his arms and lifts him up, only to immediately plant him on his head.

Demon Driver!

Sorrow pushes JTX off of him and hooks a leg! Corey Miner slides in.



It’s an identical situation to the previous pin fall attempt! JTX barely kicks out, but it’s a kick out nonetheless! His shoulder goes up at the last possible moment and Sorrow sits with a look of tyranny on his face. Is he upset that JTX kicked out or does he just happen to always look that way?

Sorrow, with a face as red as a tomato, doesn’t think JTX has it in him to kick out again. He rolls him back over and goes for another pin fall. Corey Miner gets down the count.



JTX’s shoulder comes off of the mat right at the two count. Sorrow decides to lean against a turnbuckle now and wait for JTX to get to his feet. With void eyes and a stone cold expression, Sorrow moves along the ropes and stalks JTX like a lion in the jungle.

JTX finally rolls onto his stomach, his arms shaking as he pushes himself to a knee. It takes even longer to get from that kneeling position to a groggy stance. He turns towards the direction that Sorrow is standing. Brandon Sorrow zooms forward, but JTX sidesteps and uses his momentum against him!

He sends Sorrow up and into the steel cage! Sorrow bounces off, back towards JTX, who hooks the arms and spins! JTX is going for the Unprettier!

No! Sorrow is able to push him off! JTX is able to stop himself with the ropes and looks back at the approaching King of Darkness. He sends a back kick into Sorrow’s gut and turns to grab onto him. JTX gets Sorrow in position for the Jaw Dropper!

He drops, but Sorrow manages to keep his head up! JTX simply slams his rear end onto the mat with nothing to show for it!

Sorrow tries to wrangle up JTX, but the hot pink performer escapes by sliding between his legs! He hops up and grabs Sorrow’s arm, dragging him to the center of the ring before spinning with him.


No! Sorrow is able to push JTX away! This time, the force of Sorrow’s shove is so mighty that JTX is unable to stop himself from crashing into the steel cage! His face smacks against the cage wall, knocking him silly. JTX stumbles backwards after eating the cage and his body turns towards Sorrow.

Sorrow hooks the head and arms and lifts JTX up in a suplex position! Instead of slamming JTX to the mat, he decides to slam his body against the cage where his head was just sent pounding. Using the momentum of the give from the cage wall, Sorrow speeds across to the other side of the ring, bouncing JTX off of the cage there as well!

Finally, stepping to the center of the ring, Sorrow drops JTX with a Falcon Arrow! A modified version of his Darkness Falls finisher! He used the cage to lay more hurt into JTX due to the absence of the top rope portion of the maneuver.

Sorrow covers JTX with his back and Corey Miner slides in!




Miner calls for the bell and that is it! Brandon Sorrow has defeated JTX!

Winner, by pinfall at 21:09
–Brandon Sorrow–

As the bell rings, the cage begins to rise above the ring. It takes a moment, but Sorrow is able to stand over the downed body of JTX. His blackened eyes and bloodied face send a demonic stare as his entrance music blasts through the sound system.

The lights then go out and as they come on, the entrance music abruptly cuts off. Brandon Sorrow is no longer in the ring and those paying attention to the entirety will realize that JTX’s Kyle Stone Memorial Cup has vanished as well. JTX’s body still rests in a pile in the center of the mat. It doesn’t take long for Corey Miner to realize what needs to happen.

Paramedics and the other members of the referee squad hurry down the ramp. JTX is alive, but he’s not moving just yet. The paramedics check on JTX and determine that nothing is broken and there are no life-threatening injuries hidden within him. The referees put on white gloves to protect them from Sorrow’s blood that has smeared across the upper half of his body.

Instead of putting him on a stretcher, the medics and referees simply hoist him up and put his arms over their shoulders. They walk him carefully to the edge of the ring and set him down to roll him out. Once they do, they sit him up on the apron and again wrap his arms around their shoulders. From there, they walk JTX up the ramp and to the backstage area. Hopefully he’ll be willing to get checked out.


Main Event – Single’s Match – Ultimate Wrestling Championship Match
Ronnie Cage © vs. James Calhoun

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The anticipated main event begins with Ronnie Cage and James Calhoun standing face to face in the middle of the ring. Both men are speaking angrily at one another and though most fans can’t hear their words they can tell that it isn’t small talk being exchanged. Suddenly Calhoun slaps Ronnie Cage squarely across the face. The Champ stands for a moment before firing off a hard punch and then they are off. The fans begin screaming as the two men exchange hard punches.

Cage ducks under one of Calhoun’s punches and moves behind him, grabbing hold of his waist. Cage tries to lift Calhoun but the cowboy hooks his leg under Ronnie’s and grabs hold of one of his hands, peeling it off then spinning around to put Cage in a hammer lock. Calhoun cranks hard and Cage grunts in pain but responds by elbowing back into his opponents face. As James reels from the blow Ronnie reaches back and hooks around Calhoun’s head, whipping him to the ground with a headlock takedown. Cage then wraps an arm around his foes neck and squeezes in a tight headlock.

Cage cranks down hard on the cowboy’s neck and Calhoun gasps for breath against the vice like grip. Calhoun struggles to one knee and reaches behind him to thrust a thumb into Ronnie’s eye. Calhoun gets a stern warning but ignores it as he scrambles to his feet. Ronnie tries to blink the pain away as he stands but is met with two hard rights and a kick to the gut. Cage bends over from the blow then receives a hard elbow stamp to the back of his head, dropping him to the mat. Calhoun wastes no time stomping his downed foe several times before putting his boot onto Cage’s throat and pressing down until the official counts to four. With a cruel snicker the callous one lifts Ronnie back up and throws him into the ropes and follows with an attempted lariat. Ronnie drops suddenly however and counters with a drop toe hold.

Cage gets to his feet first and grabs hold of one of Calhoun’s legs, he pins it to the ground then drops s hard knee to the ankle. James yells out in pain, prompting Cage to repeat the crushing knee. Calhoun tries to pull his leg away but Ronnie quickly wraps it into an ankle lock, causing the cowboy to yell out in pain again. Cage continues to twist as Calhoun tries to crawl for the ropes but his larger opponent keeps him stuck in place. The determined champ rises to one knee in an attempt to get Calhoun to tap. Desperate to get out the gritty cowboy kicks back hard.

Ronnie hits the ground holding his groin and Calhoun is ordered to his corner as the ref checks on Cage. The champ grits his teeth and rises to his feet determined to finish Calhoun clean. The official calls for the action to resume but neither they nor Cage has noticed that Calhoun has closed in until Cage is hit with a reverse lungblower that turns into the Callous Clutch!

Cage looks stuck, he claws at Calhoun’s hands but can’t peel them off. The fans on both sides of the battle are going crazy, some cheering for Calhoun to finish it others rallying behind the champ. As the challenger yanks back on his opponent’s head it looks to be over when suddenly Calhoun yells out in pain. Ronnie did all he could think of, sinking his teeth into one of his foe’s hands. As Calhoun releases Cage rushes to his feet and the two meet in the middle of the ring once more.

The crowd is on its feet, cheering as Ronnie and James bombard one another with stiff shots. Each man takes his turn belting the other as if playing a game of hit for hit! Ronnie aims to launch his next punch when Calhoun shoots a hard toe kick into his stomach. The cowboy grabs the champs arm and sets up for the Lasso Punch! At the last second Cage ducks under and…


Calhoun hits the ground like a ton of bricks and Ronnie hurries to cover.


At just barely the last second Calhoun shoots a shoulder up. The frustrated Cage grabs hold of his opponent’s head and launches several hard shots before standing to kick him in the face. The anger shows on Cages face as he lifts Calhoun again and locks him into a tight full nelson. Ronnie pulls back and looks ready to end things when Calhoun stomps into the champion’s foot and breaks free, hitting the ropes and leaping to drop Ronnie with a flying lariat!

Calhoun is first to his feet and as Cage rises the cowboy stands behind him. Calhoun looks to th e left…he looks to the right…then as Cage returns to his feet….


Ronnie eats a face full of cowboy boot and then collapses to the mat. Calhoun raises both hands over his head and drops to his knees before covering the champ. He nods along with the count confidently.


NO! Ronnie Cage kicks out of the boot hill and Calhoun look like he can’t believe it! He nearly roars at the ref, insisting it was a three count. The two begin a heated argument and Calhoun doesn’t notice Cage getting to his feet behind him. The champ grabs hold of the challenger and spins him around to face a flurry of hard punches that drive Calhoun back into the corner. Once there Ronnie climbs to the second rope and begins dropping hard punches to Calhoun’s face. The fans call out with each shot.


As he is about to hit ten Ronnie lifts his fist to his lips and kisses it, climbing to the top ropes for added height as he slams the fist down hard. When Cage dismounts everyone can see blood pouring down the cowboy’s face. Ronnie raises his fist but his celebration is short lived as Calhoun yells out at him.

Calhoun: Hit me again, Cage!

Ronnie turns back to see Calhoun walking forward, ignoring the blood running down his face. The champ pulls back and obliges, the right hand punch turning Calhoun’s head. The cowboy looks back and spits blood in Ronnie’s face.

Calhoun: HIT ME AGAIN!

Ronnie continues to give his foe just what he’s demanding but every hit only leads to Calhoun begging for another. Finally Cage pulls back for a massive overhand right but Calhoun blocks it and uses Cage’s arm to pull him in for a lasso punch.
The champ ducks under again and this time hits the ropes coming back to spear Calhoun. The rib crushing move hits but the cowboy has presence of mind to hook Ronnie’s head and as the two men hit the mat Cage drives his own face onto the ground with the power of his spear. Both men are down and motionless, without any choice the ref begins to count.

At the count of five Calhoun begins to get to his feet. He reaches down to lift Cage back up when the quick thinking champ hooks Calhoun’s leg and head and rolls him into a small package!


No! Calhoun shifts his weight and rolls through, it’s now the cowboy on top!


Winner, by pinfall at 11:02 and NEW Ultimate Wrestling Champion

It’s over! Cage looks stunned in the ring and rolls out looking simply amazed and bewildered. The Callous Ones in the crowd cheer loudly as their favorite asshole claims his victory. Maddogg Mike Rosati yanks the belt away from the time keeper and climbs into the ring, presenting the title to his friend. Calhoun quickly grabs the belt and raises it over his head, turning to each section of audience. When he turns back Calhoun and the Vancouver fans are shocked to see Mike kick James hard in the gut and deliver a jaw smashing stunner. Rosati then rolls out of the ring without a word and ascends the ramp as an angry and confused Calhoun lays on the mat staring daggers into what he thought was his friend. And it is on that note, one of betrayal, that Exodus comes to a definitive close.


Quick Calls
ºMike Rosati def. Nadia Vladiwebski by submission
ºKorey Keegan def. Justin Lust by pinfall
ºMatt Moore def. Lx-Tim by pinfall
ºCorporal Punishment def. David Stone by submission
ºThe Armenian Beast def. Wülf Erikson by pinfall to retain the Canadian Championship
ºAmy Gobraless vs. Lucilla ends in a no-contest
ºBrandon Sorrow def. JTX by pinfall
ºJames Calhoun def. Ronnie Cage to become the new Ultimate Wrestling Champion


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