UWE Over The Top in Vancouver XVII


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Oh, she’s only Seventeen!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
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Exodus! June 4th. The date is looming, and with UWE’s go home show about to kick off, the Vancouverites wonder who will go into the 2nd PPV with lots of momentum, and who will be playing catch-up.


Before the first match, the Vancouver crowd is treated to an appearance by Mike Rosati! The former Maddogg makes his way to the ring and calls out Asylum, challenging the Masked Madman for a match at Exodus! However, Lara Pegorino comes out, and announces that to her deep regret, it will not happen. However, he will face Nidia Vladiwebski at Exodus.
However, Lise Fortier then comes out, and proposes a contract signing for Midsummer Massacre. A stipulation of Mike’s own choosing, against the man he’s been dying to face. The contract is signed by Rosati, and it looks like we already have one of the main events for the PPV following Exodus!

Show Opener – Single’s Match
Karma Tenzin vs. Asylum

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

As the match starts, it’s obvious Asylum isn’t his usual self. Even when Corey Miner rings for the bell, the Masked Madman hardly reacts. Karma Tenzin is wary however, suspecting a trap. He circles around Asylum cautiously, fully expecting him to burst out of the gate at any given second. But even as The Bhutanese Beast slowly starts closing in on Asylum, it’s like the psychopath doesn’t even know who his opponent is, or where he’s at.

Eventually, Tenzin applies a headlock to Asylum, but the masked madman’s arms already hang limp from their shoulders. They sway weakly, and eventually something that might have resembled a punch once evolves from the movement, but he might as well have hit the Bhutanese Beast with a slab of polystyrene. The fans in attendance are shocked by this unexpected turn of events. They start booing, but for all th wrong reasons. They might despise Asylum, but at least his antics and ruthless aggression never fail to entertain. This, however, they did not pay to see. And none seem more frustrated than Karma Tenzin himself, who looks at the referee, asking what is happening as he lets go of the headlock.

Corey Miner shrugs and walks up to Asylum, waving his hand in front of his eyes, but the maniac is unresponsive. UWE’s nombre deux scratches his head, and wonders what he should do. Call for the bell, maybe? As he looks at Asylum’s glazed eyes, he shakes hishead and looks over at The Bhutanese Beast, before turning around and signaling the timekeeper…

But as Miner’s hand goes up to call for the bell, Asylum’s hand snaps forward, grabbing the official’s wrist! Corey gasps as Asylum has his wrist locked in an iron grip. Tenzin stirs, and frees Corey Miner from the madman’s grasp. The official rubs his wrist, and Asylum, still looking like he’s teetering on the brink of collapse, suddenly lashes out at The Bhutanese Beast with all his might, the sound of the slap sending shockwaves throughout the UWE Studios! The Vancouver crowd has a reason to get excited again, as Asylum seems to have found his fighting spirit, despite his questionable physical state. Tenzin is clear of mind however, and easily ducks the next swing that comes from Asylum. He gets up behind him and locks him in a double chickenwing, before turning it into a suplex! Asylum lands on the mat, and the momentum sends him through the bottom rope, before falling to the outside in front of the announcer’s table. Tenzin follows him to the outside, and Irish Whips Asylum into the ringpost, head first! Asylum collapses to the floor, and Tenzin is immediately back on him. He lifts Asylum up, and smashes the masked madman into the steel ring steps several times.

However, what Tenzin doesn’t realize, is that with every smash, Asylum seems to be getting stronger and stronger. The repeated smashes make the glaze on his eyes disappear. His mouth starts to contort and a snarl begins to form. With every hit, Tenzin is feeding him adrenaline, and Asylum is all too eager to feed off of it, enabling him to overcome whatever knocked out his senses at the start of the match. Suddenly, Asylum blocks the next ringstep smash by smacking his hands on them. He jumps back up to a vertical base and surprises The Bhutanese Beast by grabbing a hold of him, lifting him up and nailing him with a spinebuster on the same steps that Tenzin was using to hurt him.

With Miner already at the count of 9, Asylum quickly rolls in and out to break the pin, not content to get the count out victory so soon. It immediately becomes apparent that Asylum is back to his old self, and he grabs Tenzin’s head before viciously grinding it on the steel steps, hoping to break the skin and draw blood. Tenzin retaliates by elbowing Asylum in the gut. THe psychopath grabs Tenzin by the neck, before throwing him into the ringside barricade! Tenzin lands hard with a vicious smack. Smelling blood, he rushes in to knee Tenzin in the face but the Beast rolls out of the way and Asylum knees the barricade instead. Tenzin rolls through again, and as he approaches Asylum from behind, locks his arms around the waist and deadlifts him into a reverse bear hug. Asylum is taller than Tenzin, so the Bhutanese Beast does beautifully to follow the move all the way through with a bridging German suplex! The audience finally starts to sound their appreciation, and this time it’s Tenzin who rolls in and out of the ring to break up the count.

But as always, taking your eyes off of Asylum is dangerous. The masked madman explodes from his fetal position with surprising speed and drives Tenzin into the ring apron. He then grabs him by the wrist and whips him into the announcer’s table! It rattles as Tenzin makes contact. Asylum once again charges at him like a man possessed, but The Bhutanese Beast has enough awareness to see it coming. He takes a step forward, bends over and counters it into a big back bodydrop, sending Asylum flying! The masked madman lands on the announcer’s table, which collapses under the impact!

The fans start a ‘holy shit’ chant. Asylum is squirming in pain on the collapsed table as Tenzin turns around with… is that a smile on his face? One might almost think so. Asylum is slowly getting back up to his feet, but Tenzin steps back in. As he gets to his knees, Tenzin levels him again with a miniature big boot. Realizing the referee is already at the count of 9 again, Tenzin quickly rolls in and out of the ring again, wanting to finish this the proper way. But as soon as Tenzin rolls back out, he hears a shriek!

Asylum has gotten back to a vertical base and has grabbed hold of CJ Kim! The Masked Madman has her in a side headlock, and as Wells and even Darlington look on in stunned and terrified silence, it is Karma Tenzin first and foremost who is horrified. He wants to charge at Asylum in a fit of atypical rage, but Asylum now switches his hold over to a double chcikenwing. He growls at Tenzin to keep his distance or watch CJ gets destroyed. Tenzin lifts up his hands immediately and backs away, knowing that Asylum does not make idle threats. Asylum throws CJ into the ring, and as the crowd looks on in fingernailbiting horror, they see Asylum lift the announcer up onto his shoulders. Is he going to Lobotomize her?

Asylum shouts at Tenzin to get in the ring, and the Bhutanese Beast immediately does so. He holds up his hands trying to plead with Asylum. But the only response Asylum gives him is by point at the mat. Tenzin understands. He nods and goes to lie on his back. With CJ still on his shoulder and the threat of Lobotomy still very real, Tenzin is paralyzed with concern for his girlfriend. Asylum plants his foot on Tenzin’s chest and a confused Corey Miner finally slumps down for the count.


Winner, by pinfall at 10:20

Following the calling of the bell, Asylum throws CJ carelessly on top of Karma before exiting the ring. Tenzin immediately wraps his arms around his girlfriend as she looks on in tearful shock. The crowd boos Asylum with all they can muster. What an insane way to kick off Over the Top! As medical staff rushes out to tend to CJ, she reassures them that she’s fine, and completely fit to continue her announcing duties. As ringside workers set up a new announce table, they applaud the brave Miss Kim as she takes up her seat next to Blake Wells again.


Match Two – Elimination Tag Team Match
Lucilla & Ruby vs. The Dogs of War

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken w/ JJ Hemphill)

Completely ignoring the ‘We Want Ruby’ chant, Lucilla insists on kicking things off, and she starts on the opposite side of Danny Oliver, the younger of the Olivers. As soon as the bell rings, Danny charges at her with youthful enthusiasm, but Lucilla slides through his legs, avoiding him. She runs through, and at the other side knocks Jared Oliver off of the apron with a well-aimed elbow. She climbs the turnbuckle, spins and leaps, landing right on top of Danny, levelling him with a beautiful hurricanrana.

Jared Oliver is already furious with the antics of Lucilla this early in the match. He hops back on the apron and tries to go through the ropes but Chuck Aitken is on the case and physically holds Jared back from getting involved while he isn’t the legal man. JJ Hemphill is eyeing the senior official as he goes about his job, and doesn’t notice that in the middle of the ring, Lucilla quite plainly kicks Danny Oliver in the balls with a punt to his genitals. Lucilla grins as Danny collapses in agony, and the corwd boos her with all their might. This just infuriates Jared even more, and he’s now almost trying to bulrush Aitken to get at Lucilla, but it’s just playing to her advantage as he sticks her thumb in his eye and presses down. Danny roars in pain, and it isn’t until Lucilla’s own tag partner gets involved that she is forced to break up the illegal maneuver. Ruby grabs Lucilla by the shoulders and tears her off of Danny, who clutches his eye socket. Lucilla seems none too pleased with this interruption and shoves Ruby away, leading to an even louder chorus of boos. But as Jared Oliver finally backs away, Danny smells a moment of weakness and rolls Lucilla up from behind!



Lucilla kicks out, barely in time as she was caught completely off guard. Danny, one hand still clutching his eye, and moving with an odd limp following the low blow, grabs Lucilla by the hair and pulls her to her feet. With his obvious size and strength advantage, he one-handedly whips her against the ropes and as she bounces off hits her with a snap power slam, getting all of it! The crowd cheers for the first time in a while, and as Ruby looks on, Danny goes to town on Lucilla! It seems he has a point to prove, as he hits her with a series of mounted punches and elbows that are so lightning quick that Lucilla has to put up her very best defenses not to get knocked out then and there. Danny’s weight makes it near impossible for Lucilla to break free, and it’s not until Chuck Aitken tears Danny off of Lucilla that she gets a bit of a breather. But Danny’s immediately back on her, grabs her ankle and twists in an ankle lock, taking a page out of his brother’s book. Lucilla tries to wriggle free, but Danny’s expert application makes it very hard for her to get the right leverage for a reversal. Danny slowly drags Lucilla backwards, ankle lock still applied, towards his own corner. He pushes his own back into the turnbuckle, and Jared tags himself in by slapping his brother’s back. He hops over the top rope, and immediately lands a legdrop on the back of Lucilla’s neck. With the ankle locks also still applied, Jared locks in a Fujiwara armbar, and Lucilla is now being contorted at all sides. Lucilla screams in agony, but Ruby doesn’t even budge from her corner, realizing that she has enough power of will to withstand the holds, and secretly enjoying the pain the Olivers are dishing out right now. Once again Chuck Aitken must come to Lucilla’s aid as he counts to 4, forcing Danny to relinquish the hold and get out of the ring. The armbar is still locked in however, and Ruby starts to realize Lucilla might be in trouble. But once Ruby’s shoulders enter the ring to potentially go and break up the hold, Lucilla’s foot finds the bottom rope. Jared gets some extra torque in before releasing it though, and as he too finally has to let go, Lucilla grabs her arm in pain as she rolls away from the Dog of War. But Jared doesn’t let her retreat to the corner, as he follows the example of his brother Danny and targets the already hurt ankle. He grabs a hold of it, and drops a couple of elbows on it, each time making sure to slam it as hard into the mat as possible every time he connects. Lucilla grunts every time Jared connects and it now seems as if she’s in big, big trouble, even more so when he eventually locks in an ankle lock again. This time though, Ruby seems more worried. She hesitates a second, but then eventually goes into the ring to break it up. Her hesitation allowed Danny to spot it though, and before Ruby has the chance to break up Jared’s lock, she is bowled over by the much larger, stronger and heavier Oliver.

While the crowd never likes to see Ruby lose, they’re absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of Lucilla potentially tapping out. They rise to their feet as Lucilla screams in agony, and raises one of her hands. It goes down!

And lands right on the leg of Danny Oliver, who was still in the ring after knocking Ruby over. She uses Danny’s leg for leverage, and pulls herself away from Jared, whose lock is loosened. Lucilla grabs Danny’s leg with her other hand, and the added leverage is enough to tear herself loose, but her ankle is hanging from her leg like a limp piece of lettuce. Aitken pleads with Danny to get out of the ring, but the younger Oliver brother points at Lucilla, saying he can’t get out while she has her arms wrapped around his legs. With Aitken face to face with Danny, Lucilla plants her teeth in his thigh, before releasing him and getting up to her one good foot… only to eat a Superkick by Jared! The Dog of War goes for the pin!



Ruby charges in and breaks it up. Danny grabs her Ruby from behind and nails her with an overhead German, sending the tiny Canadian flying, and leaves the ring as well, before Aitken disqualifies them. Jared goes back for the cover..



This time Lucilla kicks out by herself. Jared smacks the mat in frustration, and lifts Lucilla to her feet. He grabs her by the throat, turns so that he’s reaching behind him and wants to go for the Oliver Twist! He spins… But Lucilla grabs him by the neck and reverses it into a DDT!

The crowd applauds, and with both Jared and Lucilla down, Ruby and Danny are now on the apron, extending their hands as their respective tag partners start crawling towards them. A ‘WE WANT RUBY’ and ‘LET’S GO DANNY’ chant emerges, and the crowd explodes as both Lucilla and Jared tag themselves out at the exact same time!

Ruby explodes from her corner like a true spitfire, and hits Jared with a beautiful dropkick. He goes down but immediately gets back up again, only to eat a Pelé Kick! Ruby is on fire, and after a standing moonsault followed by a standing 450 splash, she calls for the Ruby in the Rough! She retreats to her corner, waiting for Danny to get back to his knees… Once he does, she carges in, and gets all of it! Danny collapses to the mat like a sack of spuds, and Ruby firs the crowd up by throwing her hands in the air. She goes back to her corner, and hops on the top turnbuckle. As she leaps, Lucilla slaps her backside, reminiscent of last week. Ruby hits the Ruby-red Death, planting her feet squarely in Danny’s face, and runs through. She leaps over the top rope and clotheslines Jared off the apron, while Lucilla pulls off a move of her own…

Lucid Dream on Danny! The corkscrew shooting star press in beautifully executed, and Lucilla pins the man from Michigan…




Chuck Aitken calls for the bell.

Winners, by pinfall at 11:25
–Lucilla & Ruby–

Post-match, Ruby gets back in the ring, and Chuck Aiken raises the hands of the married couple. Whilst they seemed to be on a different page at the start of the match, they sure turned it around with excellent teamwork near the end to get the win.


Match Three – single’s match
JTX vs. Nidia Vladiwebski

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

JTX trots down to the ring with his remake of the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup and announces that the match would be for that same Cup. The bell rings and the contest is on! Nidia has heard of JTX’s plans to not enact any offense on her, so she goes in hard. It’s safe to say JTX wasn’t expecting this.

Right out of the gate, Nidia speeds in and throws some heavy kicks at JTX, backing him into a corner. She hurries for a grapple, but JTX slips passed her. Nidia has an uncharacteristic fire inside her as she turns to keep JTX on the defensive.

She rushes JTX once again, throwing punches and kicks galore. JTX is able to block them this time, moving about swiftly, throwing his hands in the way of each strike. On her final straight jab attempt, JTX grabs a hold and judo flips Nidia.

She is quick to her feet after the counter, this time plotting her next move rather than diving in wildly. The two competitors circle. Nidia is again the first to attack. She charges, but JTX slaps on a quick arm drag to send her across the ring. She comes back for more. Another arm drag.

Nidia is visibly frustrated now, pounding the mat. JTX’s plan has gone off without a hitch. Nidia gets back up and this time, she’s able to catch JTX with a dropkick! This sends JTX against the ropes. Nidia goes on the offensive! She puts a series of chops into JTX’s chest and runs off of the opposite ropes.

She hurls herself towards JTX, but he slumps down, pulling the ropes with him! Nidia Vladiwebski is sent to the floor! JTX centers himself in the ring, waiting for his opponent to come to and reenter the squared-circle.

It is now that the lights in the UWE Studios arena begin to flicker. JTX snaps his gaze towards the entrance ramp as the lights go from dark to light in rapid fashion. His obviously feels like someone is playing tricks on him

It appears that is the case, as the face of Brandon Sorrow appears on the video screen. In a split second, it’s gone, but the lights continue. The face of Sorrow returns, but vanishes just as quickly as before. This happens a few more times, putting JTX on guard, wishfully awaiting the arrival of his arch enemy.

It doesn’t happen, however. The lights and the video screen go back to normal, leaving JTX disappointed. It caused a distraction, however! Nidia is back in the ring! JTX turns his attention from the possible Brandon Sorrow appearance back towards her. She’s waiting for him!

Nidia leaps up and locks her legs over JTX’s shoulders, pulling him over with a beautiful hurricanrana! She follows through, hooking JTX for a pin fall! JJ Hemphill slides in and counts one…two…

JTX pushes Nidia off and breaks the count! He quickly stands and Nidia stays on him! She pulls her leg back as far as she can before sending it right towards the gut of Hot Pink Fury.

JTX catches her foot! He holds it there for a moment, staring his opponent down. He then throws Nidia’s leg away, causing her to spin around. Immediately, JTX clutches Nidia’s arms and twists with her. He’s got her in position…


Nidia’s face and body are planted hard into the mat. JTX rolls her over and goes for the pin. Referee Hemphill slides in for the count.




That’s it, JTX has the win!

Winner, by pinfall at 03:41

Following his victory, JTX stands in the ring and shouts for Brandon Sorrow to come and get him. He motions that he is waiting right there for Sorrow to come do his worst. Time passes and absolutely nothing happens, leaving JTX disappointed yet again. It looks like he’ll have to wait until Exodus to get Brandon Sorrow inside of the steel cage.

Finally, Sylvie Rose announces JTX as the winner and JJ Hemphill raises his hand. JTX pushes the referee away and walks over to where Nidia is laying. Nidia looks up at him for a second before turning away in disappointment. Nidia runs her hands through her hair and punches the mat in frustration.

JTX looks down at Nidia and reaches his hand out to her. Nidia doesn’t know how to react so she timidly reaches out to accept his extended hand. JTX bends down and helps Nidia to her feet. She stumbles for a moment before gaining her footing. She hangs her head in shame as she awaits JTX’s next move. JTX leans in and puts his hand on Nidia’s chin, bringing her head up and facing her forward.

He gets his mouth in close to Nidia’s ear. We cannot hear what is being said, and Nidia’s thick brunette hair obscures his lips, but JTX is whispering something to her. Once he is done speaking, Nidia looks up at JTX and nods.

JTX pats her on the back and nods at her back before turning around and exiting the ring. He jaw jacks with the fans sitting beside the entrance ramp as he makes his way back to the locker room. Nidia frowns for a second before biting her bottom lip and rubbing her forehead with the palm of her hand.

This leaves Ricky Darlington to give his thoughts on what just occurred, “I wonder what JTX said to Nidia. It’s hard to even fathom a guess from her facial expression.”

Match Four – Single’s match
Matt Moore vs. James Calhoun

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Matt Moore and James Calhoun waste no time in making their entrances. Referee Morello shouts her instructions to both men and this anticipated singles contest has begun! The two men circle, looking for a pathway that leads to an advantage.

Soon enough, Matt Moore makes the first move. He connects with a hard kick to Calhoun’s outer thigh. And another! He preps for one more, but Calhoun backs into a corner to get away. Matt is definitely looking to show off some of that Japanese strong style.

Moore tries to rush Calhoun, but the Callous Cowboy ducks under the center ropes and calls for the referee to back Matt away. Morello does just that as she demands Matt let James remove himself from the corner before continuing. Moore obliges.

Calhoun finally gets out of the corner and they begin to circle again. It’s déjà vu. Matt sends a thunderous kick to the same spot as the two before. Calhoun isn’t having any of that. This time, he rolls out of the ring, mouthing off to the front row fans who are booing his preserving tactics. The Callous One is showing some frustration towards the fact that Matt was able to land those kicks.

As Calhoun turns around, after kicking the air in anger, he sees Matt Moore coming right for him! Matt goes for a dive! But it’s a fake out! Moore doesn’t dive. He simply exits onto the apron as Calhoun braces himself for impact.

Matt waits for James to remove his arms from covering his head before he leaps at him from the apron. Calhoun has some quick thinking, however! The axe handle from Matt is sidestepped and Calhoun sends a right hand into his gut. The momentum sends Matt flipping forward, hitting the ground hard. Calhoun wipes his hands clean and smirks. He then points to his head, gesturing about his intelligence in the situation that just arose.

Matt begins to rise to his feet. Calhoun pounds three hard rights into Moore’s head. The cowboy then lifts Moore all the way up, sending him straight into the barricade with a massive thud. Inside the ring, Claudia Morello orders the men to bring it back while starting her count.

Calhoun goes after Matt again, attempting an Irish Whip. Matt reverses! The destination was the steel ring post and Calhoun’s plan backfires. He eats the steel. Claudia is at a five count now, but neither man has moved back into the ring.

Matt keeps up the offense, rushing towards Calhoun. He hops onto the nearby steel steps, using it as a launching pad for an enziguiri. The Callous One hits the mat! Matt quickly gets him back up though, rolling him into the ring.

Moore slides in and gives James a hard stomp before lifting him to his feet. Three hard palm strikes to the face follow. The Gaijin Kaiju now hits the ropes, hoping to come back for a dropkick. Before he can get into position, though, Calhoun explodes with a huge clothesline that drops Matt like a sack of potatoes!

Calhoun stands and kicks Matt right in the face. The cowboy then plants his boot against Matt’s forehead, grinding his heel down hard. Morello demands Calhoun remove his foot, but Calhoun simply just smirks. He holds up four fingers, letting her know to start counting and he’ll let off at four.

That turns out to be true. After he removes his boot from grinding Matt’s face, Calhoun reaches down to lift him to his feet. Matt comes out of nowhere with a hard right to the cowboy’s stomach. He then hooks a leg and spins Calhoun over with a big Dragon Screw!

Matt recuperates after dropping Calhoun with the dragon leg screw. Calhoun starts to get up as Moore closes in. He stays on the offensive. With Calhoun at a knee, Matt sends a hard straight kick right into his back. It sends Calhoun tumbling forward across the ring onto his face.

Matt mounts Calhoun on his back and starts to rain cross elbows down to the back of his head. Near the ropes, Calhoun scrambles and grabs a hold of them as the elbows continue to pound him. Referee Morello calls for Matt to get off of him, but he continues throwing the elbows.

Claudia starts counting and gets to four. Matt finally lets up as Calhoun uses the ropes to roll himself over. He looks up at Moore, who now has a number four made with his hand. He’s copying what Calhoun did earlier, showing him he’s not letting the cowboy get to him.

Matt backs off as Calhoun still has the ropes, per Morello’s request. Calhoun pulls himself up and the minute he lets go of the ropes, Matt shoots in. He grabs Calhoun and drags him to the nearby corner. He places Calhoun’s arms over the ropes to hold him in place.

Matt sends a vicious kick right into the Callous One’s midsection. He follows that with another as the crowd begins to count. Matt just keeps delivering the kicks with zero regret. Matt gets to nine and backs off, ready to wind up for number ten to be a big one.

As he does so, Calhoun shouts, “Bring it one more time, you son a bitch!”

Matt happily complies. He sends the tenth kick right into the gut. Calhoun falls to a knee in front of the turnbuckle now. Matt makes his way to the opposite corner of Calhoun. He slaps his knee and lets out a roar before charging forward. Matt throws a hard knee, but Calhoun ducks out of the ring!

Matt’s knee collides with the middle turnbuckle. Just as quick as he moved, Calhoun grabs onto Matt’s leg and trips him up. Moore hits the ground inside the ring and Calhoun, on the outside, pulls him by the legs to the steel post. Calhoun returns the favor from early. Matt sent him into the steel ring post, so now James will do his own damage.

He slams Matt’s right leg into the post as Referee Morello demands he get back in the ring. He’s trying to take those hard kicks away. Matt clutches his leg that just had a few awfully painful moments. Calhoun slides back into the ring and drags Matt to the center.

Calhoun now laces his leg around Moore’s. He sets the other leg in place and plops onto the mat. The figure-four leg lock is cinched in! Referee Morello makes sure Matt wants to continue and he shakes his head, signifying that he will not give up. Matt is holding on despite the pain.

This causes Calhoun to bridge up and cause even more damage with the submission! Surprisingly, Matt beings to unwind himself from the hold! He manages to push Calhoun’s foot out of position, slowly breaking the maneuver. Feeling his grip slipping and fearing a reversal of some kind, James simply lets go of the move.

Matt clutches at his knee, but the Callous One shows no remorse. Calhoun lifts Matt and sends him towards the ropes. Mustering whatever strength he can and fighting through the pain in his leg, Matt jumps onto the second rope. He springboards backwards and connects with a hard elbow!

Both men hit the mat with a huge thud, but Moore makes his way to his feet, making sure his leg can hold him up. Matt rubs on his leg for a moment as he backs against the ropes. He’s got the time to recuperate so he’s going to make the most of it. Calhoun is still down from the springboard back elbow and Matt finally decides to move in.

Matt grabs a leg of Calhoun’s, wanting to pay him back for the damage done to his own leg. He drops an elbow on it and rubs it in to add insult to injury. Matt stays on Calhoun, wrenching the leg. He’s not looking for a submission, but simply looking to inflict some damage as Calhoun screams out. Referee Morello continuously asks James Calhoun if he gives up, but the cowboy defiantly answers with a no each and every time.

Finally, Matt releases the hold, looking to do some more offense onto the Callous One. He allows James to stand to his feet and shouts, ”How about another one?!” Matt winces through the pain in his leg, but rushes towards the ropes again. He jumps onto the second rope and springboards off towards Calhoun.

Matt comes off with an elbow…no! Calhoun catches Moore’s backside, not allowing the elbow to connect. The Callous One grabs a hold of Matt’s arm and pushes him forward. With the arm, he turns Matt around and pulls him back…


The overhand right sends Matt crumpling to the canvas. Calhoun wastes no time in falling on top of the Gaijin Kaiju. He hooks the leg and Claudia Morello gets into position. She starts her count!



No! Matt Moore gets a shoulder up!

Calhoun is more agitated rather than shocked by it. Calhoun grabs Matt by the head and hits him with three hard rights before pulling Moore back to his feet. The agitated cowboy launches another hard punch before lifting Matt up into a quick scoop slam.

James jumps into the air, driving his elbow into Matt’s sternum as he falls. The Gaijin Kaiju grabs his chest as Calhoun tries for another cover. Morello begins her count.



Shoulder up!

Angrier than before, Calhoun snatches Matt by the hair and starts to smash his face repeatedly into the canvas of the ring. Claudia warns Calhoun and quickly begins her count. At four, the Callous One backs off. He then lifts Matt up to his feet and tosses him into a nearby corner.

The Callous One charges forward, but Moore ducks out of the way, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. As he bounces back, Matt greets him with a flurry of kicks, ending in a leaping back kick. Calhoun stays up, only because of the assistance from the ropes.

Matt sends a hard shoulder to Calhoun’s stomach. He follows that by lifting him onto the top rope. Matt climbs up as well, locking his arms around James’ head. Matt pulls Calhoun down with him…huge top rope DDT!

Matt is crawling towards Calhoun now, giving Referee Morello reason to skip the double knockout count. Moore slinks an arm over Calhoun’s chest and Claudia Morello slides into position. She pounds the mat once…twice…shoulder up at the last possible moment! Calhoun kicks out!

Matt Moore has no energy to be shocked by the two count. He simply rolls off of the Callous One and crawls his way to a corner. Matt pulls himself to his feet and begins to bang loudly on his chest as he watching Calhoun begin to stir. James starts to make his way to his feet in the opposite corner of Matt.

Calhoun turns and Moore speeds in, spinning for his Discuss Big Boot!

Calhoun sidesteps Matt to avoid the big finisher!

As Matt hurries to turn back towards Calhoun, he is met with a huge dropkick to the knee. Matt drops to a kneeling position, writhing from the dropkick. Calhoun now rebounds off of the ropes behind Matt. As he comes back, he hooks Matt’s head and drives him forward with a bulldog.

Calhoun grabs a hold of Matt and drags him to the middle of the ring, unsure whether to try for the pin fall attempt or get him up for some more damage. Calhoun finally makes a choice, smiling wickedly. He raises Matt to his feet and delivers a hard back hand chop. The chop echoes through the arena, garnering plenty of “Woo’s” from the crowd.

Calhoun continues, hitting a second chop, and a third. Calhoun ends the chopping spree, now going for a big right handed punch. Matt blocks it! He fires off several of his own punches back at the cowboy, staggering him. After regaining the upper hand, Matt sends James into the ropes with an Irish Whip.

As Calhoun comes back, Matt leaps up, hooks on, and sends the cowboy flying with a big monkey flip! As Matt stands, he lets out a roar that sends the crowd into a frenzy. Moore hits the ropes and comes back with a stiff elbow drop to the downed Calhoun.

He doesn’t stay on for a cover, however. He gets up and hits the ropes again. He comes back with another elbow drop! And he goes for a third one! Moore leaps…Calhoun rolls out of the way! The third time definitely wasn’t the charm there for Matt Moore.

Matt’s elbow hits the ring hard, but he gets to his feet. Calhoun has done the same. Both men are spent after a long grueling wrestling bout, but they know they have to keep going to get the job done! Matt charges Calhoun, but Calhoun bends down and lifts Matt onto his back! He’s almost got him hooked for the 8 Second Ride!

Moore fights out of it! He slips down Calhoun’s back and grabs a hold…Cobra Clutch! Matt has the Cobra Clutch applied in the standing position! He struggles with Calhoun, trying to apply the leg vice around the body to complete his version of the hold. Calhoun is trying his best to shake.

He manages to get some momentum, forcing himself and Matt Moore backwards! Matt’s back is slammed into the corner, causing him to release his hold on Calhoun! Calhoun stumbles forward, glad to be out of the Cobra Clutch. He goes far enough so that he can turn around and size up his opponent.

Calhoun sees that Matt is still in the corner and speeds towards him. Moore moves out of the way! As Calhoun whips around, Matt lifts him onto his shoulders. He throws him up in the air! Moore drops down and puts his knees up. Gutbuster! Calhoun’s midsection connects with the knees and he bounces off of them, still on his feet.

Calhoun clutches his stomach as Matt wastes zero time in positioning himself in the farthest corner from the cowboy. As Calhoun looks for where Matt went, he notices him just as Matt spins out of the corner! Moore lifts his foot and plants it right into Calhoun!

Discuss Big Boot!

Calhoun crumbles to the canvas and Moore quickly follows, landing himself on top of the Callous One. Referee Morello hurries in and slaps the mat!




Winner, by pinfall at 17:09
–Matt Moore–

Main Event – Single’s Match – Non-title
Ronnie Cage vs. Wülf Erikson

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The Ultimate Wrestling Champion versus the number one contender for the Canadian Championship. An interesting match-up indeed, and with Wülf fresh out of the hospital following an ankle injury, it seems like the Silver Bullet is ready to go at it full speed! The match starts with Ronnie using his size advantage though. He shoves Wulf down to the ground a handful of times before Erikson realizes he needs to change his approach. Wulf slips behind Ronnie before he can get his hands on him again.

Erikson plants a dropkick into the champion’s back, sending him forward. Ronnie turns, approving of Wulf bringing him a fight. Wulf stays on the attack, planting a flurry of kicks into the big man’s legs. Ronnie has had enough of that. He latches onto Wulf and sends a few knees into his gut.

Ronnie follows that with a gutwrench suplex. He goes for a quick cover, but Wulf doesn’t even let Chuck Aitken get to one. Ronnie figured that would be the case. He gets Wulf to his feet and sends a big punch to his head. Wulf retaliates with a fiery chop.

Ronnie responds with a chop of his own. Wulf takes his turn with spinning back fist. That sends Ronnie bouncing off of the ropes. Ronnie comes back with a big clothesline that almost flips Erikson out of his shoes! Erikson uses his ring awareness to roll to the nearest corner. Sierra swings by to check on him.

Ronnie yells for her to get out of the way as he lines up Wulf. Ronnie rushes forward, looking to plant a boot right into Wulf’s noggin. However, Wulf and Sierra split and Ronnie’s leg goes through the middle and bottom rope, leaving him in an awkward position.

Wulf uses the ropes to bounce himself up and comes back down with a hard stomp onto Ronnie. Only one though, as Chuck Aitken tells them to take it out of the corner. Wulf obliges, surprisingly able to drag Ronnie out of the corner.

Just shy of the center of the ring, Erikson leaps high and comes down with a leg across the chest. He goes for his own cover.



Ronnie’s strength allows him to fling Erikson off of him and break the pin fall.

Erikson hurries back towards Ronnie who is getting to his feet. Wulf grabs onto his back and uses it to launch himself up. He attempts a reverse hurricanrana, but Cage grabs onto the ropes! The only thing that hits the ground is Erikson dumping himself onto the mat.

Ronnie gets him to his feet and lifts him up. Huge backbreaker! Cage holds onto Erikson. One more backbreaker! He drops him to the mat and goes for the pin.



Wulf forces a shoulder off of the mat!

Ronnie pounces like a wolf, no pun intended, to keep Erikson from regaining any momentum. He sends a big knee into Wulf’s back as he rolls over. Ronnie gets Wulf to his feet and sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip.

Wulf comes back and ducks under a clothesline attempt! He rebounds again and ducks under another clothesline. This time, Wulf springboards off of the ropes. He turns to hit a double axe handle onto Ronnie, but Ronnie is able to avoid it and…

Erikson connects with referee Chuck Aitken! Aitken hits the mat hard and Wulf checks on him, making sure he knows it was unintentional! It doesn’t seem like Chuck is coming to his senses right away, so Erikson turns his attention back towards the Ultimate Wrestling Champion.


Ronnie connects with the superkick! He picks Wulf up and hooks the Full Nelson in the center of the ring! He looks right! He looks left! He looks right again! Something has caught his eye!

Even though he just had a grueling bout with Matt Moore, James Calhoun couldn’t stay away from the main event! Is he here to help his brother or simply hurt the champ? Calhoun was able to get Ronnie’s attention on the apron, but now his attention is turned elsewhere.

Sierra has made her way over to berate Calhoun, telling him to leave, that Wulf doesn’t need his help, and she doesn’t care what his intentions out here are. Calhoun tells Sierra to mind her own business and looks back into the ring…


Ronnie throws a superkick at James Calhoun this time, sending him flying off of the apron!

Cage stares down at the ringside area, shouting at Calhoun, telling him he got what he deserves and there’s more where that came from come Exodus.

Before he can turn around, though, Ronnie is hooked from behind! Wulf Erikson spins Ronnie about and drops him to the mat! Wit’s End connects!

Chuck Aitken is stirring and sees the maneuver connect!

Wulf falls onto Ronnie and Chuck is in position! He counts, slowly, but surely…




Winner, by pinfall at 07:41
–Wülf Erikson–

Wulf Erikson has beaten the Ultimate Wrestling Champion! Albeit with a distraction from James Calhoun. Wulf hurries out of the ring and reunites with Sierra. She explains to him what just happened and he glares towards Calhoun who sits at the bottom of the entrance ramp holding his jaw.

Ronnie looks up as he rolls onto his stomach with a death stare right towards Calhoun. All the Callous One can do is grin as he knows he is getting under the skin of one Ronnie Cage. Their upcoming battle at Exodus just got that more personal!


Quick Calls
ºAsylum def. Karma Tenzin via pinfall
ºLucilla & Ruby def. The Dogs of War via pinfall
ºJTX def. Nidia Vladiwebski via pinfall
ºMatt Moore def. James Calhoun via pinfall
ºWülf Erikson def. Ronnie Cage via pinfall


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