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Sweet Sixteen!!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
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Yes, UWE is back for its sweet sixteen! No, thirteen! It’s an anniversary show, and that means there is a lot to be excited about. With crowd favorite Ruby back in single’s action against the Flawless Amy Gobraless, and Corporal Punishment forced to team up with his arch rival David Stone against the Menagerie, tempers are sure to flare up!
And not just that, we will find out whether James Calhoun will be suspended by Lise Fortier, or whether he will swallow his pride and apologize to the CEO! Will he be included in the Wulf Erikson vs. Matt Moore match tonight, or not?
And as for the main event, we will see a match that has been brewing for weeks if not months! Mike Rosati has been on the hunt for some redemption against Ronnie Cage, following what he believes to be a betrayal of his former best friend. This one could get ugly!

But with rumors running rampant of JTX and Brandon Sorrow brawling all over the arena, and Wülf Erikson and James Calhoun doing some family therapy with Kara Erikson, the cowboy’s new girlfriend, (or so we assume) there is sure to be drama, drama, drama! The best kind, that is!


The show starts with surprise guest Brother Love making his way to the ring! Along with Wülf Erikson, Kara Erikson and James Calhoun, they have some business to talk about.
After Kara Erikson declaring that she really does love James Calhoun, and lamenting how he and her son don’t really look eye to eye because of their clashing personalities. But then, she dropped a bomb on the UWE Universe, by revealing that Wülf’s biological father, in all probability, is in fact ‘Wild Bill’ Calhoun, a wrestler she had a fling with when she was only 17 years old. The catch? Yes, that’s James Calhoun’s father.

After the shocking revelation that they are in fact half-brothers, Calhoun and Erikson hugged it out in the middle of the ring, but it’s safe to say that this revelation will rock their world and change their lives!

Show Opener – Single’s Match
Amy Gobraless vs. Ruby w/ Lucilla

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Before the match, Ruby gets into the ring, and addresses the Vancouver crowd. Not long after that, Amy comes out, visibly annoyed by Ruby sucking up to the Vancouverites like that.
As soon as Claudia Morello calls for the bell, the crowd starts booing so loudly that the person who just entered the ringside area is almost blasted back out by the sheer force of the sonic soundwaves coming her way. Yup, it’s Lucilla. The most hated woman in sports entertainment simply giggles though, and skips to the ring, before circling it around a few times, and eventually going over to the announcer’s desk. Rather than sit on an empty chair however, she opts to sit on Ricky Darlington’s lap, whose face reddens to particular kind of crimson that hasn’t been named yet.

Both Ruby and Amy can be seen rolling their eyes inside the ring, and it is obvious their dislike of Lucilla is mutual. Still, they have to go through each other to finally rid themselves of her once and for all, and it is for that reason that they’re all too willing to lay the smackdown on each other. They finally lock up in the middle of the ring, and it is Amy who overpowers Ruby, pushing her to the nearest turnbuckle, and elbowing her to the face, before connecting with a kick to the gut. With Ruby doubled over, she hits a Northern lights suplex, immediately bridging it into a pinning combo!


Ruby kicks out with relative ease, and Amy slides back in with a headlock, making sure to squeeze as much air out of the energetic Ruby as possible, and slow her down. Ruby tries to push herself back up to relieve the pressure, and gets to her feet, but Amy counters Ruby’s efforts with a snapmare and kicks viciously against her spine!

The snapping sound can be heard throughout the arena, and the crowd flinches as Ruby winces in pain. Ruby tries to get up, but Amy approaches her from behind, and locks in an abdominal stretch. With Ruby half a foot shorter, it’s easy for Amy to apply a lot of pressure, and Ruby grunts in pain, as the audience starts a rhythmical clap to support her. Ruby’s flexible, and manages to contort her arm so that it slips free, and start nailing Amy with multiple elbow shots, until she’s finally forced to let go.

Amy holds her jaw, and Ruby runs the ropes. Ruby in the Rough!?
NO! Amy rolls out of the ring, avoiding the vicious running kneestrike that is usually a precursor to Ruby’s finisher, and gathers her bearings, realizing that Ruby only needs a split second to be dangerous.

Lucilla in the meantime, jumps off of Ricky’s lap, and starts shouting insults at Amy, which we can’t repeat here. Amy does not back down however, and the two start engaging in a face-to-face insult contest, before literally being nose to nose! Claudia Morello rolls out of the ring, and breaks the two up herself, showing she’s a capable and brave referee. But as Morello pushes them apart, Ruby comes flying in! Topé Con Hilo! She lands right on top of Amy as Lucilla cackles and both of them are sent to the mat below, their momentum even launching them into the ringside barricade! Lucilla claps her hands, and the two ladies try to get to a vertical basis again as soon as possible. It seems like Amy has taken the brunt of the impact though, and Ruby is much quicker to get to her feet. She jumps on top of the ring apron, grabs hold of the top rope, leaps, and springboards off of it. While Amy was just back to her feet, she gets slammed into the ringside barricade so hard by Ruby’s springboard 180-forearm smash, and is knocked over it! Ruby stands on the ring barricade, throws up her arms and hypes up the crowd! They cheer loudly, until a whisper in the crowd eventually evolves into a ruckus, as a certain Hot Pink Fury and Brandon Sorrow suddenly blast through one of the stairway cases that lead to the cheap seats.

JTX grabs Brandon by the scruff of the neck and throws him down the flight of stairs, causing him to land not far from where the announce table is located after falling down for a long while, bumping off of the stair steps. While Ruby is already back in the ring and Morello has started to count Amy out, currently at 3, JTX hustles down the stairs himself and throws Sorrow over the barricade, sending him ringside. Lucilla has lost all interest in the match, as she looks underneath the ring, and retrieves a folding chair. She whistles at JTX and throws it at him, who snatches it out of the air with one hand. He nods almost appreciatively, and proceeds to slam it onto Sorrow’s back multiple time.
At the count-out count of 7, Amy hops back over the ringside barricade and slides back in the ring. She is met by Ruby however, who grabs her leg, and nails her with a legdrag. Amy rolls right back up, and it hit with an armdrag that she also rolls through, getting back on her feet. Amy runs the ropes, but as soon as she bounces off, Ruby’s there to nail her with a drop toe-hold, and follows it up with a double legdrop before going in for the pin!


Amy kicks out, and while she recovers, Lucilla is watching with great interest as JTX keeps on slamming the chair into Sorrow’s back. Lucilla approached JTX, taps him on the shoulder, and then extends her hands, asking If she ca have a turn. JTX grins, and hands her the chair. Lucilla graps it, and takes careful aim, before slamming it straight into Sorrow’s skull! With an appreciative thank you, she hands the chair back to JTX, who nods, and he grabs Sorrow by the hair, only to pick the man up and throw him over his shoulder as he makes his way out of the ringside area.
Back in the ring, Ruby is measuring up Amy. With her distraction gone however, Lucilla hops back on the apron and starts shouting things at Amy again. This only seems to light a fire under Gobraless’ ass however, and she gets back to her feet, before running over Ruby with a clothesline and dropkicking Lucilla off of the apron. Lucilla lands hard against a ringside barricade. Amy grins and flips her off, before flailing wildly as Ruby rolls her up from behind into a schoolgirl pin!


Amy gets her shoulder up just in time, and Ruby is unrelenting in her pursuit of victory, as she nails Amy with a facebuster before nailing her with a full-nelson DDT! On the outside, however, Lucilla is enraged, and it’s almost as if there’s steam coming out of her ears. She gets back to her feet, and starts pacing around the ringside area, while Ruby goes in for another pin.


Amy kicks out again, and Lucilla jumps on the apron in response. This time Morello’s on it and she goes over to Lucilla telling her to calm down or risk being ejected from ringside. Lucilla angrily points at Amy, telling the ref that it’s all Amy’s fault, but while the ref has her back turned, Amy gets up and hits her ‘Break the Balls Down’ on Ruby, or whatever the female equivalent is! Ruby cries in pain and as Morello turns back to the in-ring action, an infuriated Lucilla hops off the apron and reaches underneath the ring again, looking for a weapon. She come sback with a kendo stick, sldies into the ring and doesn’t even hesitate to use Amy’s face for target practice! The smack is heard throughout the arena, and Morello immediately calls for the bell!

Winner, by DQ at 11:01
–Amy Gobraless–

Lucilla doesn’t care, and shoves Morello away. Ruby is infuriated though, having just lost another match of Lucilla. She gets in her wife’s face, and demands to know why she did what she did. She claims that she could’ve beaten Amy fair and square, but now it’s ruined! Lucilla responds like only she can… by blowing her Red Light mist into Ruby’s face, and pushing her out of the ring! The crowd almost jumps the barricades to mob Lucilla in anger, but the stewards do their job perfectly well.
As Lucilla has shoved Ruby out of the way however, Amy hits Lucilla with a Lou Thesz press, and the two ladies start exchanging blows, rolling around in the middle of the ring as Morello tries to separate them, but to no avail. They roll out of the ring and with Ruby having wiped the mist out of her eyes, she tries to get involved, but she’s not strong enough to separate the two as they keep pummeling each other. It is then that the crowd goes berserk, as they see Lara Pegorino rushing down the entrance ramp, over to the two brawling beauties.

She grabs Amy by the waist, and tears her away from Lucilla, as Ruby does the same to her wife. With both Amy and Lucilla struggling, Lara simply deadlifts Amy up into the air, and walks away with her, leaving a screaming Lucilla behind as the show goes to a commercial break!


Match Two – Tornado Tag Team Match
Corporal Punishment & David Stone vs. The Menagerie

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

After last week’s mental breakdown, the crowd is eager to see Gurgen’s state of ‘mind’, and as the Menagerie and the forced team of Stone and Punishment get in the ring, the crowd doesn’t really know who to root for most. There are many, many Gurgen chants, but there is a portion of Army vets in the crowd, who are loudly chanting for Punishment, and many ‘neutral’ fans are very much enamored by the experience that Stone brings to the table or the charm of Karma Tenzin.
Either way, in this tornado tag team match there are no need for tags, and as all four men are in the ring simultaneously, Corey Miner calls for the bell. Tenzin, known for his cautious approach and grind’m-down strategy, is surprised when Gurgen speeds off towards their opponents like a bullet out of a gun. Gurgen bowls both Punishment and Stone over with a double clothesline. Tenzin seizes the opportunity to slide in with a headlock on Stone, while Gurgen grabs Punishment by the throat, and lifts him up with one arm. He raises his paw further, lifting the Corporal off the ground, and as the army vet grabs Gurgen’s massive hand, the Beast slams him down with a chokeslam that makes the ring shake!

Stone is still trying to get out of the expertly applied headlock, and is actually given an assist by Gurgen who grabs hold of Stone, tears him out of Tenzin’s hold and applies a bearhug of his own!

It doesn’t last long however, as the Beast is brought down by a chop block from behind by Punishment, and Stone takes advantage. With Gurgen Releasing him, the Hall of Famer picks up the Beast and in an amazing feat of strength hits a fall away slam that nearly makes the ring collapse! Gurgen would’ve fallen out of the ring for sure, if he wasn’t too massive to be unable to get underneath the bottom rope. Tenzin meanwhile, is levelled by belly to belly suplex from Punishment, and the army vet pins him straight away.


Tenzin kicks out, and as the Armenian Beast is stirring, Stone anticipated his interference and levels him again with a back suplex, showing once again how phenomenally strong he is. Punishment, not to be upstaged, lifts Tenzin into a military press position before unceremoniously dumping him out of the ring. The Bhutanese Beast lands hard on the outside floor, and doesn’t move.
Stone and Punishment, working together remarkably well, now focus their attention on what they perceive to be the biggest threat in this match: Gurgen. Stone helps Gurgen to his feet only to subdue him with a Full Nelson. The army vet starts throwing multiple fists at Gurgen’s head, but the Beast’s skull is hard, and it takes many, many blows by the Corporal before it seems to have any effect. After a blow or twenty, Stone finally hoists Gurgen in the air again, and nails him with a Full Nelson slam! Stone goes for the cover.


Gurgen kicks out! Stone is sent flying away, and Punishment looks slightly worried as the Beast’s rage is building. Gurgen gets back to his feet and wraps his paw around Stone’s throat, this time looking to chokeslam the Hall of Famer! He lifts Stone up, but he escapes mid-air, and kicks Gurgen in the gut, doubling him over. He puts his massive head between his legs and in another display of strength, nails the Beast with a massive piledriver! On top of that, Punishment comes flying in with a splash and alnds right on top of the Beast! Punishment hooks the leg and goes for the over.


Tenzin just got back to his feet, and he pulls Punishment’s leg, breaking up the pin and the contact is broken. With Gurgen now down, Stone and Punishment smell an opportunity to team up on the smaller opponent. Stone goes out of the ring and levels Karma with a big boot before rolling him back in the ring. Punishment already ascended the top turnbuckle, and nails Tenzin with a moonsault, before leaping to his feet and delivering a legdrop that Stone follows up with a kneedrop to the face of Karma. Stone covers.


Tenzin kicks out, and it seems like both Stone and Punishment have had enough. The Corporal helps up Tenzin and locks him into a Full Nelson. He calls for Stone to use the Stone Cutter, and the Hall of Famer happily obliges. He hits it!

But not to Tenzin, as the Bhutanese Beast slipped free less than a second before Stone’s kick connects, right to the chin of Punishment! The army vet stumbles to the ground, only to get a fistful of beard to the face, as Gurgen has recovered enough to gather his beard and bearings!
Stone looks to break it up, but Tenzin knee-clips him and locks in the Enlightenment on Stone! The iron grip of Tenzin is unrelenting, and so is the fistful of beard that completely chokes out Punishment. Corey Miner checks the arm of the Corporal, and it’s unresponsive, leading him to call for the bell!

Winners, by referee stoppage at 09:12
–The Menagerie–

While Gurgen isn’t celebrating per sé, he does appear to be enjoying himself.
Tenzin walks up to him, his arm raised in an invitation to high hive, but before Gurgen can complete the gesture, the arena goes dark. The video wall comes to life. It’s a promotional photograph of the Menagerie. The camera zooms out to show that the Soviet Soldier is holding the picture. When the camera stops zooming out, the Soviet soldier leans forward to look at the picture. He glances at the camera and slowly shakes his head, ‘no’. He rips the photo in half and the camera zooms out further to show a table with an ashtray and a bottle on it. He places the halves of the photograph in the tray and pours some of the bottle’s contents all over it. The liquid is colorless and clear … vodka, no doubt. The Soviet Soldier digs a book of matches from his breast pocket, lights one and sets the ashtray ablaze. Now, he nods. The video wall dies. When the arena lights come back on, Gurgen stands in the middle of the ring, paws balled into fists, his arms shaking from the barely contained rage building inside him. Tenzin approaches in an attempt to console his Beastly brother. But the instant he touches Gurgen’s shoulder, The Armenian Beast lashes out. He backhands Tenzin across the face. Tenzin tries to duck out of the way, but ends up largely botching his escape. He’s propelled, ass of teakettle, into the ropes, where he lands, upside down, his left cheek oddly squashed against the canvas. Gurgen, thus roused from his slumber, lurches forward. He dives between the ropes. His knees buckle under the ever increasing weight of the Irradiated Imbecile when he lands on the arena floor. This did not slow him down any. Arms flailing wildly, he stampedes up the ramp. Stone and Punishment, who have apparently paused to observe the strange spectacle yet linger in the aisle. Both men seek the safety of the crowd when the hairy freight train called Gurgen crashes past. They fling themselves over the barricade. Stone ends up amidst a gaggle of early twenties ladies, one of whom wields a David Stone poster. David doesn’t appear to mind all that much. Gurgen disappears into the backstage area, arms still flailing, barking incoherent sounds.

Before the third match, can get started, it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Calhoun’s apology! If there will even be one…

Even though he has discovered a new half-brother in Wülf Erikson, things could get very bad for the cowboy tonight, depending on how he handles this. As Lise Fortier, UWE’s CEO, stands in the ring she demands an apology from James Calhoun for deceiving the entire world, lying about his sobriety, and putting UWE in a bad light.
She invites Calhoun to the ring and demands an apology, but before he can say anything, he is interrupted by his agent, Allison Everett, who claims that she has proof of his innocence. She drags out Robert Whitlock, UWE’s former CEO and founding member of FWPK Enterprises. The man admits to having set Calhoun up, and that the cowboy is, in fact, innocent. He paid Karl Bannon to fabricate a story to get vengeance on James.
This understandably enrages the cowboy, and as Lise Fortier makes a wise exit, Calhoun dumps a beer on Whitlock, and threatens to kick his ass, but ultimately lets him go. As Robert Whitlock stumbles away, something tells us Calhoun might not be done with him.

Still, Calhoun is innocent, which means he’s in the upcoming triple threat match, and it’s up next!

Match Three
Wülf Erikson vs. Matt Moore vs. James Calhoun

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

After the revelation earlier that night, James Calhoun has been included in the match-up. The Vancouver crowd can’t wait to see Erikson and the cowboy go at it again, but it very well might be the older Moore brother to come away with the spoils. And will have Sierra Williams, Wülf’s girlfriend at ringside, have an impact?

As the referee calls for the bell, the trio of wrestlers cautiously size one another up. Calhoun and Wulf exchange dangerous glances but don’t rush to engage knowing that Matt is ready to pounce the second they let their guard down.

Finally Calhoun springs forward surprisingly hitting Moore first with a hard right. He quickly turns and throws another at Wulf trying to get at both men quickly.

Matt blocks the next punch aimed at him and fires back. Wulf joins into the fray hitting Calhoun with a hard boot to the ribs. Erikson and Moore both grab an arm and propel James into the ropes. As Calhoun comes back they prepare to double team him but the cowboy goes airborne, dropping both opponents with a flying lariat.

The three men are all up again and circling once more looking for an opening.

This time, Erikson and Moore know what they have to do. They nod at each other and Calhoun expects the worse. Wulf and Matt close in on Calhoun and corner him. He starts to flail strikes wildly at them, attempting to escape, but it is of no use. Matt and Wulf take turns sending hard punches into the Callous One’s dome as he is forced into the turnbuckle.

Moore and Erikson each grab an arm now and send Calhoun across the ring to another turnbuckle. Once Calhoun hits, Wulf goes first, landing a big corner splash. Matt follows with a running forearm. Calhoun slumps into the corner and pulls himself out of the ring to avoid further damage. Wulf looks proud of the early damage inflicted by his partnership with Matt.

Erikson looks over the ropes and shouts down at Calhoun, mocking him having escaped from the ring. As Erikson turns around, he’s met with a massive dropkick.
Wulf hurries to his feet, but Matt sends yet another dropkick his way.

Wulf gets back up to see Matt coming off of the ropes. Erikson ducks and Matt keeps running. As he comes back again, Wulf gives him a dropkick of his own. Before Matt can get back to his feet, Wulf hurries in and sends some stomps to his gut as retaliation for breaking up their partnership.

Wulf now lifts Matt to his feet and gives him an Irish Whip across the ring. And just like that, the ropes are pulled down and Matt tumbles to the outside! Calhoun is back in this thing. Erikson comes rushing at Calhoun on the apron, but James ducks down and sends a shoulder into Wulf’s midsection.

Wulf reels back and Calhoun enters the ring, making it just the two rivals as Matt recovers from his tumble to the ringside area.

Sierra, along with the UWE crowd screams at Wulf trying to warn him as he reels and staggers back, right as James Calhoun roars and delivers a devastatingly stiff running lariat which not only echoes through the arena but sends Wulf back-flipping high, halfway across the ring. It almost appears that Wulf landed on his head, and he remains in the folded up like an accordion position, unmoving. Sierra looks away with watery eyes and her hands over her mouth in shock..in the camera’s peripheral vision, Moore can be seen using the ring apron to help himself up..

Calhoun gives Sierra a devilish, glaring grin and the fans laugh and ERUPT as she defiantly flips him off..

In the background, Moore is slowly sliding into the ring. He seems to be hurting and trying to collect his thoughts, possibly not even sure where he is..

Calhoun shrugs in an overly cocky manner and Sierra shakes her head as he runs at Wulf and the fans boo as he nails him with a hard boot to the ribs which rolls a semi-conscious Wulf onto his back, adding another hard boot to Wulf’s head.

Sierra gets up on the apron and tries to come to her boyfriend’s aid, though the referee is having no part of that and he blocks her passage while she protests.

There is an even louder booing chorus as Calhoun seizes the momentary referee distraction, getting down on the mat, grabbing a handful of dreadlocks and his right arm becomes a windmill blur as he repeatedly smashes Wulf in the face with his famous mule punches.. there is a groan of sympathy from the fans and Sierra’s hands go up on top of her head as she looks like she’s about to cry. Calhoun has busted Wulf wide open, spatters of blood flying off the youngster’s face, also covering Calhoun’s hand and forearm..

The audience ERUPTS as Moore saw what was going on and with an angry grimace, forced himself to his feet and took James Calhoun down with a jumping spin kick to the back of his head that was so hard Calhoun flipped onto his back, motionless. Moore immediately covers him and Calhoun JUST got the shoulder up!

Sierra, with a look of fearful determination, begins slapping the apron rhythmically and the fans cheer and quickly join her, clapping and thumping the barricade walls.

Wulf rolls to his stomach as he recovers from the brutal assault. Calhoun begins to rise to his feet but Matt plants one foot on his knee then hits James with an enzuiguiri.

Wulf begins to get up but Matt is ready for him, coming off the ropes Moore sends Wulf back down with a strong drop kick.

Matt is in the midst of lifting Wulf to his feet when he notices it too. JTX and Sorrow are continuing their fight as Brandon tackles the pink haired grappler and both men roll down the ramp together. As Matt watches his troubled brother fight Wulf launches a knee to Matt’s ribs then drops him with a snap DDT.

Calhoun rises to his feet just in time for Wulf to springboard off the ropes and take him back to the matt. As The Silver Bullet stands he looks out to see JTX and Sorrow trading blows near the ring and gets a mischievous grin on his face.

Wulf gets the crowd excited as he calls for a dive! Erikson starts to head towards the ropes to get momentum, but he’s stopped! Matt Moore has reached out and grabbed onto his foot. Wulf goes to stomp Matt away as JTX and Brandon Sorrow continue trading blows at the bottom of the ramp, clearly exhausting themselves from a brawl that will not cease.

Matt lets go of Wulf and rolls out of the way of the stomp, hurrying to his feet. Wulf backs up towards the entrance side of the ring and Moore charges him. Matt sends a clothesline towards Wulf causing them both to flip over the ropes onto the apron. Calhoun bursts forward now, having regained his composure.

Matt is on his feet first as Calhoun sends a clubbing blow. Matt flies from the apron right in front of the brawl occurring. Sorrow and JTX pay no attention to anything happening around them. Now, James circles back as Wulf gets to his feet on the apron. He charges for a shoulder check, but Wulf moves out of the way, causing Calhoun to be hung from the middle ropes. Wulf sends a hard knee to the Callous One, keeping him hanging on the ropes.

In a smooth motion following the knee, Wulf leaps into the ring and sends a dropkick right into the buttocks of James Calhoun. This causes him to flop from the ropes, onto the apron, and down onto the floor next to Matt and the brawling superstars.

Now Wulf is all alone in the ring. Wulf rebounds from the opposite side of the ring, noticing Matt and James slowly getting to their feet. Wulf launches himself high over the ropes and to the outside! Crash and burn! Right on top of Sorrow, JTX, Matt Moore, and James Calhoun.

Miraculously, Sorrow and JTX are still striking each other as they tumble to the ground from the dive. Wulf, Moore, and Calhoun all stir on the ground, but JTX and Sorrow are fighting each other back to their feet.

They make their way over to the steel steps. JTX manages to land a kick to Brandon’s gut, causing an opening. He grabs a hold and sends him right into the steel steps as they begin to finally feel the effects of the dive from Erikson. JTX takes a knee and nurses his wounds as Brandon writhes on the ringside mat after colliding with the ring steps.

Since this is a triple threat, there are no count outs, so referee Morello has no choice but to wait for the competitors to get up and get back into the ring. She does give herself the opportunity to yell at JTX and Sorrow to get their asses out of here, though.

Matt is the first to rise and he looks between his fallen brother and his competitors. Ignoring the match for a moment he tries to aid the younger Moore but before he can do much to help Matt is dropped by a surprise dropkick from JTX.

Likewise Sierra is trying to help her beaten and bloody beau to his feet when both are dropped by a double clothesline from the callous one. Calhoun stands above the fallen pair and smiles wickedly kicking Sierra hard in the ribs to force her onto her stomach. As she begins to try and get to her feet Calhoun grabs her by the hair then licks his hand before slapping her hard across the backside.

Calhoun slaps Sierra across the ass twice more and goes for a third but his hand is grabbed from behind. The cowboy turns his head just in time to see Wulf plant a hard kick to the back of his head.

Meanwhile JTX has used the barricade to stand but Sorrow bursts forward to hit the pink haired man with a clothesline that sends both into the crowd. Matt sees Wulf putting boots to the downed Calhoun and capitalizes on Erikson’s distraction to surprise the silver bullet with a devastating dropkick that sends Wulf against the apron. Moore lifts both men to their feet one by one before pulling a classic he man maneuver to slam both their heads together.

There is a BOOOOOO as Calhoun’s eyes roll back in his head and he keels over with a stain from Wulf’s face colliding with his own, and a mist of Wulf’s blood flies into the atmosphere and the gusher grows even wider as the smaller man in the exchange goes flying a couple of feet back and lands on the back of his head..

Sierra, at ringside, once again looks as though she is going to cry..

Matt Moore grins somewhat evilly as he grabs a handful of dreadlocks and drags a limp, unconscious, dead weight Wulf Erikson up to his feet. He places a finger over his lips and with a loud *WHAP!!!!* he delivers a loud downward chop to his chest to another BOO. He doesn’t let Wulf’s body fall, however. Moore then roars and drills him with a HARD lariat while holding his dreads but once again, doesn’t let him fall..he is rewarded with yet another loud BOO..

Calhoun starts getting to his knees finally, as the audience is booing is so loud that it woke him from his stunned state..

Moore, as he holds onto Wulf’s dreadlocks, takes a deep bow to the loudest BOOOOOOOO yet. Wulf is almost like his puppet. His prone body is forced to take a bow also..

Wulf is very easily hoisted up onto Matt Moore’s shoulders in an argentine rack. He has a smile on his face as he starts to spin around in circles..and suddenly there is possibly the loudest POP all night as the fans see Wulf’s legs kicking and in one fell swoop, he rolls off Matt’s shoulders backward with the arms still linked and sweeps the leg..

Sierra is elated, jumping up and down, the tears of joy falling down her face!

Wulf, with blood pouring from the gaping wound so much his face is barely distinguishable, totally exhausted, leans back against Moore with one arm raised and the other hooking the leg..


Calhoun JUST crawled over and broke up the pinfall in the nick of time!!! All three men lay exhausted, a body pile of epic proportions..

As the three competitors lay on the mat, Sorrow and JTX have battled their way through the crowd and out of sight. The focus can now fully be put back towards the triple threat match at hand. Referee Morello makes her rounds, checking on each man involved in this contest. A short while passes, but there are signs of life!

Calhoun is the first one to really show any movement. He uses the ropes to assist himself to his feet and notices that Wulf and Matt are both still down. Calhoun rolls Matt under the ropes and plops him to the floor outside of the ring. He then turns his attention to the still prone Wulf Erikson.

The Callous One pulls Erikson up to his knees. He reaches deep down in his belly and lets out a howling laugh as he views the crimson covered face of his opponent. Calhoun then turns to a more serious expression. WHACK! He slaps a huge right palm across Erikson’s face. That seems to have woken Wulf up!

The Silver Bullet looks back right into the eyes of James Calhoun. He’s seemingly asking for more. Calhoun sends another slap. Rinse and repeat! Wulf looks back, Calhoun slaps. Wulf is getting angry and start to get to his feet! Calhoun can’t believe that Erikson is mustering up this courage and energy.

Calhoun goes for another slap as Erikson stares him down…Wulf grabs Calhoun’s wrist to block it! Wulf throws James’ arm away and sends a flurry of right hands to the Callous One’s noggin! Wulf then rebounds off the ropes, using the bit of energy he regained!


DENIED! Calhoun connects with the Lasso Punch! Erikson crumples to the mat and Calhoun falls on top of him.

No! Matt Moore reached in underneath the ropes and has pulled Calhoun off of Erikson! He drags James to the outside of the ring and hurls him against the barricade!

Moore slides into the ring and gets Wulf to his feet. He hoists Erikson onto his shoulders and launches him up into the air. Wulf comes back down…RIGHT ONTO MATT’S KNEES!


Erikson bounces off of Moore’s knees and Matt wastes no time in going for the cover. Morello gets into position and begins her count!


ERIKSON SOMEHOW GETS A SHOULDER UP! Matt Moore sits up in disbelief, mouth agape.

Matt stands, lifting Wulf to his feet as well before taking the Silver Bullet down again with a Europen uppercut. Moore then reaches down and hooks his arm around Wulf’s tender ankle, dropping to the mat to deliver a painful foot DDT that leaves Erikson yelling in pain.

Outside the ring Calhoun begins to get to his feet but Sierra comes up behind and puts her foot on the cowboy’s backside pushing him forward to slam face first into the barricade once more.

Back inside the ring Matt goes for a second foot DDT but Wulf isn’t having any of it. He first uses his second leg to kick Moore in the stomach then scissors his legs to trip the elder Moore.

Wulf and Matt slowly rise to their feet then begin trading punches in the ring, each taking and giving hard shots back and forth. Wulf begins to waver, the beating he received earlier slowing him down. Matt manages to get a striking punch that staggers Erikson and then moves in for the kill. He locks in the cobra clutch and prepares to try and finish it but neither man see Calhoun who was climbed to the top rope. The cowboy dives into a super flying lariat leaving all three men on the ground once more.

The super flying lariat simply dropped Matt Moore like a stone, but Wulf took most of the brunt, once again being hit so hard he sailed and back-flipped into the center of the ring, landing in the folded up accordion position before flopping down, flat on his back..

Calhoun, very much drained, crawls over and covers Wulf..


There is a tremendous POP! As the referee’s hand was coming down for the three, Wulf gets the shoulder up JUST at the last microsecond! Calhoun gets up to his knees with an exasperated look on his face! He’s breathing heavily, he is covered damn near head to toe in another man’s blood and he himself is exhausted but he STILL couldn’t put him away!

Matt Moore has gotten up to all fours, still absolutely dazed from Calhoun’s flying lariat..though he is starting to come to..

Calhoun growls and covers Wulf once again, this time with his forearm across Wulf’s throat holding his shoulders down to the mat and choking him at the same time. Before the referee can count, Sierra frantically gets his attention and points to Wulf’s legs flailing and Calhoun’s forearm..the ref calls that off and starts giving Calhoun a count to stop his illegal move! Calhoun begrudgingly stops and then mockingly acts innocent to another crowd boo..

Calhoun feels a hand on his shoulder as Moore tries to get a handle on him to lock in a mat submission of some sort, but Calhoun growls and he spins around to deliver a HARD seated discus punch to Moore who once again slumps like a sack of potatoes..Wulf is on all fours in the background now, and he could practically write his own name with the steady stream of ‘claret’ pouring down from his head, leaving ominous droplets wherever he crawls..

Calhoun grabs Moore’s head and starts to slam it into the mat over and over and over again, but his face changes and the crowd ERUPTS as he feels Wulf drag him closer to the center of the ring, and ‘gator-rolled’ in a manner that is uncharacteristically smooth for Wulf.
Calhoun cries in agony and his eyes widen when he finds himself with Wulf’s foot in the back of his knee, having his ankle jerked back towards his own head, with Wulf SCREAMING for him to tap! Inverted ankle lock!

To Calhoun’s relief, and another burst of blood splatter, the back of Wulf’s head is met with a seated roundhouse by Matt and both Wulf and Calhoun slump face-down, utterly spent..

Matt is the first to get to his feet, and is slowly stalking Calhoun as the cowboy crawls back to a vertical basis. Matt is staggering and Calhoun doesn’t really know where he is. He staggers around the ring, looking for Matt, who is sizing him up. Moore then bounces off the ropes, spins, looking for the Discus Big Boot! Calhoun ducks, runs the ropes, and nails Moore with Boot Hill instead!

Calhoun is so dazed he simply slumps down on top of Matt. Morello counts it as a cover!


Winner, by pinfall at 22:19
–James Calhoun–

Tonight has been a night of vindication for James Calhoun, as the referee alls for the bell and declares him the winner. Not only did he discover he had a half-brother, he proved his innocence to Lise Fortier and the rest of the world, before coming away victorious. As he staggers back to his feet, the crowd gives a standing ovation to all three Superstars involved in what surely has been one of the most epic bouts of the year so far!


Main Event – Single’s Match – Non-title
Ronnie Cage vs. Mike Rosati

Posted Image

(Special Guest Referee: David Stone)

Stone, now in referee outfit, calls for the bell as the conflict between Mike Rosati and Ronnie Cage finally comes to a head. After weeks of trash talking, insults and throwing blame around, they finally get to settle their differences in the ring.

Or so it seems. Rosati is all too eager to get his hands on Ronnie, and launches a full-scale assault on his former best friend. However, Ronnie isn’t eager to return the blows. ROsati keeps hitting Ronnie, but rather than take the hit and return it, Ronnie fends them off, blocking all the incoming blows as he seems to have trouble finding the will to hurt a man he still very much sees as a close friend. After a good while of Rosati throwing punches around and Ronnie blocking without retaliating, the former Maddogg is infuriated beyond belief. He roars ‘FIGHT ME!’ at Ronnie, and then proceeds to slap him in the face with all his might.

Ronnie grabs his jaw between his thumb and index finger and frowns. He’s obviously none too happy with Mike’s attitude, but even as Mike points at his own face and dares Ronnie to hit him, the Southern Man does not oblige. Rosati spits at Ronnie’s feet, and figures if he won’t fight him, he might be willing to wrestle him, at least. He raises his fist, looking for a Greco-Roman knuckle-lock, a test of strength and a great way to gain advantage in a technical battle. Ronnie seems to finally oblige as the crowd cheers. They locks hands, and then everything comes to a standstill. Neither man is willing to budge even as much as an inch. They lean onto each other, their cheeks touching, their hands pushing, their muscles bulging, their teeth gritting. Not. An. Inch. That’s what they allow each other.

The camera zooms in on Ronnie and Mike’s faces. Mike’s face is one of determination and disgust, his nose wrinkled and teeth bared like the Maddogg of old. Ronnie’s face is one of focus and pride, but also compassion; his eyes fixed, his lips tight together. This is more than just a wrestling move, it’s a matter of pride now. The crowd is silent. Not because they’re bored, but because this contest is so breathtakingly fascinating. They watch on with their mouths wide open as Mike and Ronnie’s faces redden, their breathing becomes labored, the veins in their arms and shoulders start to come to the surface, and the blood vessels in their eyes just about ready to pop. And just about one of them budges an inch, almost invisible to the naked eye who it was, Mike nails Ronnie with a knee to the gut, doubling over the champion. He grabs Ronnie by the shoulder and hits him with an urinagi, sending him spine-first into the mat, before mounting him and trying to start another brawl. With closed fists he clobbers away at Ronnie, who uses both of his forearms to protect his face. Stone looks on, and eventually he tears Mike off at what he feels is an appropriate time. Mike shakes off Stoen and goes right back to clobbering on Ronnie, but Stone pulls him right off this time, and tells Mike to keep the contest fair, at least. Mike seems disappointed in Stone’s decision, and just shakes his head. He grabs Ronnie by the hair and Irish Whips him into the corner before hitting him with a running European Uppercut. Ronnie slumps down to the mat, and Mike is right back in with a running facewash, before starting to stomp on Ronnie in the corner!

Not at all listening to Stone’s count, Rosati continues to stomp on Ronnie at the count of 4. Stone, not wanting to DQ Mike, instead grabs him by the waist and pulls him back, before getting in his face and telling him that if he tries anything like this again, he’ll kick him in the head his damn self.

Mike apologetically holds his hands up to his friend, but Ronnie takes advantage by charging out of the ring, and getting some offense in after all! Seemingly he has had enough of playing the punching bag, and he spears Rosati to the ground. With Rosati scrambling, he grabs a hold of his legs and locks in an Indian Deathlock.
Mike writhes in pain, but he is relatively near to the ropes and after a few moments of scratching and clawing, he grabs the bottom rope. Ronnie immediately releases, and as Mike uses the ropes to get back to his feet, the champion locks in a Full Nelson and drags him to the center of the ring.


Or at least, it could’ve been. But when Ronnie planted his foot in front of Mike’s, he hesitated and didn’t follow through with it. Worried about Mike’s concussion still, maybe?
Mike slips out of the full Nelson and underneath Ronnie’s legs to roll him up.


Ronnie kicks out, and what happens next is an act of savagery. Mike looks at Ronnie, and then brutally hits him with a punt kick as if Ronnie’s head was a football. Ronnie’s body goes limp and Mike grins as he drags the champion’s lifeless body to the center of the ring. He lays Ronnie on his stomach, and grabs his arms, looking to end this the right way, with a Cattle Mutilation!


A shocked Mike Rosati releases Ronnie, and starts looking at the entrance ramp, as the ominous words echo throughout the arena. But there is no Masked Madman. No resident psychopath. Mike grabs the top rope and shouts at the top of his lungs for Asylum to come out if he dares.
At that point, Ronnie grabs him by the trunks and rolls him up for the pin!


Mike is trying to wriggle free, but to no avail!

3! Stone gets up and calls for the bell.

Winner, by pinfall at 09:14
–Ronnie Cage–

Ronnie immediately releases the pin and rolls out of the way. He seems discontent with how he won, but at least he has found a way to win without injuring Mike further, avoiding hitting his head and getting as little offense in as possible. As Mike looks on in utter disgust, Ronnie is handed his UWC belt, and makes his way to the exit as soon as possible, before checking to see if Asylum truly isn’t there.


After the battle between former friends, the UWE faithful has started to swarm to the exits. Just as quickly, they begin to dart back to their seats. For what is probably the last time of the evening, the fans get to see some action!

Again, Brandon Sorrow and JTX have taken their battle into the arena portion of the UWE Studios! A few fans spotted them at first, followed by everyone else, as they make their way through the crowd. They appear through one of the curtains that leads out to the lower bowl seats.

Out of nowhere, JTX is sent down the stairs. He eventually levels out and uses the railing to get himself up as Brandon Sorrow stalks his way down the stairs, shrugging off the touches of the crowd. JTX backs his way down the remainder of the stairs, leading Sorrow along.

As Brandon approaches JTX, finally at ground level, Brandon gets a face full of water! JTX snagged a water bottle from under one of the seats, took a sip, and spit it in Sorrow’s eyes! Both men are covered in dried and fresh blood, neither knowing where they are cut or whose blood they are covered in.

Bruises, scrapes, and cuts cover the two superstars also as Brandon turns around, rubbing his pitch black eyes, because the water mixed with some of the blood and dripped down his face. JTX doesn’t hesitate in attacking Brandon further.

He grabs him by the hair and pulls him through the aisle towards the ringside barricade. A handful of empty seats are at the front of the fan section. JTX turns Brandon around and back suplexes him onto the chairs! The fans surrounding those seats quickly clear out, but not too far to obstruct their view.

JTX hops onto the barricade now, staring down at Sorrow atop the row of chairs. JTX leaps to deliver an elbow onto Sorrow…and he misses! Sorrow moves out of the way, sending JTX slamming through the chairs that he previously laid Brandon upon!

A while passes before the two begin to stir at an equal pace. They both clear the chairs and slowly tumble over the barricade to the ringside area. The commentary team has already headed backstage and ended their night. JTX starts to look for something under the ring as Sorrow crawls towards the commentary table.

JTX comes out with a chair from under the ring as Brandon grabs a chair next to the announce area. JTX comes up behind Sorrow, but he turns around just in time! They both swing their chairs and connect! The two chairs clang and both superstars have no choice but to drop them due to the vibrations on their worn out hands.

Quickly trying to regain the upper hand, they both start throwing punches. Brandon then grabs on and slams JTX’s head onto the announce table. JTX then jolts at Brandon and returns the favor. Then JTX does it one more time! He backs up to the ring as Brandon groggily removes his head from off of the table.

JTX speeds towards Brandon and tackles him over the announce table into the chairs and wires behind it. At this point, a boat load of security guards and referees have started their way down the entrance ramp. The fans all react differently, mostly booing, though. They don’t want to see this fight end!

Following behind the security and referees is none other than the UWE General Manager, Lara Pegorino. JTX and Sorrow have started going at it again, at the pace of a snail. How much longer can these two go? Seriously. Fortunately for everyone’s sake, the security gets a hold of both of them and separates them. They pull them apart at first, rather than apprehending them. Brandon and JTX both break away from the referees and security!

They head for the squared-circle and slide in with a sudden burst of energy! Sorrow jumps on JTX first and pounds him into the corner. The cavalry comes in and yanks Brandon off of JTX, but they leave Mr. UWE Number Two wide open.

JTX comes charging out of the corner and jumps over the guards, laying into Brandon! Brandon throws some strikes back, but both men are completely spent! One last hoorah and they are done for. The security members and the referees have split off, pulling the two men apart and holding them in opposite corners.

Lara Pegorino can finally speak now, begging them to stop. She’s seen enough and the two of them can’t be running around the UWE Studios, tearing the place up like a bunch of animals! She doesn’t care what kind of contract JTX has. She doesn’t care if it’s Brandon Sorrow or Brandon Moore down there.

She’s putting an end to this once and for all! She announces that Brandon Sorrow, or Brandon Moore, whoever the hell shows up, will take on JTX at the upcoming pay-per-view event, Exodus! It won’t be any regular match, though. The two of them need something special to let them go at it. No escape. No interference.

Lara announces a steel cage match! She says that they will make a special cage just for them with no door. They’ll enter the ring and the cage will be dropped on top of them. The only way a winner will be decided is by pin fall or submission! She goes as far to say that trying to escape the cage and not finishing their blood feud will end the match in disqualification and have consequences for the escapee!

There will be no ceiling, because she knows Brandon and JTX enjoy doing some crazy shit, like perhaps jump off the top of the cage. As well, if anyone attempts to interfere in this match, whether it be Matt Moore or one of JTX’s girlfriends, she will personally put her boots on and kick their ass! She exits and lets security and the referees drag Sorrow and JTX separate ways around the entrance ramp, finally allowing the fans to head home.

Quick Calls
ºAmy Gobraless def. Ruby by DQ after Lucilla interferes
ºThe Menagerie def. Corporal Punishment and David Stone by referee stoppage
ºJames Calhoun def. Matt Moore & Wülf Erikson by pinfall
ºRonnie Cage def. Mike Rosati by pinfall


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