UWE Over the Top in Vancouver XV


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Fifteen shows in a row!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
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Fifteen shows in a row is pretty… pretty good! With XV being sort of a landmark show, it’s easy to see why UWE has such a rabid and loyal following. And once again, the show about to come is sure to set the UWE Studio’s in Vancouver on fire! With Lucilla & Ruby teaming for the second time, they’ll be looking to gather some steam as a ‘married’ couple. JTX will take on the oldest of the Moore brothers, Wülf Erikson takes on Corporal Punishment in a potentially show-stealing match, and David Stone will face off against the man who has had it out for one of his best friends: Ronnie Cage.
Speaking of the Ultimate Wrestling Champion, he will be facing the Irradiated Imbecile, the Massive Moron, and champion of all Canadia: The Armenian Beast! The only fitting way to close a show such as this, is by having the two championship holders face off. It’s champion vs. champion. And it’s gonna tear the house down.

What’s more: before the first match, it is announced by General Manager Lara Pegorino that due to JJ Hemphill’s blatant refereeing mistakes last week during JTX vs. Karma Tenzin, he was sent away on a refereeing class as ‘punishment’. Instead, they are going to give Claudia Morello a try-out match here in UWE, thus making her the very first female referee in UWE. The long-legged raven-haired ref from Jersey has years of experience working the independent circuit, and has officially been given the green light for a step up the ladder.


Show Opener – Tag Team Match
Lucilla & Ruby vs. Nidia Vladiwebski & Mike Manning

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Ruby starts off against Mike Manning, as the tiny Canadian circles the ring before locking up with him in the center. Ruby immediately drives him back into one of the unoccupied corners, before unleashing a cavalcade of kicks upon the Hapless One, leaving him reeling mere seconds into the match already! SH takes a few steps backwards and hits him with a stinger splash, after which he falls down to the mat like a bag of flour.

Ruby frowns, almost as if she feels pity for Mike, and takes a couple of steps backwards, allowing him to get back to his feet. The pity party doesn’t last long though, as she once again rushes in with a dropkick. However, Mike ducks it! And Ruby lands… with her feet on the top turnbuckle, moonsaulting off of it, and hitting Manning straight in the chest. The crowd is amazed by Ruby’s great athletic ability, and watches as she goes for the cover.


Nidia charges in, and nails Ruby with a boot to the back of the head, breaking up the pin. Claudia immediately grabs Nidia and forces her back to her own corner, as a dazzled Mike tries to crawl to his feet.
Ruby, unperturbed, takes a few steps back again, and as Mikeis on his knees, she charges in with the Ruby in the Rough! The running kneestrike almost shatters Mike’s skull, as a loud ‘crack’ can be heard. Ruby pouts for a second, and then decides to finish it. She goes back to her own corner and hops on the top turnbuckle, intending to hit her finisher! She leaps!

But as she does so, Lucilla slaps Ruby’s ass, effectively tagging herself in, and as Ruby lands the Ruby-red Death, Claudia doesn’t count the pin as Ruby is no longer the legal woman. Mike wouldn’t have kicked out in a million years, but as Ruby wonders why Claudia isn’t counting, Lucilla gets into the ring, grinning at the easy pickings laid out in front of her by her newly wedded wife.

Claudia signs at Ruby to get out of the ring, as Lucilla grabs Mike by the hair, and pulls him to a vertical basis. With Mike wobbling about on spaghetti legs, Lucilla takes great pleasure in slapping him around for fun, before hoisting him up on her shoulders, and nailing him with the ripgut gutbuster. But rather than go for the pin, Lucilla drags Mike by his feet to the opposite side of the ring, into Nidia’s corner. Lucilla grins, invites Nidia to tag herself in and come face her, but Her Haplessness doesn’t seem to want to get into the ring. As Mike slowly starts to crawl to his feet, he extends his hand at Nidia, to tag himself out. Mere inches away, Nidia suddenly hops fof the apron, and runs away!

Lucilla starts laughing out loud, as the crowd boos Nidia’s cowardice, leaving Mike to his fate like that. Mike looks on in horror, as UWE’s favorite punching bag is now alone in the ring with Lucilla, who is looking to destroy him! When Mike turns around, he is grabbed by Lucilla in her testicular claw, adding his name to those whose balls she has literally held in her hands. He screams out in pain, as Claudia counts to 4, and Lucilla adds more pressure to it with every count, before finally releasing and hitting him with a Kesagiri Chop. She throws Mike to the center of the ring, as Ruby looks on with equal horror.

There are no chants. No cheers. In fact, the arena is almost silent as Lucilla mounts Manning and starts nailing him with closes fists, as the unconscious Mike is left defenseless in the center of the ring, each clubbing blow adding to his misery.

Claudia eventually steps in, and declares the match to be over, as Mike is no longer able to defend himself.

Winners, by referee stoppage at 05:59
–Ruby & Lucilla–

But even as the bell rings, Lucilla doesn’t stop! Not even when Claudia tries to physically get her off of Mike. Ruby gets into the ring, and tackles Lucilla off of the Hapless One. Lucilla rises to her feet, furious with Ruby as she hasn’t yet had her fill on mayhem, but as the two finally exit the ring arguing and screaming at each other, it’s obvious that they’re not quite on the same page yet.

While Mike Manning is receiving medial attention at ringside, Ronnie Cage shows his face, and the Ultimate Wrestling Champion cuts a promo that reignites the crowd


Match Two – Single’s Match
JTX vs. Matt Moore

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

JTX makes his entrance first. As Matt Moore hits the ring, he stands on the apron and declares his victory to the crowd before the match even begins. JTX sees this as an opportunity to get things started early. He bursts forward and clubs Matt off of the apron, sending him to the ringside floor. Corey Miner scolds JTX and tells him to keep it in the ring, but the self-proclaimed new ‘Mr. UWE’ lets it go in one ear and out the other.

JTX exits through the ropes and heads straight for Moore as Corey Miner screams from inside the ring. JTX lifts Matt up…surprise! Matt sends a hard shot to JTX’s ribs! He grabs a hold of his head and sends him careening into the barricade. Matt gets JTX to his feet and slides him into the ring. Moore follows and Corey Miner signals for the bell to finally ring.

Matt heads towards JTX who started crawling to the other side of the ring. He grabs JTX by the hair and it is déjà vu. JTX gets to a knee and lays a fist right into the midsection of the elder Moore brother. He manages to get more in, though, sending two more strikes! This causes Matt to let go.

JTX keeps it up by coming off the ropes. Big swinging neckbreaker to the bent over Moore! JTX goes for a quick pin, but Matt kicks out at a short one. JTX doesn’t relent. He lays some serious stomps into Matt, followed by a cocky looking elbow drop. Another pin fall attempt.

Matt forces JTX off of him before Corey Miner can even get into position! That surprises JTX just a tad as he decides to wait for Matt to get up now. He calls for him to stand as he backs up into a corner, preparing to run.

Matt reaches a knee and JTX speeds at him. JTX throws a knee…Matt spins out of the way! He takes JTX’s back and lifts him over with a beautiful German Suplex. Matt maintains a bridge and Corey Miner slides in. Now it’s JTX who kicks out at one!

Both men take a minute to rest on the mat, having been in full gear since before the match even officially started. After a quick moment, the competitors begin to stir. They make it to their feet at the same time, staring each other down in the middle of the ring.

JTX attacks first with a fist to the head. Matt responds with a thunderous chop to the chest. JTX responds with a chop of his own! Matt dishes it back with a punch to the noggin! They trade shots like this back and forth for a good solid minute, until both are stumbling and red-chested.

JTX’s last strike sends Matt against the ropes, but Matt gets a sudden jolt of energy! He rebounds and almost decapitates JTX with a European Uppercut! JTX hits the mat and Moore soon follows. They’re really pushing the limits early in this one!

Corey Miner has no choice but to start a count.





Matt begins to reach for the ropes.




Moore pulls himself up as JTX has rolled over to his stomach. The count is broken and Moore heads right for his opponent. He drops a knee onto JTX’s back. And another. Then he flips him over and gets on top of him. He starts raining punches down onto JTX until Corey Miner reaches a four count, just before a disqualification. Matt yells some choice words at JTX. These two really mean business.

Moore gets JTX to his feet and sends him into the nearest turnbuckle. He rushes in with a hard clothesline! After that, Matt grabs a hold of JTX and sends him across the ring into the other corner. Moore rushes full on at his opponent, looking for another clothesline.

JTX drops to the mat and out of the way! Moore crashes into the turnbuckle at full speed, probably caving his chest in. As Matt stumbles backwards, JTX catches him with a dropkick in the back. The dropkick sends Matt back into the turnbuckle he just bounced from.

The Hot Pink Fury of JTX is in full view now as he approaches Matt. JTX sends a barrage of forearm’s into Matt’s back, keeping him in the corner. He then lifts Moore up and sets him on the turnbuckle. JTX climbs up, looking to attempt a top rope back suplex. He grabs on and tries his damnedest to yank Matt Moore off of the ropes.

Matt hangs on, though, flailing an elbow behind him into JTX’s head. This causes JTX to fall back down to the mat next to the ropes. JTX is in perfect position. Matt turns and notices!

He wastes no time in leaping off of the ropes! Matt flips! Somersault leg drop!


JTX rolled towards the turnbuckle, causing Matt to overshoot him and land right on his ass! Moore rolls around the ring in pain, clutching his backside as JTX hurries to his feet. JTX sends a kick into Matt, stopping his squirming. He then grabs the legs, hooks them in position, and rolls Matt over…

JTX’s version of the Texas Cloverleaf is locked in! The Tampa Cloverleaf! Matt screams in pain as the submission move wrenches on his back and legs. JTX has it locked in deep, but Matt is clawing and persevering! He musters up as much strength as he possibly can to pull himself and JTX…

He does it! Matt Moore grabs the bottom ropes, infuriating JTX. Corey Miner comes to pry JTX off of Matt, but JTX simply lets go, looking to end this match another way. Matt can’t decide whether he should hold his butt, his legs, or his back as he pulls himself up by the ropes.

As Matt gets to his feet, JTX drags him backwards to the center of the ring. He hooks the arms and spins him…JTX drops Matt! Unprettier!

The pink-haired deviant flips Moore onto his back and hooks the leg! Referee Miner slides in and begins his count. One…two…

Matt Moore forces his shoulder off of the mat! Both men are spent. JTX simply rolls off of Matt. That leaves the two superstars laying down in the ring, hoping to conserve enough energy to get back into the fight and put this one away shortly.

At this point, though, the competitors and everyone else in the arena turn their attention to the video screen above the entrance area. Brandon Moore is back!

He appears on the screen and gets everyone to listen with a booming voice. Matt scoots back into a corner and watches as JTX gets to his feet, smirking, approaching the ropes to get as close a view as possible while still staying in the ring.

Brandon explains his absence as JTX mocks him and throws insults towards the video screen. He mentions someone being with him and warns his brother Matt to get away. He says that who he is with is not coming…he’s already here.

The lights immediately go out and the video screen cuts to black. A lifetime seems to pass before they come back on, leaving everyone in suspense. Once the UWE Studios arena is lit back up, the crowd’s reaction says it all.

Matt Moore is suddenly at the top of the entrance ramp, looking down at disbelief. Corey Miner has vanished. And JTX is left staring at his opponent for the evening. JTX slowly begins to turn, positive he knows what’s about to happen. As he turns, his eyes lock with the one, the only…

Brandon Sorrow!

With eyes completely black, a black leather vest, and black leather wrestling tights, Sorrow sends a devilish grin towards JTX. JTX doesn’t know whether he should be worried or excited that Sorrow has returned. It is kind of what he, Asylum, and some others wanted.

Sorrow, like a flash of lightning, strikes JTX with a right hand! Another! And another! This backs JTX against the ropes! Sorrow sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip! As JTX comes back, Sorrow hits him with a hurricanrana!

Sorrow hurriedly mounts JTX and sends more punches down onto his head. Brandon Sorrow then lifts JTX up to his feet by his hair. He grins right at JTX’s face from an uncomfortably close distance. Sorrow hooks the arm and lifts JTX up…

JTX is crunched with a devastating brainbuster! Sorrow wastes no time yet again in transitioning to apply more pain to JTX. He rolls JTX onto his stomach and applies a Rings of Saturn like submission finisher! JTX is out, due to the match he just wrestled and the heavy brainbuster he was hit with. Regardless, Sorrow locks the submission maneuver that he calls the Sing Your Sorrows in tight!

Soon after, referees, road agents, and security alike all zoom passed Matt Moore on the stage. Matt is still looking on stunned as Corey Miner appears, with no recollection of how he was transported away from the ring. As the cavalry sent to stop the assault reaches the ring, Brandon Sorrow lets up on the submission. They surround the ring, pleading for him to stop his attack.

The lights blacken yet again and once they come on, JTX is found on his back in the center of the ring with a black X marked on his forehead with what appears to be ash. Brandon Sorrow is nowhere to be found and Matt Moore is slowly backing through the curtain. Those that have surrounded the ring enter, offering assistance to JTX who is miraculously coming back into consciousness.

Of course, JTX refuses help as they attempt to get him to his feet. The audience is filled with quiet murmurs, speculating about what they just saw and what the future holds. The commentary team is left questioning what they just saw as JTX rolls out himself out of the ring, keeping his independence.

— Match ends in no contest–


Match Three – Single’s Match
Corporal Punishment vs. Wülf Erikson

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The crowd in attendance, led by the visiting guest stars UWF world champion Josh Kennedy, Finch Maruta, Silas Subhuman and Kenny Sex in the front row, ERUPT as the bell rings and both Corporal Punishment and Wulf Erikson exchange a light-hearted salute, followed by a firm handshake. The fans then readily join in with Wulf’s rhythmic clapping as he and Corporal Punishment circle one another before there is another cheer when the two men lock up in the center of the ring..

Corporal Punishment shrugs off Wulf’s wristlock attempt and pulls him in for a tight headlock.. The veins on Corporal Punishment’s shoulders protrude as Wulf struggles to break free of the hold, only for Punishment to roar and take him down to the mat, locking in a leg scissors which Wulf easily rolls out of, yet Punishment still has a talon grip on his arm, dragging the youngster to his feet as Wulf lets out a cry of exertion..

Punishment has him locked in a tight arm bar and he swings Wulf’s arm around in its socket, which sends Wulf flipping onto his back with momentum and an ‘AWWW!’ from the audience..
There is an instant cheer as Wulf nips back up to his feet, grunts and Corporal Punishment cries out as the arm bar is stiffly reversed, and then there is another roar of appreciation from the crowd as Wulf’s legs wrap around his extended arm, taking him down to the mat into an impromptu victory roll pin for a one count, before Corporal rolls back and both men get back to their feet in a fighting stance – to possibly the biggest ovation of the night!

There is another lock up, with Wulf finding himself in a top wristlock, rapidly being pushed back toward the ropes, before Corporal Punishment sends him to the other side with an irish whip and ducks down as Wulf leapfrogs, then Corporal throws a hard clothesline which Wulf rolls to avoid, then the fans ERUPT as Wulf attempts a springboard hurricanrana only to be met with a VICIOUS standing dropkick, catching him fair in the side of the head and echoing through the arena..

Wulf drops to the mat like the proverbial sack of spuds. The soldier also hits canvas, but nimbly scrambles over and grabs hold of the parkour practitioner’s leg, going for an ankle lock, and managing to do so.

Erikson writhes on the canvas in obvious pain. He lunges forward as he tries to get his hands on the soldier. His hands grip the sides of his head, his face a mask of anguish. The referee says something to him which Wulf shakes off adamantly.

Wulf twists and moves, trying to relieve some of the pressure. Instead of that though he lifts his body off the mat with his hands. He reaches back with one and then the other before pulling himself toward them, trying to force a rope break.

And inch by painful inch, Wulf begins to do just that. In an odd two man crab walk he makes his way closer and closer to the ropes and the break of the hold they promise. He drops to the mat though, looking like the pain is too much. His shoulders lay flat on the mat and the referee drops to begin the count.

Wulf lurches up!

Wulf once more uses his arms to drag himself closer. Corporal Punishment can see the destination and tries to use his weight and leverage to prevent the journey, but he can’t get any traction.
Punishment sees how close they are to the ropes and a break of the hold. He plants his booted feet on the canvas and prepares to push himself backward, creating more distance between the duo and the ropes. Somehow, however, Wulf throws one hand back in a desperate attempt to break the hold before it breaks his ankle. Before the corporal can lunge backwards Wulf manages somehow to get hold of the bottom rope. Aitken has no choice but to tell the soldier to let go, which he does.

While Corporal Punishment engages in a discussion with the referee, the crowd is somewhat melancholy as a clearly in pain Wulf clutches at his ankle, trying to rub some feeling back in, and then he makes a poor choice in trying to stand.. But the ankle lock seems to have taken its toll.

Corporal finishes chatting with the referee, and he smiles and crosses his arms in a somewhat smug manner as he watches Wulf try to stand, and it’s an agonizing no-go as he cries out and collapses back down to the mat, only for Punishment to stomp that same tender ankle, causing Wulf to scream in agony..

The referee starts his count…

Wulf has rolls to the outside and collapses next to the barricade, in something resembling the fetal position. The Corporal grins to himself as he shakes his head and he himself leaves the ring..



As the corporal slowly and methodically advances, he hangs back as there is a LOUD cheer from the crowd and a round of laughter as Kenny Sex and Josh Kennedy lean over the barricade and begin emptying the contents of their beer bottles onto Wulf who laughs and instantly starts trying to fend off the beer ‘waterfall’, finally rolling out of the way and getting to a knee with his arms out wide in the direction of his group of buddies as if to say ‘I’m workin’ here!’ while they just CHEER for Wulf as a response.. but that turns to looks of despair as Corporal Punishment comes rushing in with a knee to the side of Wulf’s head. And then CP stares daggers at the group as they boo him!

THREE!!!!! FOUR!!!!! FIVE!!!!

The distraction has given Wulf the chance to use the barricade to help himself up and stagger toward the ring steps, only for the crowd to ROAR as Corporal Punishment comes steaming in with a vicious looking clothesline…yet to the elation of the crowd, Wulf ducks under and The Corporal somehow ends up hooked up over Wulf’s shoulders for a Wit’s End attempt over the stairs!! Wulf shouts out at Kenny in the crowd and sweeps The Corporal’s leg, but only lets out an agonized scream as his ankle gives out, and he also lands HARD knee first on the steps with the weight of Corporal Punishment on top of him..

The grim sounds from the crowd demonstrate their obvious concern for the high flyer. Even CJ and Blake look as if someone kicked their puppy. Darlington is the only one whose face demonstrates some modicum of joy from this turn of events. Well his and Corporal Punishment’s as he is glad to have to some extent grounded the practitioner of parkour.

Punishment hoists himself off the smaller man and to a vertical base before turning and lifting Wulf into his arms. He climbs the ring steps.
Punishment raises Wulf up over his head and then tosses the Neon Knight into the air and over the ropes. He hits with a thud and a whooshing of air. Corporal Punishment grins at his downed opponent, before climbing to the top turnbuckle.

The crowd raises their cheers as if to implore Wulf to recover and defend himself. The smaller man is writhing on the mat, sucking air into his lungs as fast as he can.
Punishment leaps out to hit a splash on his grounded enemy. At the last moment, however, Wulf is able to get his knees up, catching Punishment in the abdomen. There is an audible grunt as the military veteran bounces off of Wulf and ends up prone on the mat as well. Both men are down.

Wulf is the first to stir. Still favoring his ankle, but he manages to right himself. Whether it’s because the pain is subsiding or the adrenaline is flowing is of no concern to him. He stomps the soldier with his bad leg, keeping the good one planted firmly on the canvas. His face is a tortured mask as he stomps the enlisted man several more times to his front row fan club’s delight.

Wulf reaches down and grabs Corporal Punishment, bringing him to his feet. He then makes him eat canvas again by hitting a snap ddt. He rolls the man onto his back and covers him with his body, he makes an attempt to hook the leg, but he has little left in the gas tank.
Aitken drops down for the count.


Punishment kicks out! Wulf seems frustrated, but keeps on Punishment, kicking him in the stomach a few times for good measure, then runs to the corner, runs up the turnbuckles and does a phoenix splash, nailing the Corporal with the breathtaking aerial move. However, he grabs his ankle in pain, meaning it takes a couple of moments before he can go for the pin. As he finally goes for it, however, Punishment pulls Wulf into an inside cradle pin!


Wulf gets his shoulder up, but this sudden close call gives the army vet a shot in the arm. Both Wulf and the Corporal kip up, and run the ropes, and try to hit each other with a shoulder tackle, but they bump into each other with a loud smack, both of them tired, but refusing to go down! They stare at each other for a few seconds, run the ropes again, and try knocking each other down again, as if their manhood is at stake. But neither man budges, and they do it again. And again. And again. Reeling more and more each time, until finally both men go down at the same time! It is the Corporal who gets back to his feet first though, and grabs Wulf by the dreads, only to lift him up overhead, and into the military press. He walks around with Wulf on his head, who almost looks like a corpse being held up for the crowd to see.

But then Wulf shifts his weight, and falls to the back of the Corporal, managing to roll the Corporal up in one swift motion!


Wulf bridges over, and applies more pressure on the pin, as the Corporal struggles to wriggle free and get his shoulder up, but…


Punishment kicks out, but it’s too late, as Aitken’s hand came down before the Corporal kicks out.

Winner, by pinfall at 17:26
–Wülf Erikson–

Both Wülf and Punishment seem stunned, and so does the crowd, but they recognize the monumental effort carried out by both Superstars. Wulf runs out to his friends in the front row as fast as his bad leg will carry him. They celebrate along with him, as a frustrated Corporal Punishment is shaking his head in the ring, visibly upset and frustrated.


Match Four – Single’s Match
James Calhoun vs. David Stone

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

As the bell rings, the crowd starts a ‘Boy named Calhoun’ chant, which visibly upsets the Cowboy, as David Stone looks on with a grin on his face. Entire sections of the crowd then break off into singing the Calhounized version of ‘Boy named Sue’ as Calhoun repeatedly yells at them to shut the hell up. But with Stone egging them on, they grow even louder!

Calhoun is disturbed, and completely distracted, as Stone suddenly rolls him up from behind as he has his back turned to his opponent!


Calhoun kicks out! He hurries back to his feet, but as he sees what’s coming, he rolls out of the ring, as Stone was about to hit the Stone Cutter! Calhoun shakes his head, yells at the crowd to shut up one more time, and starts circling the ring, looking for an opening as Stone now has both the physical and the psychological upper hand. He dares Calhoun to get back in the ring, but the Cowboy realizes he’s goading him into a trap, and just keeps circling, but Corey Miner is already at the count of 4.

By the time Calhoun has enough, he climbs the ring steps, and shouts at Miner to keep Stone back. The ref obliges, steps in between the two men, but as soon as Calhoun goes between the top and middle rope, Stone rushes past and knees Calhoun in the face, before grabbing him by the neck and throat, and delivering a suspended DDT!

The canvas rattles, and the crowd cheers as Stone goes for another pinfall attempt.


Calhoun kicks out and shakes his head, as if to indicate that that was never going to put him away. Nevertheless, Stone has the upper hand, and the Hall of Famer lifts Calhoun to his feet, whips him against the ropes and hits the return Calhoun with a spinning spinebuster. Stone gets back to his feet, and climbs the top rope, signaling for a diving elbow, which he hits with perfect precision.


Calhoun kicks out at two this time, visibly more shaken than before. The crowd is still chanting the Calhounized version of Boy Named Sue, and as Stone lifts Calhoun up to his feet, he hits him with a massive chop to the chest.

“SUE”! the crowd goes, in a high-pitched voice, instead of “WOO!” Calhoun smirks, and returns the favor with a chop of his own, hitting Stone square in the chest.

“BOO!” the crowd goes, in a deep, deep voice. Stone replies with another chop.

SUE! BOO! SUE! BOO! SUEEEE! BOOOO! The crowd is absolutely on fire, as they provide the soundtrack to the epic chopping contest that has ensued in the middle of the ring. Both Stone’s and Calhoun’s chests are showing big, crimson welts from the chops of the other guy, and neither man is willing to quit. After a couple more shots, it’s surprising they actually have any skin and muscle left on their sternums. This is as old school as it gets, two men in a battle of pure toughness. With each chop, the other starts to reel more and more; an inch further with each punishing hit. Stone and Calhoun’s face are one big grimace, in obvious pain as neither of them backs down.

Corey Miner eventually asks both men if they can continue or not, as their chest resemble volcanic craters, rather than actual human meat… unless it had just passed through a meat grinder. Blood is starting to swell up through the welts on both men, and both men’s hands are getting bloody, as with each splattering slap, drops fly all over the ringside area. It’s nasty and grueling to behold, but the crowd is still anticipating each chop with great pleasure, so they can accompany it with the word of their choosing.

But as Miner asks Stone if he’s okay, Miner turns his back to Calhoun, who reaches over Miner’s head, and nails Stone with a poke to the eye! Miner is oblivious to it, being much shorter than the massive Hall of Famer, and as he wonders why Stone is suddenly doubling over grabbing his face, Calhoun charges in with a big boot, finally levelling his opponent. With blood trickling down his chest, Calhoun now finally grins as the crowd is livid, not wanting the chop contest to end. Calhoun responds to their contempt with a fistdrop to Stone, and eventually pulls Stone to a vertical basis, before shoving him against the ropes and hitting him with a scoopslam on the return. He goes for the cover!


Stone puts his foot on the bottom rope, saving himself some energy by not having to kick out. But it’s obvious both Calhoun and Stone are having difficulty breathing. The welts on their chest have turned into a dark shade of crimson with blue edges, and it’s not looking particularly healthy. As Calhoun gets Stone back to his feet, he goes for a straight right, but Stone blocks it, and nails Calhoun with one of his own! And another one, and another one! The cowboy is reeling, and whips him into the ropes, and hits him with a spear on the return! Both men are now down, but Stone is quick to get back to his feet, picks up Calhoun, and hits him with a fall away slam. Calhoun flies so far that the momentum makes him roll through the bottom rope in the corner, hitting his spine against the ringpost.

The cowboy tries to get out of this predicament as quickly as possible, but as he rolls back from underneath the turnbuckles, he is immediately hit with a legdrop by Stone, who then grabs Calhoun, and deadlifts him, turning it into a release German suplex! Stone has the match under control it seems, but as he walks back over to Calhoun, he is taken down by a drop toe-hold. Calhoun roars, and gets back to his feet as Stone is lying face down on the mat. He stands over Stone, and locks in the Callous Clutch!

Stone’s back is bent back in ways the human body wasn’t made to. With Calhoun having his wrists firmly locked, there is no room to escape, but Stone doesn’t give in to the pain. Unfortunately, he can’t get the leverage he needs to escape, and is stuck in the middle of the ring, nowhere near the ropes. Calhoun, annoyed by Stone’s perseverance, modifies his Clutch so that he only has one arm needed to keep Stone head and spine bent back, and uses his free hand to claw and scratch away at the open wounds on Stone’s chest, causing immense agony. When Calhoun jabs his finger into the wounds, Stone finally senses he has no choice but to tap out, as Calhoun’s hold is too strong.

Winner, by submission at 09:47
–James Calhoun–


Main Event – Single’s Match – Champion vs. Champion – Non-title
Ronnie Cage vs. The Armenian Beast

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The crowd reacts surprised as Gurgen is accompanied to the ring by a woman calls herself ‘Lady Maeve of York’, and as scuttlebutt says, is his new girlfriend! Also accompanied by Tenzin, but The Bhutanese Beast makes his way back after the introduction, and after Ronnie Cage arrives, the match is kicked off!

With the two champions locking up in the middle of the ring, it is Gurgen who manages to get the upper hand, applying so much pressure on Cage’s shoulders that the Ultimate Wrestling Champ is forced to his knees. Gurgen starts headbutting Ronnie, but The Southern Man doesn’t budge, as he instead releases the lock-up, and wrestles Gurgen down to the mat by going for the knees of the Beast, and hitting him with a dragon legscrew. Gurgen tumbles to the mat with a resounding smack, and Ronnie is quick to capitalize on it, hitting with with a double footed stomp right on the hairy face. Cage then channels his inner brawler as he unleashes a series of elbows to the Beast’s face, taking the fight to him, until Chuck Aitken is forced to separate them, as Gurgen is pummeled into the ropes.

Gurgen uses the ropes to get back to his feet, nearly ripping them off of the turnbuckles, but Cage, who seems particularly fiery tonight, is straight back in it, and hits Gurgen with such a massive clothesline that the Irradiated Imbecile is knocked to the outside! Cage fires up the crowd by raising his hands, before following the Beast to the outside.

Probably not remembering that spending too much time on the outside cost him his match against Wülf, Gurgen seems perfectly happy to continue the fight on the outside. Ronnie charges in with a running dropkick, knocking Gurgen against the barricade. Cage then wraps his arms around Gurgen as best he can, and nails him with a non-overhead belly-to-belly suplex. The size of the Beast makes the UWE Studio’s shake, as Chuck Aitken is already at the count of 5.

Ronnie rolls back into the ring, and then back out again, breaking up the count. Gurgen is already crawling back to his feet, but is grabbed from behind by Cage, who locks his wrists around Gurgen’s waist and in a show of great strength and technical prowess, hits the Massive Moron with a release German suplex that sends his head bouncing off of the steel steps!

Chuck Aitken rolls out of the ring, worried about the Beast’s health, but much to the senior ref’s amazement, and to that of the champion, Beast gets back to his feet as if nothing had happened. Cage’s eyes widen, as he can’t believe that this devastating maneuver didn’t have a bigger impact. Gurgen still seems dazed however, and Ronnie grabs him by the back of the head, before smashing it into the ringpost multiple times. After about five hits, Gurgen blocks the next one, then grabs Ronnie’s head in return, and smashes it into the post with such strength that the Ultimate Wrestling Champ falls down, with his lights nearly knocked out!

The crowd is chanting both for Ronnie and for Gurgen. With these two well-beloved Superstars giving it their all, they are in a great mood, and as Gurgen grabs Cage by the scruff of the neck and lifts him up, they start a ‘Both These Guys’ chant. Gurgen lifts Ronnie up overhead and throws him back into the ring through the bottom and middle ropes. Cage regains consciousness quickly however, and as Gurgen gets back into the ring, Cage takes advantage with a big DDT! He rolls the Massive Moron over and goes for a pin…


Gurgen kicks out with force, throwing Ronnie off of him; the UWC lands on his feet, and as Gurgen again tries to scramble back to a vertical basis, he has his arms hooked, and Cage lifts him up for a tigerbomb, which he hits to ring-shaking effect! Cage retreats a couple of steps this time, realizing fully well the endurance his foe has, and that it’ll take a lot more to bring him down. He stalks a recovering Gurgen, and when the timing is right, plants the Massive Moron’s head between his legs, and lifts him up for a powerbomb position. Showing great strength, he runs over to the nearest turnbuckle, and smashes Gurgen into it with such force that the buckle breaks off of the ringpost, and the ropes fall down to the canvas, effectively destroying the ring.

The crowd breaks into a well-deserves holy shit chant, but the referee seems confused as to how this match should continue. Ronnie gets back up to his feet as Gurgen is clutching the back of his neck in pain. After hitting the steel steps and now getting his head slammed so hard into the buckles that he broke the ring, even the imposing Beast is feeling the effects. Ronnie grabs him by the feet, and drags him to the center of the ring, going for the pin.


Gurgen kicks out, but only just, not nearly as convincingly as before. The slight delay after the hit might be his only saving grace. Ronnie isn’t quite done yet though. He stands over the Beast’s body and calls for the Southern Comfort. He grabs the Massive Moron’s legs, and gets his beloved cloverleaf locked in, even though it requires near superhuman strength to get the leverage needed. Gurgen roars in pain, as even his limits are tested under the backbreaking move. His massive paws slam the mat, not to submit, but to crawl towards the nearest ropes… except there are none!

Gurgen’s reach allows him to grab one of the loose ropes lying on the mat, but Aitken makes the ‘NO’ gesture, and says that the rope break doesn’t apply here. After another massive bellow, Gurgen inches slightly further, and his fingers curl around the edge of the ring, and he uses his arm strength to pull both him and Ronnie towards the outside. Gurgen falls to the outside, and Ronnie seems to have the firm upper hand. The UWC follows to the outside, and rolls Beast back inside. Standing behind the Irradiated Imbecile, he tries to lock in a full-Nelson, going for the Alabama-rama!

But Gurgen’s size makes it simply too hard to execute it properly. Ronnie can’t locks his fingers in and can’t position his feet properly, and Gurgen manages to wriggle free, grabs a fistful of facial hair and… Beard to the face!

Ronnie is taken completely off guard! The champion is powerless to defend against the beard that cuts off his oxygen flow, and it isn’t long before his eyes roll into the back of his head. Gurgen paw is unrelenting, and as Ronnie slumps down to his knees, the referee lifts up Cage’s arm. As he releases it, it falls limp to his side. Chuck Aitken calls for the bell!

Winner, by referee stoppage at 11:06
–The Armenian Beast–

Licking his wounds, literally in some cases, The Armenian Beast rises to his feet. In celebration, he sticks a fist in the air with Maeve cheerfully clapping her hands, almost dropping the belt. Gurgen marches to one side of the ring to greet the fans.
The fans at the other side of the ring needed celebrating too, but when Gurgen is in mid transit of the ring, the entire arena goes black. After a moment, the video wall comes to life. The screen is black, except for a timestamp running along in the bottom right corner. 26.04.1986 04:42 it said in the corner in that faded quality you’d get from a video tape left on the shelf for a few decades. The screen glitches a bit before focusing, still in low res, eighties VHS quality, on a pair of boots not dissimilar to Gurgen’s ancient Soviet combat boots. These boots, however are tied with laces rather than taped shut.

As the crowd and the commentators alike ask themselves what is going on, the shot begins to rise. Above the boots are a pair of dark green pants, of a quality that suggested the person wearing it was in the military. At about the knees a smock of sorts came into view. It’s in a fairly light brown color and, by the way it was worn, it seems to weigh an absolute ton. It seems to be made of heavy plates, metal probably, woven into the fabric. Further we rise. The hands, hanging still next to the body wear thick leather gloves with fur trimming. The sleeves are of the same color and fabric as the pants, definitely a uniform. The gloves extend over the sleeves, so we can’t even make out the skin color of this oddly dressed soldier. On the shoulders, insignia can be seen. From this angle it is impossible to make out any of the writing. The throat is encased in a beige sleeve. The sleeve, as we travel the last bit, prove to be part of an old cloth and goggles gas mask with a sizable breathing apparatus positioned over the mouth. The camera lights cause glare in the goggles, making it impossible to see the person inside. Laboriously, no doubt due to the massive weight of the smock, the soldier draws long and slow breaths. Exhaling rapidly as the metal plates forced his chest down. The breathing and the switching over from inhale to exhale and back from the apparatus was the only sound. The soldier just stands there, the sound of his breath filling the otherwise silent arena. The camera zooms out, losing focus momentarily. Still the soldier just stands there, breathing heavily. When we get a look of him, head to toe, not an inch of skin exposed, for a few seconds, the screen snaps to black again. Long seconds later the arena lights come back on.
The crowd now focuses its attention back to the Armenian Beast, whose mood seems to have shifted dramatically. Gurgen has sunk to his knees. Mouth agape, arms limply hanging by his side down to the mat, he stares at the now blank screen. A close up shot betrays tears copiously running down his face, disappearing into the beard. Maeve drops the belt to the floor and hurries inside the ring. Tenzin too, appears from the back, running to save his Beastly brother. But save him from what exactly? It takes quite a moment to escort The Beast, unresponsive, apathic almost, back to the locker room, as the show comes to a close.
Quick Calls
º Ruby & Lucilla def. Mike Manning & Nidia Vladiwebski via referee stoppage
º JTX vs. Matt Moore ends in no-contest
º Wülf Erikson def. Corporal Punishment via pinfall
º James Calhoun def. David Stone via submission
º The Armenian Beast def. Ronnie Cage via referee stoppage


After the show has faded to black, panting can be heard, as the image on the screens suddenly reappears. Shaky cam footage is seen, from a cameraman running through a corridor, hot on the trail of one of UWE’s backstage interviewers.
The cameraman struggled to keep up with Carston Blake as he hurries out of the UWE arena into the parking lot. The backstage personality is impatiently trying to rush his associate but Carston wasn’t carrying a large camera on his shoulder.

Carston: Come on, we need to hurry! It should be close!

The pair continues on as quickly as possible then stops as they come to James Calhoun, impatiently pacing the parking lot dressed in his street clothes. His hands are on his hips and the cowboy is keeping a keen eye out. Blake rushes over and begins talking into his mic before the camera has him in focus.

Carston Blake: Carston Blake here, and I’ve just caught up with James Calhoun. Mr. Calhoun, Ronnie Cage challenged you to meet him out here tonight, do you think he’s going to show?

The Callous one chuckles and shakes his head at the question.

Calhoun: Ain’t no way he’s gonna show. I’m only out here so I can prove once an’ fer all that Cage ain’t nuthin’ but a yellow, lyin’ dog. He’ll be back there shakin’ in his boots an’ avoidin’ me. Tomorrow he’ll tell everyone some bull about how he tried so hard to come fight me but Fortier just held him back an’ wouldn’t let him do it.

Carston: I don’t see him yet but-

Carston is cut off by the sound of yelling from off camera. He and the camera turn to see what the commotion is.

Ronnie: Fore the last time, quit yore yappin’. Ah’m here, and Ah’m ready tew give yew the fight of yore life, Calhoun. Yew ain’t never had a challenge like me!

Cage is standing there in the same outfit he wore earlier in his match with The Armenian Beast (plus his hat), and with the UWC draped over his shoulder. Calhoun smiles, despite really and truly not thinking Cage would show, he secretly really wanted to be wrong. If for no other reason than to have the chance to give the man a good ass kicking.

Calhoun: Now this here is fer the title, ain’t it? When I beat you, you’ll go tell them ladies that I’m the new champ? No backing out?

Cage: Well, that’s what Ah said, isn’t it? Did Ah fuckin’ stutter, Calhoun? Unlike yew, Ah choose mah words wisely. Yew beat me, yew get the title, Ah’ll go tell the bosses mahself. But, WHEN Ah beat YEW, yew back the hell off and leave me be, forever.

Calhoun smiles again, real big. Cage was a fool. This would be easier than taking candy from a dead baby. Ronnie hands the title over to Carston Blake and throws his hat aside.

The two men size each other up momentarily looking for an opening to attack. Calhoun lunges forward suddenly hitting Cage with a hard right. The champ fires back, landing a solid punch that leaves Calhoun’s ears ringing. Cage goes in for another punch but the cowboy ducks under it, ramming his shoulder into Ronnie’s mid section and slamming him into a car, the alarm blaring to life under the impact.

Carston excitedly moves around the pair, ducking out of the way and looking to the camera.

Carston: I can’t believe this is really happening!

As Cage recovers from the shoulder tackle Calhoun hits him with a duo of punches, he goes on for a hard haymaker but Ronnie moves his head, leaving Calhoun to punch through the poor person’s window. As the disgruntled redneck grips his hand Ronnie grabs his head and slams it onto the car hood. Calhoun is left dazed but keeps his hands up ready to continue the fight. The two men prepare to come together again when the parking lot is suddenly swarmed.

Lise: Get them apart, this is over!

Lise and Lara are trying to regain order, with them are several security guards and even some executives.

Cage and Calhoun struggle to break free of the interruption, trying to get back at one another.

Ronnie: Yew get yore damn hands off me! Ah’m not done yet!

Calhoun: Real tough guy, huh, Cage? I knew you weren’t man enough to fight me, crawl back under the skirt where you belong!

Despite the wrestlers determination to continue the sheer number of security keeps them apart and finally manages to get them out of the parking lot, as the show comes to a definitive close this time.

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