UWE Over the Top in Vancouver XIV


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…

An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

Over the Top returns to Vancouver!

UWE Studios, Vancouver

Over the Top is back home! After a great night in Portland, we’re back where we belong, with some great matches in store for the Vancouverites! JTX will face The Bhutanese Beast, after both competitors gave each other a verbal beatdown. While the physical one will follow tonight, both have already gotten plenty of shots in, with Karma getting uncharacteristically aggressive in the build-up to this match.
Not only that, but the debuts of Hijo de Los Muertos and Gabe Reno are scheduled for tonight, giving the crowd an intriguing first look at two new Superstars. Plus, we get to see the Silver Bullet and the former Maddogg settle their differences in the ring.
On top of that, the Ultimate Wrestling Champion will be in action against Matt Moore, who is looking to step out of his brother’s shadow, and Callous James Calhoun will face off against Asylum in the main event!


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Karma Tenzin vs. JTX

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

Hot Pink Fury versus The Bhutanese Beast. It doesn’t get much better than that if you want to kick off Over the Top! JJ Hemphill seems nervous in the middle of the ring, being in the ring with someone as unpredictable as JTX, but he has no choice but to do his job and call for the bell. As soon as he does so, JTX tries to nail Tenzin with a big right, but Tenzin blocks it, keeping hold of JTX’s fist. JTX then goes for a left, but Tenzin blocks it likewise. From there, it turns into a Greco-roman knuckle lock, that features both men testing their strength against one another. Momentum seems to shift back and forth, with neither man truly relinquishing, as the crowd looks up, interested to see who gets the first upper hand.

JTX is more muscular than Tenzin, but has a clear height disadvantage, and the iron grip of The Bhutanese Beast and his leverage advantage eventually force JTX onto his knees as he bends back his hands at the wrist. Keeping JTX’s hands and arms well under control, Tenzin twists around, repositioning himself behind JTX, and crossing his arms, eventually locking in a straitjacket submission hold, using JTX’s own arms to choke him out!

While the move is effective, it is allowing JTX too much time to force himself towards the bottom ropes, and as JTX using his feet to crawl closer, Tenzin notices his grip is beginning to slip as they both get sweatier. Tenzin tries to apply ore pressure by putting his knee against JTX’s spine, but eventually , UWE’s Hot Pink Fury has managed to reposition himself in such a way that the toes of his boots just barely manage to reach the ropes.

JJ immediately calls for the break, and Tenzin, usually relinquishing it immediately, keeps it locked in until the count of three! As soon as he breaks, JTX rolls out of the ring, trying to catch a breather, but the Beast follows him and Irish whips him straight into the barricade! Karma charges at him, but JTX has enough awareness to duck, and as Tenzin arrives, lifts him over the barricade, sending him flying into the crowd! Karma lands in between an elderly man and what appears to be his grandson, and as he scrambles to his feet, apologizes profusely and elaborately, but this prevents him from seeing JTX, who grabs him by the scruff of the neck, and bounces his forehead off of the ringside barricade!

Having a history of suspected concussions, this bodes ill for Karma, as JTX repeats the move over and over, until Tenzin just slups over the barricade and his body drops back to ringside. Meanwhile, JJ is at the count of 7 as JTX hops back over the barricade and starts kicking viciously at Tenzin, making sure to get him straight in the gut, where it hurts the most. The Beast coughs and clutches his stomach in pain, before JTX deadlifts him up from behind, and swings him into the ringside post, before throwing him back into the ring!

With JJ now at the count of 9, JTX quickly rolls back into the ring himself, and proceeds to continue his attack. Once again, he approached Tenzin from behind, deadlifts him up, and keeps him suspended in the air, before finally falling backwards, arching his back beautifully, and landing a non-release german suplex! DIplaying awesome technique, he rolls Tenzin over without ever releasing, and repeats this two more times, before finally bridging into a cover after the last one.


Tenzin kicks out! JTX seems a bit frustrated, but doesn’t let it get the better of him. Nevertheless, his next move is an aggressive one, as he mounts the Beast and starts throwing precise punches, each one of them meant to hurt. Tenzin holds his forearms up, blocking as best he can, until eventually he spreads his arms, before hitting JTX on the ears with a double palm strike! This creates a vacuum effect, sucking the oxygen out of JTX’s brains, and the pink-haired cross-dresser simply falls down into a heap, but in one last-gasp attempt at salvation, rolls out of the ring again!

Tenzin gets up, shaking his head to recollect himself, and follows JTX to the outside, who is lying on the floor like a sack of very pink potatoes. The Beast grabs JTX’s feet, and pulls them towards him, hooking them under his arms, before catapulting JTX straight into the ringpost, returning the favor from earlier! JTX hits it face-first, and the crowd loves it, as they cheer for their beloved Buddhist. JTX, the catapult having sent him to a vertical base, now staggersback to one of the ringside barricades, where Tenzin once again wants to repay the favor from earlier. He grabs JTX by the scruff of the neck, but is elbowed in the gut, causing him to double over! JTX grabs Tenzin’s wrist, and sends him flying with a whip, straight into the announce table! As CJ shrieks, the Beast arches his back in pain, and JTX comes charging in with a clothesline, sending him over the table! CJ doesn’t seem to know what to do, as she looks like she wants to help Tenzin. But she doesn’t even get the chance, as JTX comes back in, and throws the beast back into the ring before JJ can count them both out.

Back in the ring now, JTX, still not fully recovered either, is staggering towards Tenzin, who’s crawling away in an effort to grab ab bit of a breather, but JTX is relentless. JTX grabs the Beast’s foot, and positions Tenzin for a Tampa Cloverleaf as he grabs both legs, but as he leans in to do the stepover, Tenzin grabs a handful of hot pink hair, and rolls him up into a pin!


JTX releases the Beast in order to escape the pinfall, and scrambles back to his feet as soon as he can, but so does Tenzin, who seems to have gotten a second win following that near fall. JTX charges in with an attempt at a leg lariat, but misses wildly as Tenzin rolls through. As JTX lands, Tenzin goes in for the kill as he seeks to lock in the Enlightenment from behind! However, JTX is too near the rope and before Tenzin can lock it in, JTX has managed to grab hold of the ropes already. Tenzin rises to his feet, but is held back by JJ for a bit too long, and JTX takes advantage, as this time, he hits him with a leg lariat! Pin!


Tenzin kicks out, much to the delight of the crowd. JTX almost seems impressed with Tenzin’s durability, who is already crawling back to his feet. JTX waits for him, and he locks him in position for a belly-to-belly suplex, but as JTX tries to lift the Beast up, it’s blocked! And one headbutt later, it is actually Tenzin who has locked in JTX with a bearhug, using his size advantage to lift JTX off of his feet. JTX tries to wriggle free, but the renowned iron grip of Tenzin is remorseless, and it’s squeezing the life out of JTX!

JTX seems to fade, but whether it’s a burst of adrenaline or something else, he suddenly and frantically starts throwing a cascade of punches, elbows and headbutts at Tenzin, who seems taken aback by this level of sudden aggression. As JTX is released, the Hot Pink Fury is ideally positioned.
Jaw Dropper!

JTX rolls Tenzin onto his back. They’re fairly close to the ropes.


Tenzin has his foot underneath the bottom rope, but JJ doesn’t see it!


JJ calls for the bell, oblivious to the non-valid pinfall, but what’s done is done!

Winner, by pinfall at 10:38

The video replay clearly shows that JJ shouldn’t have counted the three. Whilst JTX didn’t cheat to win, he didn’t do anything illegal, the fact of the matter is that the referee, quite frankly, blew it. Nevertheless, nothing can be taken away from either JTX or Karma Tenzin, both of whom had a great showing tonight!


Match Two – Single’s Match
Gabe Reno vs. Hijo De Los Muertos

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Reno is quick out of the gate, hitting Reno with a running forearm, and continuing to hit him, driving him back against the ropes. Using the ropes to gather momentum, Reno then whips Hijo to the other side of the ring, before he is hit by a standing dropkick. Gabe wastes little time in going for a cover.


Hijo kicks out! Reno immediately goes for a Boston Crab while the Son of the Dead is still down, but Hijo blocks it, and in a great show of leg strength, sends Reno flying, flipping to his side. Hijo kips up, and as Reno gets back to his feet, hits him with a snap suplex, before following it up with a legdrop and a standing moonsault! The crowd roars in approval, and as Hijo goes to the top turnbuckle, the crowd is simply electrified, despite the dark atmosphere that surrounds the grandson of El Muerto Tremendo.

He leaps, looking to hit a Swanton Bomb! But Reno rolls out of the way, and as Hijo lands hard on his back, ‘the Radical’ locks in a sleeper hold! But how do you stop a man who is already dead!? While Reno tries to lock it in as tightly as possible, Hijo gets just about enough leverage to manage to inch closer to the bottom rope and put his foot on it. It’s enough for Corey Miner to start calling for the DQ.


Reno releases, and is ordered back by Miner. He doesn’t waste any time going back on the offensive however, and picks up Hijo, Irish Whipping him into the corner, and calling for the RADICALITY!! He charges in at Hijo, but the masked Mexican ducks, and Reno gets hung up on the top turnbuckle! Hijo runs through, approaches Reno from behind, and hits him with an exploder suplex!

The crowd goes wild as Hijo climbs to the top turnbuckle, and this time, hits a picture perfect Swanton Bomb! He grabs Reno’s hair, lifts him to his feet, and gets him up un stall suplex position… before nailing him with a brainbuster to the knee! The crowd rise to their feet as Hijo covers.


Winner, by pinfall at 05:28
–Hijo De Los Muertos–

The crowd applauds an impressive showing by both competitors. Gabe Reno showed a lot of potential, but it was ultimately Hijo who wanted it more, rewarding him with a win on his debut.


While everyone expected the Wulf Erikson versus Mike Rosati match to begin, the regularly scheduled programming was interrupted. Matt Moore appeared in front of the Vancouver crowd without any sort of announcement or indication of his entrance being made. He strolls down the ramp and into the ring, politely requesting the microphone from Sylvie Rose.

She obliges and heads over to her seat in the timekeeper’s area. Matt states that he has a few things to get off of his chest. He praises Jared Oliver for their bout last week, then moves onto the real reasons he has taken to the ring. He states that he came back to Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment to wrestle. Not to watch miscreants try and run the show.

He gives as good of an update as he can on the whereabouts of his brother, Brandon. He hasn’t heard from him, but assumes he is watching and says he will get revenge on JTX for him. Or, if Brandon returns, they can do it together as brothers.

Matt’s attention is then turned towards his opponent for later in the evening, Ronnie Cage. The Ultimate Wrestling Champion has been the center of many people’s attention as of late. Matt seems to jump on the bandwagon of calling Ronnie Cage selfish. He says Ronnie is only out for himself. He wasn’t there to really help his brother or to help Mike. He was there to take out Asylum and got himself a title shot out of it.

He claims that Ronnie wanting to protect the UWE and clean it up is just because it benefits him. He says he is putting every UWE roster member on notice. He delivers a warning to not mess with Brandon or Matt. Because messing with one Moore messes with the whole Moore family. And the Moores are not people you want to mess with.

Matt throws the microphone over his shoulder, sending feedback throughout the speakers as it crashes to the mat. He exits up the ramp, letting the show continue from there.


Match Three – Single’s Match
Mike Rosati vs. Wülf Erikson

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Erikson versus Rosati can now finally start, but in strange fashion. Wulf has the nerve to sit in the corner and have a sandwich before the match begins! Rosati heads towards Erikson, unamused. He comes to find what Wulf is munching on. Wulf then offers him a bite of his own. Rosati shrugs and takes half the sandwich from his opponent.

The bell finally rings as Mike throws a big punch, still clutching the half of the sandwich, connecting with Wulf’s head. Rosati continues the assault on Erikson as chunks of the sandwich spew across the ring. The punches rain down.

Rosati then grabs Erikson by the throat and slams his head down into the mat. This has referee Chuck Aitken begin a count. Rosati lets up right at the very last second allowable. Aitken calling Rosati off gives time for Wulf to get to a knee. It is short lived, though, as Rosati speeds in with a knee…

NO! Erikson is able to grab the knee before impact and use Mike’s momentum against him! Wulf pulls Mike along with a fireman’s carry. He wastes no time in flipping with a leg drop for a pin fall count…one…two…powerful kick out by Rosati with a forearm strike to Erikson!

Mike hurries to capitalize, dragging Wulf to his feet by his hair. Rosati runs with Erikson towards the turnbuckle, but Wulf gets a foot up to avoid his head being smashed into the corner. Wulf shakes free and throws a European uppercut at the former Maddogg. He then leaps to the ropes and throws a corkscrew crossbody at his adversary.

As Wulf comes flying in, however, Rosati lands a jumping spin right to his head! Erikson crashes to the mat hard and Mike flies in for a pin. One…two…hard shoulder up from Erikson! This match continues!

Mike Rosati stays on the prowl. He sends a flurry of stomps into Wulf before he can even try to scramble to his feet. Wulf attempts to escape and crawl towards the ropes. He manages to get himself onto the apron as Rosati follows. Mike reaches over the ropes to grab onto Wulf as he starts to pull himself to his feet.

Wulf slaps Rosati’s hands away and sends a headbutt, sending Mike reeling. Erikson springboards and connects with a hurricanrana…he holds on for a pin!

One…two…Rosati forces Wulf off of him!

Both men hurry to their feet, but Wulf gets the advantage! He uses his speed to slip behind Rosati. Wulf dropkicks Mike in the back and sends his chest bouncing off of the ropes in front of him. As he rebounds, Wulf rolls him up. Instead of following through with a pin, he allows Rosati to roll to a knee…Wulf connects with a big kick to the head!

Erikson grabs a hold of Rosati’s head, attempting a submission of some kind, but Rosati is too close to the ropes. He holds on for dear life as Chuck Aitken makes Erikson relinquish his attempt. Wulf complies before the referee begins to count. He heads back in after noticing Mike no longer has a grip of the ropes. Rosati is able to take advantage of the rest his was given, sending a straight kick to Wulf’s inner thigh. It causes Wulf’s leg to give out and he takes a knee.

Rosati leaps to his feet and runs to the opposite side of the ring. He comes back and sends a hard knee to the back of the kneeling Erikson. Wulf’s momentum sends him zooming through the bottom ropes and out to the floor below. Mike lets out a massive roar at this point, pumping himself up.

Referee Aitken pleads with Mike to keep it in the ring, but Rosati heads out to the apron. He patiently waits for Erikson to stand and turn towards him, Chuck yelling in his ear the entire time. Rosati leaps off of the apron, looking to hit Lights Out! Erikson steps out of the way and avoids the flying knee strike!

Rosati rolls through and quickly turns towards Wulf. Both men are zooming at each other…full speed! Mike extends his arm…Wulf extends his arm.

Double clothesline! Both men connect and hit the ringside mat hard!

Chuck Aitken starts his count as the crowd goes nuts.






Both men begin to stir.



Both are at a knee.



Both push themselves up and slide into the ring, breaking the count!

The two of them are still down in the ring. Chuck Aitken checks on them both, telling them to get a move on or he’ll be forced to start another count for a double knockout. The two competitors obviously hear him and start to find anyway to pull themselves up. Mike is to his feet a split second before Wulf, allowing him to move in first!

Before Erikson can turn around, Rosati grabs a hold of him in the Kata ha jime! He flips Erikson over for one of his trademark maneuvers! The suplex sends Erikson across the ring. Rosati rushes in for a pin attempt.

One..two…last second kick out by Erikson has Rosati stunned!

Mike goes back on the offensive, propping Erikson up to his feet. Rosati sends Wulf across the ring with an Irish Whip. As Wulf rebounds, Rosati attempts a lariat that is going to take Wulf’s head off!

Wulf ducks! He continues passed Mike and flips forward. Upside down, Wulf bounces against the ring ropes. This sends him flipping back to a standing motion, followed by another fluid jump. Erikson turns in the air and connects with a variant version of his Best Enziguiri Ever!

Rosati crumbles to the mat and Erikson frantically covers him. Aitken slides in…one…two…three? Wulf thinks he has it as Chuck’s hand seems to slap the mat for a third time.

No! No three count! Aitken explains to Wulf why he’s calling off the pin fall. Erikson is livid as he looks over and sees that his signature move caused Mike to land a bit too close to the edge of the ring. Rosati’s foot is on the bottom rope!

Wulf hurries over and kicks the rope causing the rope to bounce off. He drags Mike to the middle of the ring and goes for another cover. Chuck moves in and slams his hand down once…kickout!

Rosati powers out and claws his way to the corner. He pulls himself up and turns around just in time to see Wulf Erikson speeding towards him. Erikson splashes…Rosati rolls out of the way! Wulf collides with the turnbuckle and Mike rolls him up!

One…kickout! Another quick cover goes the wayside.

Wulf gets up and rushes in with a big forearm as Rosati gets to his feet. Mike returns the favor with a forearm of his own! Wulf again. Mike again. Wulf again. Mike again. The last forearm by Mike sends Wulf back against the ropes. He bounces back towards Rosati.

Mike throws a huge punch at Wulf…and Wulf ducks! He slips passed the punch and grabs a hold of Mike.

At Wit’s End connects!

A desperation finishing maneuver by Wulf Erikson. Both he and Mike are down in the center of the ring. Wulf uses all his might to drag himself over towards his opponent, though. He drops his arm across the chest of Mike Rosati.

Chuck Aitken slides in and hits the mat!


The match is over! Wulf Erikson has the victory!

Winner, by pinfall at 13:20
–Wülf Erikson–

Wulf, completely spent, rolls out of the ring, using it to hold himself up. He bends over and lifts something off the ground…um. It’s the last bite of his sandwich from the start of the match. He downs it! The crowd cheers and gasps in disgust all at once. Wulf then heads up the ramp as Mike Rosati begins to come to in the middle of the ring, having fallen just short in an impressive bout.


Before the next match, Ronnie Cage is stopped backstage by Carston Blake. Ronnie is on the way to the ring as Matt has already made his entrance. The meeting between Ronnie and Carston appears on the video screen.

Ronnie reluctantly agrees to an interview as Carston and the cameraman follow him through the backstage area. Carston starts by asking a simple question about Ronnie’s commentary job the prior week. Ronnie answers honestly. He says it was fun, but definitely not his cup of tea.

Carston then mentions Matt Moore becoming another person on the list of those calling Ronnie Cage selfish for his actions that lead up to his Ultimate Wrestling Championship match. Ronnie bites right back with his answer.

He names of those who have spoken up, including James Calhoun, Mike Rosati, JTX, Brandon Moore, and his opponent, the aforementioned Matt Moore. Ronnie shuts down the talk of him being self-centered. He states he just wanted peace and justice, but was not going to turn down a title shot that was given to him.

He states he was there to help Mike and Brandon by taking care of Asylum that night the match was made. He says he made a promise to take out the trash in the UWE. He says anarchy is not going to rule the UWE anymore and he’s going to take out the trash like he promised. Ronnie claims to be the company’s protector. If anyone has a problem with it, they’re trash on the curb, too. That includes Matt Moore. Ronnie ends the interview on his terms and heads towards the ring.


Match Four – Single’s Match – Non-title
Ronnie Cage vs. Matt Moore

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

With both Ronnie Cage and Matt Moore in opposite corners, referee Corey Miner calls for the bell and this match is on! The two competitors circle, reaching at each other, but both end up denied. They slide around the ring in a circle, looking for any sort of opportunity to get the match going in their favor.

They finally decide to test each other with a lock up. The collar and elbow tie up is applied. The two struggle, neither one able to force the other backwards. Matt decides to slip out of it now. He steps behind Ronnie and to his other side, grabbing him for a headlock. Matt wrenches in, both he and Ronnie making some odd facial expressions.

Ronnie pulls Matt and forces him against the ropes. Ronnie rolls backwards as Matt is forced to release the headlock. Moore turns towards Cage and rushes in. Ronnie ducks a clothesline and catches Matt’s arm. He drops him with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Both are quick to their feet and Matt runs in again. This time, Ronnie attempts a hip toss, but Matt blocks it! He switches it around into a hip toss of his own. Ronnie hurries to stand and is met with an arm drag takeover. Again, Ronnie hurries back towards Matt. He stops short, avoiding another arm drag attempt.

Ronnie throws a kick at Matt. Matt grabs the leg and spins Ronnie around. When Ronnie is facing Matt again, Moore throws a clothesline! Ronnie ducks underneath. Both men spin around to face each other and lunge with their fists! They both stop before throwing the punch however, seeing that their opponent is thinking the same thing.

They lower their fists and back away. The crowd erupts as Ronnie Cage approves of the reaction. Matt, not fond of Ronnie at the moment, ignores the crowd’s reaction and keeps his focus on the champ. The two grab hands again, possibly going for a test of strength. Matt quickly twists Ronnie’s arm though and sends a big knee into Cage’s gut.

Matt rebounds off of the ropes and comes back with a big clothesline. He drops down for a quick cover…one…two…shoulder up by Cage! Matt isn’t surprised that Ronnie kicked out. He lifts the champ to his feet, but Ronnie responds with a flurry of fists to Matt’s midsection.

Ronnie comes off the ropes now with his own clothesline and pin fall attempt! Two count for Cage similar to the one Matt Moore had just gotten. Ronnie, rather than lifting Matt to his feet, he starts to stomp around him in a methodical manner. He puts his boot down onto almost every exposed part of Matt’s body.

Ronnie then drops down and grabs onto Matt’s arm, wrenching it hard. A few moments pass and Matt is able to push himself up with his free arm. He pounds onto Ronnie’s shoulder, causing him to release the arm wrench he had in. Matt throws a pair of hard kicks to Ronnie’s right leg.

He then pulls Ronnie in and locks his hands around him. He sends Ronnie flying! Overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Matt slides on top of Ronnie for the cover! One…two…kickout! Ronnie thrusts his shoulder up to break the pin fall count.

Matt shouts some words at Ronnie about not being who he says he is before kicking him in the spine as he rolls over. Ronnie keeps rolling over towards the corner, ending up on his back. Matt sees his positioning as an opportunity and ascends the turnbuckle.

As he gets to the top rope, Matt notices that Ronnie has rolled back to the other side of the ring and is getting to his feet. The top rope ascension was for nothing. Matt drops down into the ring and makes his way towards Ronnie. As Matt approaches, Ronnie explodes and surprises him with a series of chops to the chest and punches to the head!

This causes Matt to back against the ropes. Ronnie sends him across and as Matt rebounds, Ronnie slams him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Matt’s back crunches over Ronnie’s knee. The champ doesn’t hesitate. He allows Moore to drop to the mat and goes for a cover.

One…two…Moore with a shoulder up!

Ronnie stays on the attack, surprised that Matt has been giving him such fits throughout the match so far. He lifts Moore up and kicks him in the gut to cause him to bend over. Ronnie pulls Matt in and lifts him over his head by the waist. Huge powerbomb! Cage flips Matt over afterwards and applies a single-legged Boston Crab!

Matt scratches and claws, eventually able to make it to the bottom rope. He grabs on and Corey Miner calls for Ronnie Cage to break the hold. He does so instantly. Matt pulls himself onto the apron, clutching his leg. Ronnie moves in, but Matt sends a shoulder through the ropes into Cage’s stomach.

Ronnie hurries back to Matt, but again, Matt strikes. He leaps and sends a kick to Ronnie’s head, causing him to stumble backwards. Matt then gathers the strength to climb the turnbuckle. He leaps off, looking for potentially an elbow or a forearm, but…

Ronnie Cage connects with the Van Zant on Matt Moore in mid-air! Moore crumbles to the Matt. Wowza! Ronnie speeds in for the count, glad to be able to put this one away. Corey Miner slides in and counts down one…


Shoulder up at 2.99999!

Ronnie Cage can’t believe it. He double checks with Corey to make sure that the pin was not fully counted. Referee Miner is adamant that Matt got a shoulder up, adding to the disbelief that Ronnie is feeling.

Ronnie lifts Matt up, calling for this match to be over with. He grabs a hold of him in a full nelson position. Ronnie looks right. Ronnie looks left. Alabama…reversal! Matt slithers out and gets behind Ronnie! He grabs onto Ronnie’s arm and locks in the Cobra Clutch!

Matt has the standing Cobra Clutch applied, but is unable to drag Ronnie to the ground with him and tie him up with his legs. The struggle to do so lasts for quite some time. That is until Ronnie reaches up with one arm and grabs Matt’s head, making sure he’s unable to move. Ronnie forces himself backwards, which in turn forces Matt Moore backwards.

Ronnie slams Matt into the corner, causing the submission to be released! Ronnie and Matt both stumble out of the corner. Ronnie speeds off of the ropes. His offensive is halted, though! As he comes back, Matt Moore pops him up in the air.

Ronnie comes back down and his midsection lands right onto Matt’s knees. Gutbuster! Matt calls for the end! Is he really going to land his finisher and defeat the Ultimate Wrestling Champion?! Matt pounds his chest a handful of times. He has backed himself into the corner, waiting for Ronnie Cage to get to his feet.

Ronnie is stirring, having reached a knee. Matt comes in and spins for his Discuss Big Boot! It’s only a second, but for the competitors it seems like an eternity. Somehow, Ronnie has been pushed out of the way. By who?

By the same man who has slammed the Ultimate Wrestling Championship belt into Matt’s head! JTX has just attacked Matt Moore. Or has he saved Ronnie Cage?! What is going on?!

Regardless, Matt Moore has been hit with Ronnie’s title and this leaves Corey Miner no choice but to call for the disqualification.

Winner, by DQ at 11:40
–Matt Moore–

JTX begins to insult the downed Moore brother, but notices Ronnie Cage coming at him. JTX steps out of the way and sends Ronnie Cage through the ropes and to the floor. This gives JTX time to scare Corey Miner off and assault Matt even further!

JTX mounts Matt Moore and sends a barrage of punches raining down into the spot that he was hit with the title belt. JTX suggestively rides Matt’s chest as he connects with the punches. Finally, JTX lifts Matt to his feet and grabs a hold of him. He has him in the hugging position, signaling for the Jaw Dropper!

It won’t happen, though! Ronnie Cage is back in the ring! JTX quickly lets go of Matt, dropping him to the canvas, and slides out of the ring. Ronnie sends a swing over the ropes, but misses his target. JTX blows a kiss towards the ring and backs his way up the ramp, not entirely satisfied, but feels he did a good enough job.

Ronnie is now frantically searching for his championship belt and notices JTX nodding his head towards it in a weirdly sexy way. Ronnie sees his championship in the corner, having landed their after catapulting off of Matt Moore’s head. Instead of going for it right away, however, he turns his attention to his opponent.

Ronnie goes to assist Matt, but Matt isn’t having any of it. He pushes Ronnie’s arm off of him and slides out of the ring, groggily making his way to the ramp and towards the backstage. Ronnie is a bit offended as he watches Matt roll out of the ring, but doesn’t let it bother him for long. He now turns back around to head towards the Ultimate Wrestling Championship.


What the hell?! James Calhoun has come out of nowhere and connected with Boot Hill on the champion! James picks up the title and holds it over his head, before showing it to the unconscious Ronnie Cage and mouthing some words best left redacted. Calhoun drapes the belt over Ronnie’s midsection before taking his leave and wiping his hands together for a job well done. He has his own match shortly here to prepare for, mind you.


Main Event – Single’s Match – Non-title
Asylum vs. James Calhoun

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The larger Asylum gets an early advantage in the lockup, pushing Calhoun back towards a corner. The cowboy seems to be trying to fight back, using his own strength to try and counter the loss of footing.

As the pair near the corner Calhoun suddenly spins out of Aylum’s grasp, pushing the maniac into the corner where he collides with a loud thud.

As Asylum turns back from the corner he is met with a flurry of fast and hard punches that stagger the madman, Calhoun continues his punching until Aitken comes between the two and orders Calhoun off Asylum to the dismay of the crowd.

Calhoun backs up but not before getting in a cheap kick to the gut that draws another warning from Chuck.

Calhoun hits the ropes as Asylum recovers coming in for an attempted clothesline, as he tries to connect however Asylum ducks down and heaves the cowboy over the ropes to the floor below.

Calhoun regains his feet with help of the guard rail, staggering to a stand. As he attempts to right himself a fan comes over and yells to the wrestler.

You look like you need a refreshment!

Suddenly the fan tosses his beer into the face of the surprised Calhoun. The cowboy rears back his hand to react but before he can retaliate Asylum leaps off the apron hitting Calhoun with a forearm smash that sends him back into the barricade. Asylum then lifts Calhoun up and rams his head into the rail once more as Chuck begins his count and security removes the rowdy fan.

The crowd is eating up the action as Asylum is manhandling Calhoun on the outside of the ring. Aitken has reached a count of five.

Asylum guides the hillbilly to his feet and escorts him to the ring and shoves him inside, like a bouncer booting a particularly obnoxious drunk. He then enters the ring underneath the bottom rope as well. Asylum gains his feet and then leans down to grab hold of the cowboy, but is met rudely with a thumb to the eye. He stands upright and staggers backward as Calhoun rises. He chops Asylum with the back of his hand.

Another chop gets the same reaction. That is followed by a third and Calhoun seems to be gaining steam. He doesn’t have the crowd behind him, but even their disgust seems to be feeding him energy.

Asylum backs up behind a fourth and then a fifth takes him completely off his feet. The crowd woos for a fifth and final time. Calhoun chuckles as he drops a fist on Asylum’s forehead, careful to avoid the hand-damaging mask. On his knees he starts jawing in Asylum’s face. His words are unheard, but it can be assumed they are pure venom.

James Calhoun was a master of mind games, but some heads were not wise to toy with. As Asylum recovered from the fist drop he alone could hear what Calhoun was taunting him with.

Calhoun: Remember when me an’ lil Libertine had to go play nice with th’ PETA chumps? She ever tell you how many times I railed her in th’ hotel room?

With a snicker Calhoun comes to his feet and stomps hard on his opponents face. Then the cowboy hits the ropes again aiming for an elbow drop but the surprisingly agile Asylum gets to his feet and catches James, dropping him with a hard sidewalk slam before launching a series of punches that soon degrade into near clawing at Calhoun’s face. Asylum is clearly fired up by Calhoun’s words.

Asylum attempts a pin but his opponent is able to get a shoulder up at two. Angry that victory is denied him Asylum begins beating Calhouns head against the ground.

Finally warned off by Aitken, Asylum rises and throws Calhoun into a corner, following up with a spine shattering spear that pins the callous one between Asylum and the ropes. The masked madman does not let Calhoun fall, instead sending him into another corner.

Another spear drives the air from Calhoun’s lungs, this time he is allowed to fall. Asylum climbs to the top ropes and leaps off attempting to land a body splash on his prone victim.

If only by instinct, Calhoun has the wherewithal to roll out of the way of his airborne assailant. All six feet four inches and two hundred seventy-five pounds of loony tunes crashes into the canvas, air rushing from his lungs in a whoosh. Asylum bounces and rolls onto his back. Calhoun, not one to let an opportunity pass him by, immediately lays and arm across the madman’s chest. Aitken drops to the mat and begins the count.


Calhoun is visibly frustrated he turns to Chuck and slaps the canvas three times in rapid succession, indicating he is upset with what he believes to be a slow count.

Asylum’s chest is still heaving as he tries to circulate oxygen through his deprived body. Calhoun rises to his feet and grabs Asylum by the restraint mask, rudely righting him as well. He lifts a knee into the abdomen, forcing the much needed air out again. He follows that with another, which he then chases with a third.

Calhoun then follows the series of knees with a snap suplex. He goes for the pin and Chuck once more drops to the mat.

Chuck slaps the mat once…then twice…he comes down for a third but Asylum lifts a shoulder off the mat before the official’s hand makes contact for the final time. In response Calhoun stands and begins shouting at Aitken slapping his hands together three times. Undeterred, Chuck fires back with two fingers. Calhoun seems to not be very good at this negotiation because he now shows Aitken only one finger.

Back in the ring Aitken is threatening to eject Calhoun but never gets the chance as the massive madman slams into both Calhoun and Chuck, knocking both men to the ground and the ref out cold.

Calhoun gets back to his feet but his time vertical is short lived. Asylum grabs ahold of the cowboy and makes him seem like little more than a ragdoll as he lands a belly to belly suplex.

With an almost animalistic sound Asylum brings James back to his feet and uses the man’s long hair as leverage to throw him from the ring once more.

After ragdolling Calhoun to the floor outside of the ring, Asylum follows him out, taking the easier route. He casually approaches the downed redneck and drops a big leg across his chest, forcing the air from his lungs. He scrambles to his feet before bringing Calhoun up. He grabs the man’s hair and his trunks and then slams him headfirst into the barrier with a thud. The crowd roars their approval of the back and forth action in the match.

Asylum lifts Calhoun up to his shoulder, but the smaller man wriggles free and hits a back suplex. Both men are down outside the ring and the referee is still down inside.

Calhoun and Asylum both slowly rise to their feet. Both are staggered as they stare each other down. Calhoun swings and connects with a haymaker, rocking Asylum’s head to the side. Asylum connects with one of his own. Then it’s Calhoun’s turn. And then Asylum’s. The two exchange blow after blow.

Tired of the back and forth exchange Calhoun charges and uses a clothesline to take the larger man off his feet. He then uses one of his boots to stand on the neck of the crazy one. As this is occurring Aitken is starting to recover his sense. JJ Hemphill rushes down to the ring, followed closely by two EMTs. They begin to attend to the referee as Asylum continues to have his breathing disrupted by a cowboy boot.

JJ begins yelling commands to the men outside the ring to re enter, beginig a count out. Meanwhile Calhoun takes his foot off of Asylum’s neck and rakes it hard across the man’s forehead.

As the countdown continues Calhoun finally lets up on Asylum’s face, ducking back under the ropes.

The cowboy ducks back out of the ring, restarting the count. Asylum is getting back to his feet when Calhoun rejoins him and the roughneck redneck gives the masked maniac a hard kick to the gut. The cowboy then grabs a hold of his foe and sends him sprawling onto the announce table.

Calhoun slides back into the ring once more, this time climbing to the top rope nearest the annouce table.
Calhoun leaps into the air, looking to land a devastating elbow drop. Asylum manages to roll towards the announcers who scramble to get out of the way leaving only the hard table to take the elbow drop. Calhoun lays motionless as Asylum rises to his feet, revealing in all the rolling that his mask has come off and lays amidst the broken table.

CJ at ringside averts her eyes as Asylum lunges at Calhoun, teeth bared like a rabid dog. The cowboy isn’t with it enough to protect himself and he howls in pain as he feels Asylum’s teeth on his flesh.

The EMTs are still attending to Chuck Aitken and JJ seems to want no part of getting between the two on the outside of the ring. He continues to count, however. Asylum releases his hold on Calhoun and eyes the counting referee. Fear crosses his face as the maskless Asylum approaches him, but he continues the count. He reaches eight as Asylum rolls into the ring and then back out, resetting the count.

Asylum manhandles Calhoun back to a semi-vertical position and then sends him shoulder first into the steel ring steps. The roughneck hits them with a clang and then drops to the floor. Asylum rights him once more and finally rolls the cowboy into the ring, following him in.

The EMTs have helped Chuck out of the ring and are walking with the man up the ramp as Asylum drops an elbow on his downed opponent and then hooks the leg for the cover. Hemphill drops to the mat to count. He reaches two before Calhoun barely lifts his shoulder to break up the count.

Asylum seems undeterred by the near fall. Instead he rises to his feet and stomps his floored opponent. The ring seems to shake with every vicious boot drop. Convinced he’s battered his opponent sufficiently Asylum lifts Calhoun to his feet. He bends the man forward and hoists him up.

END IS NEAR! Asylum hits a devastating powerbomb!
Instead of going for the pin, however, Asylum reaches down to grab his opponent. He brings him, upright once more and sends him toward the ropes, looking for a Shock Treatment finish!

Asylum times the leap, but Calhoun wasn’t where he should have been. Instead he had grabbed the ropes with all the strength he could muster. Instead Asylum dropkicks air and crashes to the mat. Calhoun is on wobbly feet, but there’s no quit in the Callous One. He staggers forward, determined to inflict damage in any way he can.

Calhoun looks like he isn’t quite on steady feet yet but as Asylum rises from his missed drop kick attempt. Despite his stagger Calhoun waves Asylum forward challenging him to come and get the cowboy. The now unmasked madman obliges and hits Calhoum square in the face making his head turn from the impact.

Calhoun turns back to face Asylum and growls through gritted teeth.

Calhoun: Hit me again!

Asylum does as asked and slams another hard fist into the cowboy’s head but is met with louder.

Calhoun: HIT ME AGAIN!

Now angry with the show Asylum continues to rain punches on Calhoun but each time the cowboy simply asks for another. The crowd, despite its dislike for Calhoun is on its feet and cheering the show.

The next punch Asylum throws finds only air as Calhoun ducks under and begins firing bombs of his own that rock the maniac. The crowd continues to roar as Calhoun lands a devastating haymaker that leaves Asylum staggered before hitting the ropes and dropping the maniac with a flying lariat. Calhoun’s back in it!

Both men regain their feet and stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring locked in a stare down, each declaring with an intense gaze that neither will quit this war. Unfortunately, there is only so much the human body can take. Calhoun charges at Asylum, and hits him with a straight right, but Asylum blocks it, and grabs ahold of Calhoun’s fist. He then bulrushes the cowboy, sending him into the ropes. Calhoun bounces back, as Asylum seeks the nail him with the Shock Treatment!

Boot Hill! Calhoun counters as he levels Asylum with his devastating kick. The cowboy, dazed in his own right, slumps down, and almost stumbles into the cover.


Winner, by pinfall at 19:45

The crowd rises in appreciation of their efforts. While neither man is particularly well liked, they put on a match for the ages, as both Asylum and James Calhoun tore the house down! With James Calhoun and Asylum both still down and out on the match, it seems like a fitting end to another episode of Over the Top that had absolutely everything!

With the hallmark fifteenth show on the horizon, and Exodus looming in the distance, one can only wonder what the future will bring!


Quick Calls
º JTX def. Karma Tenzin by pinfall at 11:21
º Hijo de Los Muertos def. Gabe Reno by pinfall at 05:28
º Wülf Erikson def. Mike Rosati by pinfall at 13:20
º Matt Moore def. Ronnie Cage by DQ at 11:40
º James Calhoun def. Asylum by pinfall at 19:45


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