uWe Summer Heat Tour well underway

News & Rumors

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment made a grand return to television in May 2014 with a special Anniversary show. The show proved to be a success as UWE struck a television deal with the Sports Entertainment Channel through businesswoman Lara Pegorino (yes, the former UWE competitor). The UWE revival kicked off in Toronto.


Now, UWE has taken a trip down south for the Summer Heat Tour 2014. UWE has plans to appear in cities such as Boston and Little Rock Arkansas.


The Summer Heat Tour will wrap up with a special pay-per view. The special event is rumored to be in Florida, but there is no official word yet.  UWE is going to have a press release after the event in Little Rock. There are already secret tickets being awarded in the Southern United States, which only adds fuel to the rumors.


– UWE Blog staff

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