Liar Liar Pants on Fire?

News & Rumors

Big news has come in the form of leaked photos of UWE star James Calhoun. Don’t worry, the pictures aren’t sexual in nature, but are still very disapointing.


When Calhoun returned to Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment several months ago he was telling everyone of his battle with alcoholism. It turns out, however, that this could just be another stunt in the long list of things James Calhoun has done to get attention.


The photos show Calhoun drinking a beer at a backyard barbecue and Karl Bannon, director of a documentary aimed at showing Calhoun’s return to UWE, has admitted that the entire project was a ruse aimed at making money and selling Calhoun as a kind of “tragic hero figure.”


Calhoun himself has not yet made any comments and the UWE has only stated their intentions to investigate the matter.



(Photo Received by Anonymous Source)


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