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UWE Facing PETA Boycott


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment is closing in on its first pay-per-view since the company’s return to the spotlight. A successful showing would go a long way to putting the wrestling company, once the industry leader, back on track towards the number one spot again.


There is opposition to the event, however. Most notably directed at the highly publicised match between Wulf Erikson and James Calhoun, which will feature a python suspended above the ring.


The match has caught the eye and ire of PETA.

Jeff Scott, senior vice president of public relations for the animal rights group, had this to say:


“Sports in general have a long history of exploiting animals for entertainment puposes. The so called ‘ultimate’ Wrestling Entertainment continues this tradition by hanging a live snake dangerously above the ring. If the people at UWE will not call this match off then we at PETA are calling on animal lovers everywhere to boycott this show.”


Recently named general manager, Lara Pegorino, could not be reached for comment. Lise Fortier, however, indicated that she has every intent to continue with the match as planned.

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