Heart of Europa in Yerevan, Armenia – Five Point Preview

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UWE Heart of Europa in Armenia – Full Match Card


UWE is headed to Europe and the first night lands in Yerevan, Armenia! Definitely take a look at the card then read on for this week’s preview!


  1. A Hot Opener – Skip Lightly and Lily Jackson are sure to be at one another’s throats the moment the bell rings. They have some history and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll never it’s leaning more towards the bad side of things. The two of them have a score to settle and it might just be for the first match of the night. It’s also the first match of the entire Heart of Europa tour! This will certainly set the bar for the remainder of the tour in terms of action and excitement!
  2. A Point to Prove – Billsta Anderson got the loss, but technically didn’t lose. At Supernova, Brandon Moore defeated Dante Nathaniel with his Scream for Moore submission finisher as Billsta was taken out of the picture. Billsta no doubt wants to show that in singles competition, with no distractions, he’ll be able to take out the Hall of Famer. Expect this one to be a contest of strength versus speed. These two will set the place on fire and we’ll know for sure who the victor is without Dante or any third competitor in the midst.
  3. Retaliation? – Speaking of Brandon Moore and Supernova. After his victory, the referee raised his hand to the sky only for it to turn back around and shoot to the mat like a meteor. Asylum has not answered for his actions, but I’m sure there will be plenty of questions. Asylum attacked Brandon for an unknown reason and planted him with the Lobotomy…twice! Will Brandon be 100% for his match? Will Asylum be weary of retaliation? Certainly Brandon is going to be looking for a reason and certainly he’ll make it know that Asylum may have just picked on the wrong guy.
  4. Rising Challenger – That leads into more Asylum talk. The co-main event of the evening gives us a triple threat match. Newly crowned Rising Star Champion, Amy Gobraless, takes on Asylum and Bob the Badguy. This one is sure to be a killer of a match. Oh, and did I mention? If Asylum or Bob win the match by pinning or submitting Amy, they’ll get a shot at her title in a couple of weeks! She’ll definitely be on her toes and both men will do their best to decimate each other before moving in for the killer. That could be in Amy’s favor or it could horribly backfire. Be sure to catch the match and see how it unfolds!
  5. Will the Real World Champion Please Stand Up? – We still don’t have a UWE World Champion! At Supernova, some crazy shizzle went down! The Hell in a Cell was set. The Armenian Beast versus Ronnie Cage. Winner takes all. However, some unforeseen events unfolded leaving the UWEniverse confused and downright pissed they didn’t get to see a slobber knocker. Unfortunately, there’s no Cell this time. That thing is crazy expensive to send overseas. It’s the Beast’s homecoming and he’ll want to exit Armenia with some gold around his waist. Hopefully Ronnie has his head on right after Supernova. Nobody wants to see a cake walk. Mmm…cake.


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