An interview with UWE Rising Star Champ Amy Gobraless

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Sitting in her dressing room, battered and bruised after a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match with Chaos, Amy has a few tears mixing in with the sweat running down her face. She clutches the Rising Star Championship close to her and lightly taps it against her forehead as if to be sure it’s the real deal. She inhales a deep breath of disbelief, always confident in her abilities, but even with her confidence, the win over Chaos had been a huge shock to her. Just as she exhales, a knock comes on the door, and without waiting for a response, a correspondant from comes into Amy’s dressing room with all the equipment necessary to conduct a post match interview.

“Amy, I’m Jeffery from UWE’s Writing department. I handle all the talent interviews and get them posted to the website immediately. Seeing as this was the biggest win of your career, you wouldn’t mind me asking a few questions would you?”

Amy gives the guy a slight glare at him for just busting in as he did without waiting for a response, but she’s too happy with her win to even be cross to the man.

“Sure, no problem, ask me whatever want.”


“Question Number One: Where were you when UWE announced the Anniversary X show?”

“I was actually on my private jet, The Bra Buster 69, flying to Hawaii for some tropical relaxation. Obviously those plans were changed as soon as I heard about the show. I was only in Hawaii for a day before I had to fly back and head to UWE Headquarters to sign my name on the dotted line to get into that Diva’s Four Way Challenge that I ended up participating in.

Jeffery prepares for the next question after Amy finishes talking.

“Next question: How did it feel to win the UWE Rising Star Championship?”

“Oh it feels absolutely..incredible..amazing. I really can’t even believe I did it. I mean, the fans know how I am. They know that I’m very confident, even downright cocky in my own abilites as far as being able to win matches goes. Consider who I was up against though..Chaos. As confident as I am, I’m not even sure if I expected to beat him. Obviously, as I hold this in my arms right now, you can see that I had the desire and the will to do it.

“Absolutely, indeed your crowning achievement so far.”

Jeffery gets himself ready for question number three as Amy wipes some sweat from her brow.

“Next question is more for the fans who like the behind the scenes aspect of wrestling: Got any gossip or an inside scoop from the locker room? You don’t have to out your sources.”

Amy smiles a bit after he asks the question.

“Well to be honest, I don’t pay very much attention as to what goes on backstage in the company. There’s alot of rumors flying around about my relationship with Skip, but let me assure everyone, our relationship is strictly professional. There might be something going on with Bob and Lily, ya never know. I know they just had a hell of a match, but sometimes getting all physical like that can spark some..stuff..up. Bob’s handsome, maybe he’ll tickle Lily’s fancy.”

“Interesting..verrrry interesting. Bob and Lily huh? Hmmm..”

Amy sips some water as Jeffery gathers his thoughts for the next question.

“Question four as we move along here: Do you have any dream matches for yourself or as a spectator?”

“Wow that’s a bit of a tough one. As far as myself goes, I’m always down to re-ignite my feud with Lily. The matches always take their toll on me, but she gives me a hell of a fight every time, as much as I hate to admit it. With a title on the line, who knows just how brutal it would be. Last Woman Standing match perhaps? As far as matches I’d like to watch..I’d love to see Chaos face Bob the Badguy. Bob loves women, and Chaos generally frowns upon them. Would be interesting. I’d also like to see Lucilla, Asylum and the Armenian Beast in a triple threat Hardcore match of some kind. Imagine the brutality in that.

“Ooo, those sound like some damn good matches. Like to see those myself. Ok Amy, last question, and then I’d like to do some word association if you don’t mind?”

“Sure, fire away.”

Amy sips some more water, her title resting on her lap.

“Just tell everybody, what is next for Amy GoBraless?”

“Hmm, to be honest, anything is possible. I’ll take on any body they wanna throw at me. I mentioned the Last Woman Standing match that I’d like to have. I’d like to get my hands on Lucilla at some point too, I still owe her some pay back from a couple years ago. My relationship with Lara is still blossoming and will hopefully continue to bloom. The sky is the limit for me, I will hold nothing back.

“Fabulous, I appreciate you answering my questions. Some quick word association, and we’ll be all done and you’ll be free to celebrate. Ok?”

Amy nods, giving him the go ahead to carry on with the word association.









“Annnd lastly, Foe”


“That about wraps it up, thanks for your time Amy. Congratulations on your big win tonight. Have fun celebrating.”

*Amy shakes hands with him and he leaves her in peace to soak in her win some more.*

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uWe Summer Heat Tour well underway

News & Rumors

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment made a grand return to television in May 2014 with a special Anniversary show. The show proved to be a success as UWE struck a television deal with the Sports Entertainment Channel through businesswoman Lara Pegorino (yes, the former UWE competitor). The UWE revival kicked off in Toronto.


Now, UWE has taken a trip down south for the Summer Heat Tour 2014. UWE has plans to appear in cities such as Boston and Little Rock Arkansas.


The Summer Heat Tour will wrap up with a special pay-per view. The special event is rumored to be in Florida, but there is no official word yet.  UWE is going to have a press release after the event in Little Rock. There are already secret tickets being awarded in the Southern United States, which only adds fuel to the rumors.


– UWE Blog staff