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UWE Superstar OUT of Genesis


The Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment staff has just learned that after thorough medical examination, UWE SUperstar Ruby will not be medically cleared to compete at Genesis on April 16th. One of UWE’s chief medical doctors has ruled out her appearance on the show, claiming that “due to the nature of her injury, it would pose a severe and real threat to her long-term health.” Ruby was scheduled to face Lucilla in a Marry Me! Match, which now seems to be off the cards.

What this means going forward for UWE’s tiny Canadian, is anyone’s guess. Over the Top General Manager Lara Pegorino said that there is ‘no final decision made regarding the outcome of this match’. As we all know Ruby would be legally forced to marry Lucilla in case of a Genesis loss. We’ll have more on this story as it develops.


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